Thrive Content Builder Review & Tutorial 2017 Edition

Use: Wordpress Content editor


Complete editor for WordPress.


One off cost under $100

Ease of use

The most intuitive editor out there


They fixed several issues on my sites

We Like

  • The real WYSIWYG
  • The speed of the plugin
  • The landing page module

We Don't Like

  • Lack of customisation options for some elements
  • Doesn't work with old WordPress content

Summary: Thrive content builder is THE plugin I now add to all my WordPress installs. Proof is; I build every single page on this site with it. It offers extreme customizability of your site without the need to touch a single line of code.

In this review/tutorial, I will take you behind the scenes of how we use this plugin to make our content stand out, build sales pages, create high converting reviews, etc.

From $67

I have mentioned Thrive content builder multiple times on this blog, and I have been a user of the plugin since day 1. I think it's been over 9 months since I've used the WordPress text editor at all.

But I realize I didn't make a post explaining how we use the tool in depth so here we are. This post also acts as a Thrive Content Builder review from someone using the plugin for over a year. It's interesting to note that this blog post is built using the plugin as well.


What is Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder is a real what you see is what you get editor for WordPress. It means that if you use this plugin, instead of using the classic WordPress Interface, you will pre-load the page as your visitors will see it and write on it directly. But see for yourself.

This is the post as I'm editing it. It looks exactly like it should look to you.


Classic WordPress editor.

There are several advantages to having a visual editor over using the traditional WordPress editor, notably:

  • You can create complex page layouts without HTML or CSS knowledge. If you're a tech rookie like I am, this is amazing.
  • Even if you can create complex pages in HTML, the editor allows you to create pages faster as you don't need to code or keep refreshing the same pages to see the output of your work.

Hands on with the plugin

What's inside?

Thrive Content Builder is a fairly complex product and is composed of several modules. Here is a breakdown of each of them and how we use them for our business.

Thrive Content Builder Visual Editor

The #1 thing we use Thrive Content Builder for is to create very well designed free content.

While we also try to offer great information, the way you design your posts REALLY help them to stand out. It creates that WOW factor that encourages people to share them and link to them.

Despite it's low amount of post, this very blog has received a LOT of links and some of those clearly are due to the post design. I talked a lot more about it on this post.

When you use it, the editor renders the posts exactly as the users will see them​ (watch the video above to see what I'm talking about).

The editor offers the following elements:​

The Thrive Themes Element s are only available if you use a theme from Thrive Themes.

Because there are so many elements available, you can create most things you'd want to on a web page without the need for 3rd party tools or plugins. This makes Thrive Content Builder a nice and easy system to use.

The drag & drop feels very natural as well as the editor shows you where you can place the elements on the page, eliminating the guesswork.

The editor shows you exactly where you can drop items, making it easy to create complex layouts.

Finally, because it's all loaded client side while you edit, there is zero loading time when drag & dropping items. Making it feel like you are using a desktop app to build your pages. It's a very nice feeling.

How we've used this in our business

  • We built every single post and page on this site using this plugin.

What elements are available in the builder?

Well apart from the classic text and images, here is just a few of them:

Icon fonts

Highly customisable buttons

Content reveal. Excellent for video sales letters.

Star ratings

Collumn layouts (you can drag elements in collumns then)

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Click to Tweet

Click to tweet (that one is real, you can click it)

Pricing tables


Opt in forms (work with all autoresponders)

There are many many other elements, but it would be complicated to go over them all. One important thing to note is that all the elements are 100% responsive. This means your site will look great on all screen sizes, including mobile.

Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive content builder is not just a plugin that allows you to create beautiful blog posts. It also allows you to create full-fledged landing pages that you can use for PPC or email campaigns.

When you work on a page, the editor has a "landing page template" option that allows you to take over your WordPress theme and create navigation free landing pages with their own CSS.

There are dozens of landing pages templates to chose from in the landing page editor.

Once you have chosen your base template (and you can choose a completely blank page if you don't like any of the templates offered), the editor remains exactly the same as it was for blog/site pages.

What I like as well is that as opposed to something like lead pages where you can only hide elements you don't want to see on the page, this system allows you to add as much content as you want.

The landing page template library is not as wide as some competitors, but I really like the documented sales pages allowing you to build long form sales pages with a "paint by number" model. It's not the most efficient, but it's a great way for newbies to get it done easily.

This function makes Thrive Content Builder a great alternative to Lead pages, Unbounce or Optimizepress. If you look at the price tag of those competitors, that module alone feels like incredible value.

How we've used this in our business

Events & Lightboxes

I think I am the only one using this function, but Thrive content builder also offers an event manager for many of its element and for the entire page as well.

The event manager allows you to do 2 different things:

  1. Animate the entrance/mouse over/click of an item.
  2. Create lightboxes that trigger on click/mouseover/screen entry.​

Here is an example of an image with an animated screen entry (reload the page if you missed it):

This function can help you create scrolling effects that attract the attention of the visitor. I particularly like using those on my call to actions to draw the eye to them.

Another VERY interesting function that most users ignore is the lightbox feature.

This feature allows you to build lightboxes triggering on viewport, click, mouseover or exit intent the with the same editor you use to build pages and landing pages.​

We don't use it for email collection; we use Thrive Leads for that (excellent as well, by the way).

We use it to bring people back to the offer when they are about to leave the page.

How we've used this in our business

An example for us would be a review like this one. If I have a negotiated discount or a last argument I want to deliver before people leave, I will deliver it in an exit intent pop up.

This tactic pushes people to take action now and through your link if you are trying to make an affiliate sale.

Of​ course, make sure the discounts are real but here is what it looks like in real life:

And it DOES work as you can see looking at the earning per click:

These are clicks from people that were about to leave the page. Not bad value for lost traffic. I highly recommend you implement this on your high-value pages (hint, there may be one of those hidden on this page).

Do you want to do the same thing for your reviews? Click here to get Thrive Content Builder then ;).​

Interesting functions

On top of its main modules, the plugin offers some very interesting functions that set it apart from the other drag & drop plugins available for WordPress. Here are some of my favorites.

Templates & Compound elements

One thing I really like with Thrive Content Builder is that as opposed to alternatives like Optimizepress, you can create your own elements by combining some of the elements they offer you to use.

For example, the boxes at the top and bottom of this page are not out of the box elements but they're a combination of content boxes, icons, columns and styled lists​

It takes a little bit of getting used to but using this function, you'll be able to really make your site stand out and to copy the most complex layouts out there.

The good news is, once you have created compound elements you want to reuse, you have the ability to save them as a template to effectively create your own drag & drop elements.

The content templates also allow you to save entire pages so if you have recurring types of content, you can create those very quickly without worrying about formatting using templates.

This technique helps us get our podcast posts up very quickly​ on this very site.

Style families

Not all websites look the same, and most content builders forget that. They all build a wide range of elements but only offer one variation of each.

Thrive Content Builder offers to fix the issue with a system of "style families" that allow you to chose a theme for your page and style the elements accordingly. Here is what they look like:

Pricing table minimal style

Pricing table classy style

Pricing table flat style

Highly Customisable colors and margins

Another thing that frustrated me with the other editors was the lack of control over margins. You could place elements left and right, but you could not control the white space between them.

​Thrive content builder fixes the issue by allowing you to input margins and padding on each element so you not only control the elements on your page, you also control the spacing which is key in design.

Additionally each element color can be completely customized to match the look and feel of your site.

When you click on any color you can change the hexadecimal color.

Shortcodes usage

Many drag & drop editor are not compatible with native WordPress shortcodes at all, making it difficult to use other plugins which is bad.

Thrive on the other end lets you embed shortcode in the content using the "Wordpress Content" element and renders them in real time.

You can embed classic WP editor content in allowing you to use shortcodes.

Revision Manager

This is a new 2015 feature, and I'm very excited about it. WordPress comes out of the box with a very good revision manager allowing you to fix mistakes you may have made even after saving your content.

​As far as I know, this is the only visual editor that works with this WordPress function and that gives a huge edge to Thrive Content Builder, especially if you have several people working on your site (mistakes will happen and you'll be happy to be able to roll back).

A/B Testing With Thrive Content Builder

Another usage I've made of Thrive Content Builder as well is I've used it in combination with Google Analytics to run Visual A/B tests. It allows me to run an unlimited amount of A/B tests tied to my goals (sales/opt-in) while having an easy to use visual editor without paying a dime.

Considering the price of A/B testing software, this is a huge saving that scales indefinitely with your traffic.

Here is a short video tutorial of how I do it:​

Page level custom CSS & HTML

If you want to customize your page, sometimes WordPress just doesn't cut it, and you need to start dabbling with custom CSS or HTML. Well, the editor lets you both edit the complete source code of the page or inject blocks of HTML anywhere.

This gives you a great deal of flexibility when building pages.

You can edit the html of the page directly if you want for complete customisation.


As you can see by the length of this Thrive content builder review, the tool is extremely comprehensive and at this point I am struggling to think of a type it could not create except for complex parallax scrolling type pages.

But let's recap, with Thrive Content Builder you get:​

  • An incredible drag & drop WordPress post and pages editor.
  • Hundreds of great unique elements like content reveal, click to tweet, star ratings etc.
  • An editor that works with revision manager if you make a mistake
  • A great landing page engine and generator, allowing you to replace costly monthly services.
  • A call to action pop up plugin allowing you to boost sales if used smartly.
  • A great A/B testing engine combined with Google analytics experiments.

I really hate biased reviews but you get all of that for $59. That's the best $59 you'll ever spend on your website and if you had 1 tool to buy, it would be this one in my opinion.

If you want to see it in action, just click here to go to their site. If you have any question, feel free to ask it in the comments.​


Does it work with any WordPress theme?

What happens if I have a problem with the plugin?

Is there a recurring fee?

Will it slow down my website?


Gael Breton

Hey I'm Gael, one of the guys behind Authority Hacker. I make a living working from my laptop in various places in the world and I will use this website to teach you how you could do the same.

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Eric - March 26, 2015

Great post Gael!

I’m a new TCB user, and this was very useful.

Could you tell us about these other plugins that show on the video?
– BizPanda
– Affiliate Links
– Focus Areas
– A/B Title Headlines

Thanks mate. Great job! :)

    Gael Breton - March 26, 2015

    Hey Eric,

    Glad you liked it. It’s a review but it was also intended to those already using the plugin but not understanding all the functions.

    For the plugins:

    Bizpanda : Social locker’s new plugin, didn’t try it yet
    Affiliate links: Thirsty affiliates, what I use to shorten affiliate links
    Focus Areas: Thrive theme option to show CTA’s before/after content
    A/B testing headlines: Optimizely’s WP plugin

Matt Hagens - March 27, 2015

As Gael stated briefly, one of the best features of TCB (and all of the Thrive products) is their unbelievable support. By far the best support of ANY online tool that I have used.

Endre - March 27, 2015

As a heavy user of thrive I can’t agree more with Gael, Thrive Content Builder is pretty much integrated in every step of the marketing funnel, with sweet super powerful testing functionalities.

The exit intent popup is especially smart, demonstrates the real power of Thrive.

Awesome review, 10/10 would read it again!

Brian - March 27, 2015

Very informative and helpful Gael. I love the look of your Health Ambition site which I gather was made with the Performag theme (I’m an owner of the themes and builder tool).

What about this for an idea that would be helpful to your readers and drive more affiliate sales for you as well? OK here it is.

Do a comprehensive series of videos on how you created your Health Ambition site using the Performag theme and the Thrive Content Builder tool. I’m having great difficulty setting up the enhanced Navigation bar in the Performag theme as well as creating a header that looks as nice as the one in Health Ambition.

For the header, did you use CSS, shortcodes or something else to create it?

Doing a comprehensive video series on how you set up your Health Ambition site would be very helpful, drive more affiliate sales for you, and you could even sell it as a package to novices like me. I’d love to buy it.

What do you think?



Marcin - March 28, 2015

Great timing Gael, I’ve just purchased membership to ThriveThemes yesterday. It’s even very possible that you were credited as an affiliated as I learned about it first from your blog, even though I then spend a few days pondering over my decision whether to make the investment or not :-). Hopefully, you got the credit, and your content is super useful.

    Gael Breton - March 28, 2015

    Hey Marcin,

    Thanks for dropping by.I think (and hope) I’ve been credited. Thanks for buying through my link and glad you like the content!

jameela deen - March 28, 2015

Hi and thanks for this comprehensive review. I must say i’d be interested but i’d like to know first if it would work with my Vantage theme by SiteOrigin? I like that theme it’s got a free drag and drop page builder which is excellent and easy to use. Also do you think the TCB is necessary for a regular personal travel blog? (I do it amateur style I’m not monetizing it). Would you recommend the TCB on its own or do you recommend using one of their themes too (I quite like the look of the Pressive theme)? And finally is there a free trial version to their themes or do you have to buy it straight up? Hope you have the time to answer my many questions. Thks

    Gael Breton - March 28, 2015

    Hey Jameela,

    Thank you for dropping by. Yes, the plugin should work with your theme. I’ve used it on many themes without any problem. Is it necessary? Not at all. Is it nice to have, for sure, I got so used to it I probably would not start a site without it anymore,
    I like using it with the Thrive themes because they play very well together (as you can see on this site) but you don’t need to if you don’t want to. As for a free trial, no they don’t have one but they have a 30-day money back guarantee so I guess it works the same. If you don’t want it, you can get a refund in the first month.

    Hope that helped!


      Jameela Deen - March 29, 2015

      Thanks Gael it’s great that you take the time to help your readers. I’ve been following your tutorial posts too and i learnt so much. You’re doing a great job, keep it up :)

Ryan Bergren - March 29, 2015

Thank Gael, for the great post. Extremely helpful. I am looking to start a blog and am new to the world. Completely different area, health and fitness, but as a medical student I wont have time to do lots of my own coding or figuring things out and this was a great review and showcase for making the design process easy. This will greatly accelerate implementing a good looking and effective blog. Thank you again. I am going through basically all of your content and its all fantastic.

Loz James - April 2, 2015

Hi Gael

I agree with your other commenters – this is an excellent review from someone who actually makes money from using the product.

I’m currently undergoing the process of transferring all my opt ins and conversion pages from another well known similar product – to Thrive Content Builder, Leads and Themes. I’ve actually gone all in and got a membership for all their products.

I also agree 100% on the support. I interviewed Shane on the Content Champion podcast a while back – and what struck me was his attention to detail and real concern for his customers. This is definitely reflected in the customer service he provides through Thrive Themes.

Thanks again :-)


Tanya - April 3, 2015

Hi Gael
great review thank you..very helpful indeed
I have only just stated using this…I wanted to ask you since you seem to know your way around it a couple of quick questions:

1) So far as Thrive seo and page title, naming etc and first using it to actually start building any page when you first create a page, as you know normally you do, page > add new page, then name the page in the default wp title page area (Which actually is the default for me my H1 and page title for my theme) and you save as draft ….then open it in edit Thrive.

The thing is you now have a named page title which is placed slap bang in the thrive page Hmmm annoying…and also I don’t really want that carrried over into Thrive it boring typical wp typical H1 title page look, can’t change colors of it easily etc.
I would prefer to perhaps use Thrives own H1 and that be my actual page title and custom lay it out once in the thrive page… But wp will not let you create a new page and actually NOT first name it in WP in order to save as preview or whatever let alone impossible to edit open up also Thrive to edit?

Or is that how it has to be if wanting say a content page to be part of your websites theme but built using Thrive?

NOTE *****I use genesis themes and have the useful genesis hide page title toggle plugin, so in fact my page title is there (can be seen under my wp Dashboard for ‘all pages’ lists etc) but page title itself does not show up inside Thrive as well so great the entire page is blank and what I want but was curious how others do this?
Because using a H1 inside Thrive for page name title should be fine for seo and SERPS-google etc yes?

2) I can’t seem to find standard fonts to change text to in customize fonts manager such as Arial, Times New Roman I presume one does these types of fonts only via Thrives add wp content element?

3) Can you have the thrive ‘page selector’ element (that can go full length of a page) be used inside your regular theme?
As I think right now it is ONLY possible if you specifically choose a thrive theme template or blank template then that element option can be seen only! Other wise you do not see it if you want to use your website theme *****Gosh bit of a drawback I wanted at times to part of my theme so my custom menus and side bar are also there.

many thanks

    Gael Breton - April 3, 2015

    Hey Tanya, let me try to reply to your questions the best I can.

    1- It’s a theme thing, not thrive content builder thing. Using Thrive themes, you can remove the page title as an option so I do that. Otherwise you need to find a hack around or use a landing page template as shown in the tutorial.

    2- That’s possible yeah, I guess that’s one of the added benefits of using the themes.

    3- Yep, you need to use a landing page for that. Once again, if you use it with the themes, menus are an item so you can do that.

    Hope that helps :)

RJ - April 7, 2015

Cool review. You could go more in-depth about all the functionalities though. The guys at thrive don’t even show all of the Thrive Content Builder features (e.g. demo all the content options you can add on your pages/posts) on their lander (very bad marketing imo) so if you do that, you’re definitely adding even more value!

You say it doesn’t work with old posts/pages. So what do you need to do if you want to edit exisiting posts/pages with Thrive? Any solution or work-around for this?


    Gael Breton - April 11, 2015

    Hey RJ,

    I could show all the features but it would take forever and I’d lose most people (I started that post that way then realised you’d probably time out if you tried to load it because of the amount of stuff). Maybe I’ll make a webinar for you guys where I show these things live.

    To edit old posts you need to recreate them at the moment but they’re working on a converting system.

Vanessa - April 13, 2015

Nice overview, I just got thrive how do you adjust the element called content boxe to have your title be at the very top edge of the box and have a narrower background color (where titl goes) not so large in height margins and padding settings do not seem present for that specific adjustment explained.

Jason - April 18, 2015

Just Order this plugin using ur referral link ( assuming ) and i am getting the

WordPress Failure Notice

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

wordpress is the newest version,
dont have any other visual tool plugins live. First time i have had any issues uploading a plugin so far.

Any idea?

Matt - April 21, 2015

Question about re-creating old posts. If you have a post currently ranking nicely in google and then recreate it with thrive, how does this affect SEO, or does it at all?

I would assume it shouldn’t if the post URL is the same, but I would like to verify before converting so I don’t loose rankings.

    Gael Breton - April 24, 2015

    If the content stays the same in our experience you go down for a few weeks then go back up stronger. But there is a bit of risk with it it’s true. I recommend it for posts that are losing steam or not performing in the first place.

rolando - May 8, 2015

Hi gael tcb membership is a one time fee or i need to pay every year for the software. Is really good tcb


    Gael Breton - May 9, 2015

    You can pay one time but updates will stop after 1 year. Given the current price I think it’s worth renewing the membership.

Danny - May 11, 2015

Nice review Gael.
Does the related posts widget also works on any theme using the Content Builder or do you have to use a genuine Thrive Theme for this?


Nancy - May 22, 2015

I’m considering Thrive Content builder on WordPress for a web site for a 250 member homeowner association. In addition the usual newsletter, information pages I’ll need to create interactive forms. Will I be able to create application forms with this add on, or is there something better that Thrive offers for that purpose?

    Gael Breton - May 23, 2015

    Hey Nancy, Thrive Content builder can’t do forms but Thrive Leads does and you get it for taking the Thrive Membership :).

Dustin - May 28, 2015

It looks perfect for what I’m looking for, however, I think your suggestion that this doesn’t slow down page speed is a little off.

I looked through the http requests, and although Thrive doesn’t add a bunch of javascript, it makes a ton of http requests, which slow down the page speed.

In the end, if you’re getting the results you want, then it’s worth it, but I think calling this plugin ‘light’ may be a bit generous. But again, it looks perfect for what I want, so I may check it out. Thanks for the look inside.

    Gael Breton - May 28, 2015

    Hey Dustin, Thanks for running the test, you seem to be right but the sites using it can easily fall under 2 seconds loading time and that’s what I worry about most. I’m happy to lose a few milliseconds in exchange for a much higher converting page/brand.

Eric - June 10, 2015

Hi Gael. Great tutorial thank you. Defintely not for newbies though. Also does TCB all changes to background image that cover the whole page such as

Rich - August 26, 2015

Hi Gael,

I bought TCB while it was still in beta for very cheap. I can’t believe they haven’t increased the price more after all the upgrades.

In a reply to a comment, you said that upgrades stop after a year. I still get them and I am not a Thrive Themes member. I even noticed this morning that I now have the page section element. They said previously that it wasn’t possible to do that if you aren’t using a Thrive theme.

Seeing your blog has made me rethink my use of TCB. I have used it for pages but only very sparingly for blog posts. Now I am thinking that times have moved on and these more visual posts are what is needed. I will be checking back often to get more inspiration. (steal ideas).


Danny - August 27, 2015

Hi Gael and Mark,
Excellent site and great how-to post about Thrive. I really appreciate the videos you put out there as well.
I’m gonna be checking this product out on a new site in a few weeks. I can’t believe how inexpensive it is! (Don’t tell Thrive though.) : )

    Gael Breton - August 27, 2015

    Hey Danny, great you liked it! Yeah I thought reviews don’t need to be scammy or salesy just show people and let them decide if they want the product :o And yes it’s a steal especially when you consider the fact that it can entirely replace Leadpages for a one off cost.

BARLEO - September 16, 2015

i might be as close to no stress website designing heaven as i can get… BUUUTTTT i want to use it with Genesis!!

i only use them from day one and sorry after all research have done and becasue i am not developer etc i have to stick to my guns. But i have seen several posts that say that Thrive CB and Genesis framework can go hand in hand.

But i am confused about how i would then save it. Can it then be saved as a child theme?

I want to use it for my sites and ones i create for clients. it would be nice to save them as my own child theme but maybe i am really dreaming..:(

Pls advise thanks!!

    Gael Breton - September 19, 2015

    Hey Barleo,

    They can absolutely work together because Thrive Content Builder is a plugin not a theme, you don’t need a child theme or anything, just to install the plugin and you’re good to go!

Christopher Pontine - September 19, 2015

Hey There,

Question for you. So if I created 80 articles with it and then stopped using it would all my content vanish?



Russell - September 28, 2015

Thanks for the excellent TT tutorial. Could I ask what would be the “ultimate PC configuration” for SEO and complex site building purposes. eg: speed, reliability, stability etc. I noticed those elements on the above tutorial and I’d consider upgrading my own to meet those demands.

    Gael Breton - October 4, 2015

    Hey Russell,

    Thanks for dropping by! I personally use an imac 5k and a macbook pro retina 15 inch but I heard Lenovo PC’s are pretty good too :)

Paolo - September 30, 2015

It’s an awesome plugin, except the compatibility issue with the major professional contact form plugins..

    Gael Breton - October 4, 2015

    Hey Paolo,

    What compatibility issues did you have? You can message their support about it, they often fix a bunch of these bugs really quickly.

Alan Folkard - October 2, 2015


Great blog and so much information that’s current and not out of date like so much I.M. stuff on the web.

I’ve been a IThemes Builder member for a number of years but have been tracking Thrive since it’s launch. Your review is extremely informative as I’m reviewing all my tools at the moment.

A few questions which others might find useful as well…

What’s the best way to combine Thrive with Adsense, display ads and link to Amazon (as affiliate) and embedding other Affiliate offers etc. In other words monetising a curated nich blog?

Is it possible to use the WordPress “import/export” routine to bring over blog posts from an old blog to a new Thrive created blog..?

What about Widgets/Widget Content, does Thrive deal with these to enable consistent look and feel etc?

Thanks, once again – great blog…


    Gael Breton - October 4, 2015

    Hey Alan,

    Thanks for dropping by, let me address these one by one:

    1 – How to use Adsense?

    Performag from Thrive Themes supports adsense, alternatively the Ad Inserter plugin works as well.

    For affiliate links I use thirsty affiliates and Thrive now has a quick link function making it very easy to use these as you compose content on TCB.

    Import/Export, I have not tested yet but I’d expect it does not work. However you can save the html of your posts to recreate them in 2 seconds.

    Widget content is not part of thrive content builder sadly.

    Hope that helps!

Graham Nichols - October 7, 2015

Over the past few years, I’ve found that anything created by Shaun Melaugh to be a quality product. So I didn’t hesitate to purchase an unlimited sites licence for Thrive Leads. It looked and good and had great features.

However, testing the plug-in loading speed with P3 Plug-in Performance Profiler it revealed that it hogged more than 30% of my other plug-in loading times combined!

For this reason I shelved it and sought out lighter-weight alternative means.

Pains me to say that. But I can’t argue with the data.

    Gael Breton - October 10, 2015

    Well it depends, most of these load times are asyncronous meaning the user will see the page before it finishes loading and Google won’t penalise you for that either, even adsense easily adds 1-2 seconds to page loads but because it’s async everyone is cool with it. Plus 30% really depends on the base number, if your site was loading in 0.5 sec then 30% is acceptable, if it took 15 seconds then that’s another issue.

    Finally while page speed is important, having pages that convert is even more important if you ask me. That’s why I still stand by Thrive but as you can see I approved your comment and look forward to displaying diversity in opinions :).


atul - October 26, 2015

I am using it but unable to place links properly in it’s page elements.
When i add a link, it adds my domain name in the URL at the beggining.
What should I do?

    Gael Breton - November 5, 2015

    That’s probably an issue with your .htaccess, look into it to fix the issue.

    Donald - June 8, 2016

    be sure to add the whole url including http. Ive had the same issue and resolved it that way.

neil henderson - November 18, 2015

i am looking at this and comparing with studiopress but seo is the key to success. Can you get as good results with thrive – im a bit concerned that apparently with yoast it doesnt load the content through?

    Gael Breton - November 23, 2015

    Yoast is not Google, Google can fetch the content as it’s just HTML, there are some issues with the Yoast plugin but that does not affect your ability to rank and pull traffic.

Kevin Allenby - December 8, 2015

If I build my content using TCB and then need to stop using it for whatever reason (eg, clients wants to use another system or Shane wins the lottery and jets off), am I in a real mess? It seems the content is locked in to TCB?
Beaver Builder on the other hand (as far as I can tell from reviews) will leave your content accessible even if the BB plugin is removed – is that a correct understanding? Thanks

    Gael Breton - December 23, 2015

    Hey Kevin,

    Good question. First it seems like they are working on a convertor, second, as long as the plugin stays installed your content should be fine. Alternatively you could import the css in your main css file and remove the plugin. Overall it’s not too bad I think.

Johnny - December 20, 2015

Hi Gael,

Thanks for the informative post. I love a few mythemeshop themes that I own. Will thrives content builder work well with them?

Thank you

    Gael Breton - December 23, 2015

    Hey Johnny,

    From my experience Thrive Content Builder plays well with most themes. If you are not sure though you can always buy it, test it out and hit their support or get a refund if it does not work out for you :).

Sonja - January 7, 2016

This was a great post…highly informative! I’ve been keeping my eye on Thrive for about a month now and am strongly considering getting the plugin. However, someone that I work closely with swears by Optimizepress 2.0, but I’ve heard compelling reasons not to get Optimizepress. When I build a blog, I’m still old school on cpanel. Yes I know I can do the one click install but I love tinkering around with stuff anyway :-).

I have Clickfunnels and although I really like them, the ease of Thrive is just calling my name.

My question is this, understanding that Thrive is a plugin, can it be used on OP2? How do you rate Thrive for creating funnels? Do you know if it integrates with Infusionsoft?

Thank you!

    Gael Breton - January 8, 2016

    Hey Sonja,

    Thanks for dropping by! I own both Optimizepress and Thrive and I can say without a doubt that Thrive is MUCH MORE user friendly. For example on Thrive you can just click and drag & drop the element. On Optimizepress it could take as much as 3-5 screens to add the same element to the page and you need to place it in the right column etc without being able to really move it later. This means that you take 3-4x more time to create a page on it.

    I like Clickfunnels too and I would recommend it for sales funnel if you need a shopping cart. But since you have infusionsoft you don’t need one. Yes Thrive can build sales pages, opt in pages etc and integrated with Infusionsoft via API so no issue there.

    I’d say in your case, try Thrive, it’s probably the best match.

Jesse Beaty - January 8, 2016

I want to chime in about how great Thrive themes are.

Also, Thrive can and does allow you to do parallax scrolling style pages.

Use ‘Page Section’

Select ‘Background Image’

Place image.

Select the Checkbox next to ‘Make Static Image’

Voilá! Parallax Style scrolling.

Levi - January 15, 2016

I’m building a B2B site for my company, I prefer to use wordpress as the framework, but I don’t know which theme is suit for me. Do you have any recommendation?

Vasile Mironeasa - January 18, 2016

Thank you Gael for your effort to help many peoples !
My respect to you !

Vasile Mironeasa, Romania

j - February 22, 2016

How did you get the google ads in all of those articles on I am assuming you are using thrive on it. Did you have to set them manually? I noticed alot of the plugins that automatically add the banner code have issues with it. It treats it as a blank document.

What plugin are you using if you are?

Thanks so much

Louis - March 8, 2016

Hi Gael,

I’m seriously looking to purchase TCB from you. The price above shows $59 but when I go to the Order page it’s showing $97. I presume the $59 was perhaps a discounted offer initially and has since expired, correct?

Asfand - March 20, 2016

Great Review Gael, I must say.
I have a little question in my mind though that whether $67 (for a single site) is a 1-time payment or they would charge me $67 again after a month/year ??
Thanks In advance

Simon - April 24, 2016

Hi Gael,

I just bought the Thrive Content Builder plugin thru your links. Thank you for this great review and recommendation.

I have been testing the plugin and created my very first article with it. I love how easy everything works, but I have some problems. Maybe you can help me out with your experience here.

How do you optimize the article for SEO since the Yoast plugin doesn’t work too well without text to check the SEO optimization level?

Thank you a lot for providing so much value!

    Gael Breton - May 6, 2016

    Hey Simon.

    Thanks for buying through our link! To be frank I don’t really use Yoast recommendations for content, they’re kind of outdated.

    G - June 15, 2016

    They recently resolved that issue with the newest version. Just make sure you update and Yoast will work fine.

rob - April 28, 2016

Not mobile responsive on my udesign theme :( any pointers?

Charlie - June 28, 2016

Hey! Great post! Just one thing… to use Thrive Content Builder you need to have bought a wordpress theme like Genesis Framework + child theme.. right? or you can build the whole thing with thrive themes?

Thanks a lot!

James - July 27, 2016

I really enjoy Thrive Themes, it is a great product and worth the investment ten times over for me!

Adam - August 3, 2016

I started using Thrive a year ago, without any prior HTML/CSS experience. I got frustrated working on my first site, because even though the Content Editor is so helpful, it’s hard to fully understand what you’re doing if you don’t have some base to start with. After throwing in the towel last summer, I got the itch again earlier this year. I took some classes at and first though. This way I learned a few things about HTML & CSS. Then I came back to Thrive, and started figuring out how to really structure a page. Then I found the Thrive Demo that actually shows someone how to mimic the review template you use in this and other posts. That has been a game changer for me.

With all that said, thank you for doing everything you’re doing with showing how these tools work!


Thomas - August 7, 2016

Ha. I think this is probably your page with the least share, despite the enormous amount of value it provides for people stilling looking for content builders. It seems that the official site didn’t elaborate much about the tons of features that it can actually provide, and this is where video tutorials could be helpful in driving sales. :)


Jamil - August 11, 2016

Do you think TCB is better than instabuilder 2.0?

wondering - August 13, 2016

Hi, I am wondering about the effect on SEO of using Thrive on an already existing site. Thrive told me not to copy old posts into it, but just leave them alone and use Thrive with new ones. That would make my blog look funny, and most visitors first go to the home page, which has the most content and thus is most in need of a visual do-over. Do you know from experience whether simply switching to the Content Builder would really affect rankings and SEO? I feel like Thrive maybe is saying that in a “cover your ass” way and I want to know from others. I have never switched themes, either, and would consider switching my whole theme to Thrive but do not want to lose rankings. Also, what about simply adding a template composed of HTML to a page in order to format the text better or perhaps to somewhat match old posts to new Thrive posts, does that affect SEO? Thanks for any insights.

    Gael Breton - November 1, 2016

    Well, you could go back and edit the old posts if you wanted to but you don’t have to. But you will need to rebuild the post from scratch which is not ideal. Changing themes should be fine provided you switch to a properly coded theme too.

    Hope that helps!

Joe - December 7, 2016

Hi, I designed my site using TCB. I want to add a slider on my homepage but I can’t add. Is there any options to add a slider on my homepage?


Abhishek Nale - February 4, 2017

Searching for good Content Builders and came across your very article about Thrive Builder Review.

Really well explained!

Going for Thrive Content Builder!


zak - February 17, 2017

Some other review sites have questioned the quality of their code. What do you think about that? Also, like Kallyas and other content builders, content/text you create can only live inside Thrive. If you switch to another theme, then you lose everything. That sucks doesn’t it? There must also be some SEO implications of storing content in such a way. I’m a newbie, please be gentle :)

    Gael Breton - April 20, 2017

    I’d say the code is alright, I know the teams care a lot about site speed over at Thrive. Theme is not an issue but you need to keep TCB activated to keep your content showing up which should not be an issue as the licenses don’t turn the plugin off when you stop paying.

    There is also no SEO implications, as you can see, this page was built with TCB and is ranking on Google just fine.

Henk - March 14, 2017

Nice comment, however they have a poor software release management. Every time there is an update,
there is trouble, take a look at their site a try to get hold of the logged incidents. Incredible and not only user related .
Fair enough, the software is easy handling but not stable at all.
Their latest update caused an enormous outage and amount of troubles with their customers.
No,overall not too good i’m afraid.

Lesley Phillips - March 18, 2017

I have been using Thrive Landing Pages to create a new updated look for my website. I have put new Thrive landing pages on top of my old pages. Is this a mistake? Should I have only used it for new pages? I am getting fewer clients instead of more & I don’t know why. At first I thought I was getting a lot less traffic, but then I figured out the Google Analytics issue.

Emmett Moore - March 25, 2017

Can you recommend another content builder plugin? Having issues with Thrive.



Scott Webb - May 4, 2017

Really good review Gael, I’m sold! No wonder I’m seeing a lot of affiliate sites using thrive now days.

Aden - July 30, 2017

Thanks for the seeing alot of interest in thrive, especially among affilate sites. I’ve been using thrive content builder for a few months and have found it ridiculously buggy, ie I have one default font but it doesn’t display that way-there are several fonts on the page. Contacting thrive support has been next to person replicated my problem but couldn’t do anything about it. there are users who replicate the problem as well.
When i logon the help forum there are a ton of complaints about very basic issues..i think i’ve wasted money on the builder, to be totally honest

Shaheen Kadri - January 16, 2018

Hi, Gael. I have been considering Thrive, and I found your review very helpful, especially as you have given many examples of how it can actually be used. Thank you!

Jacob - August 30, 2018

hey, Gael, cool article.

Personally, I prefer WP Beaver content builder and I usually use that for building my sites, but as I’ve never tried Thrive, I will give it a go too. Landing pages functionality looks really useful.


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