#144 – 13 Tips to Thrive as a Non-Native Speaking Marketer

What You Will Learn

  • The most common concerns about being a non-native marketer
  • How you can become a better writer than many native English speakers
  • Why playing video games is a great way to learn English
  • Tools and sites you can use to improve your language skills

One of the most common questions we get in our support channels from people considering getting into the authority site business is “can I be successful with this business if I’m not a native English speaker?”

Well, I don’t want to brag but I’m doing ok. Et je suis francais merde.

No, seriously, this is a legitimate question.

This business is primarily an information business, and as a result, not fully mastering the language your sites are in can be scary .

Most beginners even wonder how you can even achieve any degree of success in this situation.

So in this episode, we will debunk a bunch of myths that concern being a non native English speaking marketer.


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  1. Hey Gael, I have a question for you since I’m french and I’m french too.
    I wanted to start the authority site for the french market since I’m french and my english is not so good (even though after hearing the podcast I know that this is not that important) but for a first website I would prefer to do it in french.
    1) Are the french market big enough to do the review authority site with amazon affiliate ?
    2) Is the competition on the french market less competitive than the english market ?
    3) Is ahrefs a good tools for the french market ? I’ve tried KWFinder from Mangools and keyword everywhere for google chrome extension. And there were very little or no data or very very low volume (not accurate ?) for french keywords.

    Thank you a lot for the values you are putting out there.

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