17 Best Vegan Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

In this roundup, we look at some of the best vegan affiliate programs on the Interwebs right now.

These are ideal for anyone with a blog dedicated to the vegan lifestyle.

What’s that… you’re not sure if there’s a big enough market for your content?

6% of people in the United States now identify as vegan.

That’s a 6x increase in just five years.

Or, in plain English, there are 19.74 million vegans you can promote products to.

The plant-based food market also has a projected global worth of US$24.6 billion by 2026.

US$4.5+ billion of that amount is being spent in North America.

Total US Plant Based Food Market

Long story short, being passionate about animal welfare and personal health can be very profitable.

That’s why we put together a list of handpicked vegan affiliate programs for you.


Vegan Affiliate Programs

  1. Clean affiliate program
  2. All Around Vegan Box affiliate program
  3. Vitacost affiliate program
  4. Zatik affiliate program
  5. Green Chef affiliate program
  6. 100% Pure affiliate program
  7. Thrive Market affiliate program
  8. Nutriciously affiliate program
  9. Sunburst Superfoods affiliate program
  10. Veecoco affiliate program
  11. Plantable affiliate program
  12. Naked Nutrition affiliate program
  13. Purple Carrot affiliate program
  14. Veestro affiliate program
  15. Vegin’ Out affiliate program
  16. Future Kind affiliate program
  17. iHerb affiliate program
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1 Clean

Cleanprogram affiliate program

Clean is a detox program designed for people who not only want to eat a healthier diet but also feel good afterward. If you’re unsure what this means, eat takeaway food for an entire week and see how you feel.

This program takes the best nutritional and medical practices from both East and West. And then using them to formulate a holistic detox program. A key component of the program is the Clean Daily Shake, which uses its special protein mix. Your vegan visitors can use this protein powder as the basis for soups, smoothies, and desserts.

I’ve even seen recipes with protein powder used as the basis for a batter for deep frying. So you could focus your promotional efforts solely on the protein powder itself.

This program pays vegan affiliates a 5% base commission rate, but brand new affiliates earn 10% for their first 30 days of activity. You also get a $10 bonus for orders worth over $200, which is cool because their average order size is $310. The above are all good reasons for putting a lot of effort into promoting Clean.

2 All Around Vegan Box

All Around Vegan Box affiliate program

All Around Vegan is a subscription box service to make enjoying or transitioning to a vegan lifestyle easier and more fun. One of the biggest challenges faced by new vegans is not falling off the wagon during those first few weeks. That’s why a monthly box of vegan goods turning up can make your journey easier.

You can choose a 1-month recurring box, or if you’re more committed, a 3-month or 6-month prepay subscription. Each month your visitors will receive a wide range of vegan goodies, including snacks, treats, teas, and even some vegan clothing items. The All Around Vegan store also sells mugs, hats, t-shirts, cleansers, stickers, and more besides.

And you can try their service out with a “starter kit”  – these cost around $40. The EPC for this product is well below what we’d normally include, but it’s one of only two profitable vegan subscription box services we could find Plus, it should only be an add-on program for your site and not a primary source of income.

3 Vitacost

Vitacost affiliate program

Vitacost has been selling everything you need to lead a healthy lifestyle since 1994. This includes everything from food, beverages, and nutritional supplements to baby products, detergents, and even products for your pets.

But they also have an entire site section dedicated to vegan products from brands such as Acure, Lakanto, and Navitas. In fact, they stock over 8,600 different vegan-friendly products in total.

They also run regular deals, offers, and discounts, so you can use those to motivate your visitors to try them out at least once.

Affiliates get paid a 4% commission on every existing customer purchase but 6% on whatever a new customer purchases.  Their 7-day cookie is far from ideal, but if you take a quick look at their 7-day EPC, you’ll see how much money is being made. 8,000+ products are enough to keep comparison review writers busy for months.

4 Zatik

Zatik affiliate program

Zatik sells a range of health, skin, body, and hair care products made from non-GMO, organic, and renewable sources. It’s odd how people worry about what they put inside their bodies but never about what they apply to their skin or hair. Even if their personal hygiene products are laced with potentially harmful chemicals. That’s why the Zatik range contains no synthetic ingredients of any kind and is also alcohol-free and suitable for vegans.

Each of their products is handmade in the United States, from products sourced from USDA-certified organic farms. This gives your visitors the additional peace of mind they need before parting with their cash.

Affiliates receive a generous 15% commission rate. The only real downside here is that the average order size is only $35, so you stand to make roughly $5 per referred sale. That said, they claim to have an 8% conversion rate, so your traffic should convert into sales pretty readily. 

5 Green Chef

Green Chef affiliate program

Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service. The twist here is that Green Chef meals are designed for people who care about their consumption. But who lacks the time to do the daily shopping and meal prep required? Yes, eating healthy requires more work than eating junk food.

So with this meal-kit service, you simply choose your plan, and each week you’ll receive the ingredients you need for your meals. And step-by-step instructions on how to prepare them. Each meal contains 100% organic ingredients, signature sauces, spices, or a marinade. Basically, your visitors need everything to create a delicious vegan meal in no time.

There are few things in life that won’t eventually go out of fashion, and food is one of them. And with more people choosing to work remotely or from home, maybe Green Chef hints at what the future has in store for us.

This affiliate program has a huge EPC of $226, which is above average for any subscription box service. You do only get paid a flat fee of $15 per sale as opposed to a percentage commission of the overall order. But all those $15 commissions add up if you play your cards right.

6 100% Pure

100% Pure affiliate program

Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to stop looking good. There are plenty of vegan clothing lines out there, and now with 100% Pure, you have a totally animal-friendly range of cosmetic products to use. The earliest pigments and dyes were made using natural sources, including seashells.

The pigments and dyes used in 100% Pure’s products are made from similarly natural sources, especially fruits and vegetables. On top of that, they ensure that none of the ingredients are animal-sourced, and none of their products are tested on animals. So you have a unique and award-winning range of 100% natural cosmetic products to promote to your audience.

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn an 8% commission for each referred sale. This equals around $27 for every 100 qualified visitors you send their way via your affiliate links. Their ‘Network Earnings’ score is a little low, so don’t build an entire niche site around this one range of products. Or if you do, don’t expect to retire on the money.

7 Thrive Market

Thrive Market affiliate program

Thrive Market is an online retailer of organic and non-GMO vegan products and brands, including foods, supplements, kids and pet products, and homecare supplies. But you get them at prices up to 50% off what you’d normally pay. And you also get them shipped directly to your door instead of spending hours in busy shops and malls.

You’ll need a membership to shop with Thrive Market, but your first 30-days are free. After that, it’s $59.95 to access their range of over 6,000 different products at wholesale prices, including thousands of products suitable for vegans.

Part of your annual membership fee provides low-income families with nutritious and healthy meals. So you’re not only getting what you want but also helping those in need. New customers do need to answer a quiz before they can start shopping, which bugged the hell out of me.

But regardless of how I feel, Thrive Market’s performance on Commission Junction speaks for itself. Remember that you get paid a flat $20 commission but only on a new customer’s first purchase. That’s it, though – you won’t get paid for referring any additional sales.

8 Nutriciously

nutriciously affiliate program

Nutriciously offers vegan guides and tasty recipes via its blog and ebook bundles. It currently sells two in-depth bundles: one aimed at newcomers to veganism and plant-based eating and the other focusing on healthy weight loss. Check out its sample ebook bundle to get a feeling for Nutriciously’s content.

The brand’s vegan affiliate program is open to affiliates worldwide, provided they:

  • Run a blog about health, nutrition, fitness, food, green living, or another relevant topic
  • Have an established audience that cares about becoming vegan or losing weight via plant-based eating
  • Are interested in helping their audience live more healthily

Nutriciously’s vegan affiliate program has a 30-day cookie window. It pays a baseline commission of 50% per sale, climbing to 55% for affiliates who refer five to nine sales per month and 60% for 10+ monthly sales. Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal.

9 Sunburst Superfoods

Sunburst Superfoods affiliate program

Sunburst Superfoods sells a full range of… well… superfoods. A superfood is a nutrient-rich food source, typically specific types of fruits, seeds and leafy green vegetables.

Sunburst Superfoods makes these products readily accessible to the general public. So your vegan visitors can get their health boost through powders, snacks, seeds, berries and bars, nut butter, juices, and vitamins. Boosting your health can be as simple as replacing the types of snacks you eat. Or just swapping out a bottle of cola for a bottle of water instead.

Their source ingredients are dried at low temperatures to ensure each product is packed with vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients. Vegan shoppers will find plenty to like here.

The average order size per transaction is almost $90, which is increasing year on year. Affiliates are paid a 15% commission on each referred sale, which means a net plus for you of around $15 per transaction.

10 Purple Carrot

purple carrot affiliate program

Purple Carrot’s vegan meal kit subscription service is clinically proven to help customers lose weight and lower LDL cholesterol levels in four weeks. Sustainability is a critical element of its messaging. The brand claims that each meal kit produces 72% lower carbon emissions than the average American meal.

Sign up for Purple Carrot’s affiliate program via the Impact Radius affiliate network. It has a 30-day cookie window and pays a $25 commission for new subscription purchases and one-off sales. Given the website has an average order value of $72, it effectively offers an average commission rate of 34%.

Affiliates get access to various marketing materials, including regular newsletters containing information about promotions and new products.

11 Veecoco

veecoco affiliate program

Veecoco is an online vegan cooking school founded by German twins Lukas and Samuel. It partners with top chefs from across the world to help customers unlock the delights of a vegan diet.

For a cost of $35 a month or $297 a year, members get access to more than 700 chef-led video classes across 19+ different culinary styles, teaching them a wide range of vegan recipes from Italian to Thai and beyond. New courses are added regularly, and all are — of course — totally vegan.

The company has received press coverage from the likes of Marie Claire and Better Homes & Gardens, so it’s relatively well known — enough to sign up more than 6,000 customers.

Join Veecoco’s vegan affiliate program and earn a 30% commission on every sale via your referral link. To help you out, the brand offers a seven-day free trial that gives full access to its course material and runs regular promotions.

12 Plantable

plantable affiliate program

Plantable describes itself as a “plant-based intervention program”. We’re not exactly sure what that means, so we prefer to call it a vegan meal delivery service that ships tasty vegan food straight to your door.But there’s more to Plantable than that because its top-tier packages also give members access to a personal coach who’s on hand to help people transition to a vegan lifestyle.

Prices start at $162.50 for a custom box of your 12 favorite menu items. However, if you want to unlock the personal coaching, you’ll need to sign up for one of the two more expensive programs — either The Quickstart (effectively a vegan starter kit priced at $225) or The Reboot ($175 a week for four weeks).

Those prices are definitely at the premium end of the scale, which makes the 10% commission rate offered by Plantable’s vegan affiliate program look pretty generous.

13 Naked Nutrition

naked nutritition affiliate program

Naked Nutrition is a vegan food brand focused on fitness and nutrition. It sells things like vegan protein powder, nutritional supplements, and healthy, protein-filled cookies. 

And who doesn’t love protein? All its protein powders are packed full of amino acids and contain absolutely zero artificial colors or sweeteners, which means you get more of what your body craves.

Naked Nutrition’s vegan affiliate program pays a commission of 10% on all sales. Figures from its affiliate network partner, ShareASale, show that the program currently delivers an EPC of $7.94. Not huge, but if you can drive plenty of sales, it’s not to be sniffed at. To help you out, you’ll get access to a responsive affiliate manager, who’ll be on hand to help you maximize performance.

14 Veestro

veestro affiliate program

Veestro is another vegan meal prep service that sends delicious, ready-made meals straight to your door, meaning you barely need to lift a finger — just heat them up and eat them up. All its chef-made meals use organic ingredients and are shipped frozen to lock in the freshness.

It’s a lot more flexible than some meal delivery service packages we’ve seen, giving customers the ability to choose the frequency and quantity of weekly meals they receive, and allowing them to skip, pause, or cancel at any time.

Pricing varies based on how many meals you order, with 10 meals priced from $12.82 per meal and 30 meals starting at $11.03 per meal. And with an average order value of ~$170, there’s plenty of money to be made here.

Veestro pays a 5% commission on all sales you generate and also runs weekly promotions to help you drive extra traffic and conversions. Really, the only downside here is the seven-day cookie window, which is the joint-shortest of all the vegan affiliate programs we’ve reviewed.

15 Vegin’ Out

vegin out affiliate program

Vegin’ Out is — guess what? — another vegan meal delivery service. It ships vegan food to your home or office across 48 US states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). All its vegan meals are free from preservatives, MSG, and oil and are developed by the brand’s in-house chef, Brian L Patton — AKA The Sexy Vegan (his words, not ours).

Patton has published a couple of vegan recipes books and has been featured by many high-profile publishers, including the Huffington Post and New York Times.

Vegin’ Out has an average order value of more than $120, so it’s clearly doing something right.

It also offers one of the most generous commission rates of all the vegan affiliate programs we’ve reviewed, starting at 10% but climbing to 12.5% for gross sales of more than $10,000. According to Vegin’s Out, its top-performing affiliates earn 20% per sale.

16 Future Kind

future kind+ affiliate program

Future Kind sells vegan supplements aimed at vegans and non-vegans, including its best-selling Essential Vegan Multivitamin. Its products are made in the US from organic ingredients and are approved by dieticians. As a carbon-neutral company, Future Kind exclusively uses 100% recycled packaging. 

The brand’s vegan affiliate program is on the ShareASale affiliate network and has a 30-day cookie window. It pays a 40% commission per sale and has an average order value of $56.84. According to ShareASale, it has an average EPC of $28.68 and a 1.16% conversion rate.

Once approved to join the program, affiliates can access a discount code giving followers 10% off their first order.

17 iHerb

iherb affiliate program

iHerb sells a mammoth range of health and wellness products, including 30,000+ natural products from 1,200 brands in the health, nutrition, sports, and beauty niches.

The iHerb website has more than 11 million active customers and over 24 million verified product reviews. It ships to over 186 countries and supports 16 languages, 38 payment options, and dozens of currencies.

Sign up for iHerb’s affiliate program via Partnerize. It pays a standard commission rate of 5%, although top performers can earn higher rates, while coupon sites get a reduced rate of just 1%. The program has a seven-day cookie window.

Commissions are paid through PayPal approximately 45 days after the end of the month. The program accepts affiliates from anywhere in the world, but all payments are in US dollars.

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As usual, we filtered through hundreds of vegan affiliate programs to bring you the cream of the crop.

But what raised an eyebrow is the fact that the online market for vegan products is still very much in its infancy.

It’s a big market, but there’s still plenty of space for early adopter affiliates to carve out their own slice of this vegan pie.

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