#133 – Top 9 Tools We Use in 2019 and Why We Picked Them

What You will Learn

  • Why we chose Asana over every other project management tool
  • How bookkeeping apps greatly improve your business
  • The many ways you can use Slack as an information hub
  • Alternatives to every tool we mention in this episode

Work environment means everything when it comes to getting stuff done.

If you feel good working, you will want to work more and in turn, you’re likely to be more successful

So in today’s episode, Mark and I will talk about the tools we use to run and manage our business day-to-day in 2019.

If you add all of these up, we probably spend about 90% of our work time on these tools and they have all been carefully selected for a number of reasons, which we are going to share in this episode.


Project Management:


Alternatives: Trello / Basecamp / Monday.com / Jira



Alternative: Workflowy



Alternatives: Hangouts (Gchat) / Discord / Facebook Workplace / Skype


Xero / Bean Ninjas

Alternatives: Freshbooks / Quickbooks / Zoho Books / Clear Books



Alternatives: Pitchbox / Buzzstream / Gmass


Alternatives: Findthat.email / VoilaNorbert / Snovio



Alternatives: SEMRush / MOZ

Google Analytics

Alternatives: Clicky / Matomo


G Suite

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    Gaël, talked about a channel on youtube to learn more stuff about analytics.
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