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Did The Last Google Updates Send Your Traffic


Feeling the squeeze from Google’s latest updates? You’re not alone.

For many small site owners, adapting to Google’s frequent updates feels like navigating a maze in the dark. If you’re not in sync with the latest standards, it’s easy to feel lost.

Be it Core, Review, Spam, or Helpful Content updates, each one brings its own set of hurdles, often beyond your control.

Has your traffic plummeted overnight?
Does nothing seem to turn around that slow decline?
Are you sifting through vague and contradictory recovery tips?
Uncertain about your next steps or what might have gone wrong?
Is inferior content now overshadowing your hard work?
Are you scared of whatever Google has up its sleeve next?

Yet There is Still


It’s natural to feel disheartened, whether you’ve faced significant setbacks or are just wary of future surprises. But it’s also in your power to turn the tide.

The solution remains consistent, regardless of the update: Elevate your site’s overall quality and make BIG changes to “shock” the algorithm when it reevaluates your site.

Transforming your site won’t be a walk in the park, and it might push you out of your comfort zone. However, by following our proven step-by-step system you stand the best chance to reclaim, and maybe even surpass, your previous traffic levels.

We’ve proven it by helping both ourselves and our members bump their traffic back up using this exact process, even after serious losses.


The SEO Penalty Pack

Notion Template
Content Audit
Tech fixes

What’s Inside Exactly?

Take a Sneak Peek 👀

The Content Audit Blueprint

Re-Deploy Your Authority – $797 value

The main reason websites lose their ranking is because they fail to maintain the quality levels expected by Google on a sitewide level.

This is often a result of aging content, out-of-date information, poor user experience, and user metrics, or simply because your competition has caught up and outdone you.

As a result, the average page quality decreases over time, and when you reach a critical point where your score dips below the average of your competition, this often spells BIG trouble for organic traffic.

We’ve developed a custom scoring system along with a pre-built Notion System that will help you identify and remove or update “Unhelpful” fast, as well as redeploy your link profile strategically.

Over The Shoulder Video Lessons
Our Custom Notion Audit Template
Our Page Grading System
Link Profile Optimization

What You’ll Find Inside The Blueprint:

In this intro module, we will show you how the overall system works, and why it works by explaining how Google grade your site and pages.

We’ve used this system on several different sites and managed to either bump the traffic up or recover lost traffic to updates like The Helpful content Update or Core updates.

In this module, we will show you the exact case study, how they applied our methodology and the result they achieved.

Before you start your audit, you need to make a list of your URLs and collect key metrics about them. We’ll show you a quick, easy and free way to do a full crawl of your website to identify exactly which pages need attention.

Once you have collected the data, we will walk you through our custom Audit template built on Notion. It’s free of charge and does a lot of the heavy lifting for you by pre-filtering your URLs in decision buckets to save you time.

Once you’ve built your auditing environment, we will you through our custom grading system that mimics the way Google looks at your site. This will help you identify the pages that are likely to get your site in trouble and what needs to be done with them.

After auditing your pages, you will have to decide what to do with them. We will walk you through all the possible scenarios and when to do what based on previous audits we’ve done.

Deciding on a page doesn’t bump your traffic back up. Acting on this decision does.

This is why we’ve built a complete Audit to-do system inside our template to help you keep track of all the decisions you have made and ensure they get done.

This module will show you how the system works and how to track your progress effortlessly.

The E-E-A-T Blueprint

Earn Google’s Trust Back – $797 value

E-E-A-T is a big deal for Google rankings since the infamous medic update released in 2018. Ever since, the sites that do not pass Google’s “legitimacy” threshold have seen their rankings drastically diminished.

If your site is not built the way Google intends it to be, chances are, this could be affecting your traffic negatively.

Our E-E-A-T Blueprint is by far the most practical guide to reflecting E-E-A-T on your site and will give you all the tools you need to bring your site back into Google’s good graces, including:

Over The Shoulder Video Lessons
Our Done For You Page Templates
Speed things up using AI
Custom code Snippets

What You’ll Find Inside The Blueprint:

In this introduction module, you will learn how E-E-A-T works, what Google is looking for exactly and how to stay up-to-date with the changes in guidelines so you can pre-emptively keep your site in-line with what Google is looking for and avoid traffic declines.

Expertise is the formal side of E-E-A-T. It’s the recognized part of your mastery over your topic. Think like a degree, a certificate or anything tangible proving you’re an expert.

The problem is: Google is a machine and not a very smart one. Meaning that even if you are objectively an expert, if you don’t have very specific elements on your site AND off your site to back that up very obviously to Google, you won’t be seen as one by the search engine. And this could cost you dearly.

So in this module, we will help you upgrade your site to display expertise the right way including done for you page templates and advanced SCHEMA code snippets.

Experience is the informal side of your mastery of a topic. It’s the field cred, and as such, there are no institutions to back that up officially.

The way Google evaluates you against this criteria is based on your content and the way it’s put together.

So in this module, you will learn how to adjust your editorial guidelines to truly reflect experience in your content and tick that box for Google.

Authority is a vague concept in the SEO world. It means that Google sees you as a reference on a topic and gives you an “unfair” advantage in rankings.

The way you achieve this “Topical Authority” is by strategically covering the right topics on your website and acquiring the right links. That’s what you’ll learn how to do in this module.

Trust in the eyes of Google is established by providing enough background information about, your company and your authors. It’s the ability to “find who is behind the content”.

There is a formal way to do that on your website through core pages and the information found on these.

You will learn how to do it and even how to use AI to help you get it done faster.

🎁 Wait, did you say free bonuses?

Yup. We’ve decided to bundle in a bunch of free bonuses just for fun:

The Tech Audit System ($299 value)

Sometimes, ranking drops can be caused by technical issues. This is why we also wanted to cover that ground in this masterclass, walking you through the most common technical problems, how to find them, and how to solve them using only free tools.

Identify common technical issues
Fix traffic and link “leaks”
Quickly fix them even without tech knowledge
Only use free tools
Bonus #1

Audit over the shoulder ($399 value)

While the site audit blueprint is already an over-the-shoulder blueprint, we realized that the more real-life examples we could share, the more likely you would benefit. So we shot an entire module of examples of pages we audited with their results.

Learn with real-life case studies
Learn about special cases to watch out for
Bonus #2

Make Google ❤️ Your Site Again


Dive into our over-the-shoulder, step-by-step blueprints that show you exactly how to win Google’s favor again.

We address technical, content, and E-E-A-T issues all at once. The goal? To “shock Google’s evaluation system and make it take a fresh look at your site during the next core update.

Loads of our members have already turned their sites around with these tactics.

Quickly Identify and fix all the issues on your website.
Boost your site’s quality in Google’s eyes.
Avoid costly mistakes with our field-tested methods.

Save Thousands of 💵


Whether you’re already feeling the pinch with traffic in a slump, or you’re just on edge waiting for that dreaded drop, we get it.

Forget shelling out big bucks for agencies with their pricey recovery plans. Our DIY system is not only easier on your wallet but also packed with the latest strategies that can match or even outdo those high-cost services.

Dodge overpriced, predatory agency fees.
Skip the expensive tools; we use mostly free ones.
Get started right now, with instant access to our training.

⏰ Fast-Track Your Results


Sure, you can dig through endless YouTube videos and blog posts for free advice, but you won’t find anything as comprehensive or straightforward as what we’ve got waiting for you. Our content saves you from the trial and error that eats up your time.

Our “ready-made” templates mean you can bypass the grunt work. We’ve already laid all the groundwork for you.

Think of our system as an Ikea kit for your audit. You could start from scratch, piecing together advice from all over, or grab our kit—complete with everything you need and simple assembly instructions. Which one sounds easier?

Stop wasting time with ineffective tactics.
Jump ahead with our pre-made templates.
No fluff content, we get straight to the point

🏆 Hands-On Learning


Ditch the dry, theoretical PowerPoint sessions. Our training is different. We bring you right into the action with over-the-shoulder videos that don’t just tell, they show.

This isn’t about wading through fluff or enduring endless lectures. We cut straight to the chase, delivering clear, concise, and actionable steps. Our goal? To help you implement faster, see results quicker, and enjoy a learning experience that’s as effective as it is engaging.

Clear, concise instructions to avoid any confusion.
Watch as we tackle tasks on real sites
A practical learning approach that speeds up your implementation

All our Premium
Content is Guaranteed to be

Field Tested
Fluff Free

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The SEO Penalty Pack 🚑

The Content Audit Blueprint

Step-by-step video course on identifying what pages are bringing your site down and how to address them.

$697 Value

The E-E-A-T Blueprint

Practical E-E-A-T implementation on your site to pass Google’s new “legitimacy” threshold.

$497 Value

The Smart Notion System

Speed your audit up by using our custom Notion System that “buckets” pages for you and helps you stay organized.

$197 Value

Custom Code Templates

Programatically showcase your expertise to Google through custom SCHEMA not supported by SEO Plugins.

$197 Value

The Technical Audit System

Identify the most common technical issues that may be preventing your site from doing well in search.

$147 Value

Audit Case Studies

Follow along as we walk you through case studies of our most challenging audits and how we came up on top.

$297 Value

Regular Updates

All our premium content updates are free of charge for life.

$397 Value

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We’re all about getting you results, not just feeding you theory. That’s why our courses are packed with concise, actionable content designed to speed up your progress and get your site climbing the ranks again.

If within 30 days you don’t feel like we’ve delivered on this promise, just drop us a line at [email protected]. We’re more than happy to refund your investment, no questions asked. We’re here to empower you, and if you’re not seeing the value, then we haven’t done our job.

Dive in risk-free and start making the changes that count. Your success is our success, and we’re committed to helping you achieve it.

💪 Our Team is Here To Help You!


If you are lost in all this content at any point in time, we have an absolute rockstar support team on 9 to 5 shifts to answer any questions about the course, billing, tactics, or anything else.

Unlike the competition that often chooses to outsource support to cheap overseas teams, we’ve made this one of our main priorities in the last few months, and our members love it.

All our support staff also works in marketing on our various ventures. They use the tactics you will find in The Authority Site System daily on our projects, and they can talk about it, not just send you a boilerplate message telling you they will look into it and thank you for your feedback.

These guys are the real deal, we trust them with our projects and money, so we also trust them to deliver a customer service level you have never seen before when purchasing online training.

Who Is This Training For?

Sites Hit by Recent Google Updates

If an update has slashed your traffic, this course could be the lifeline your site needs. Perfect for anyone from site owners to marketing teams looking for a way forward.

Update-Wary Website Operators

Worried you’re next on Google’s hit list? Arm yourself with our strategies to safeguard your site’s traffic, suitable for anyone invested in their site’s longevity.

SEO Agencies and Freelancers

Dive into our training to offer high-demand site audits and recovery strategies. Perfect for agencies and freelancers eager to increase revenue by meeting a critical market need.

🎓 Your Instructor


Co-Founder @ Authority Hacker

Gael has over 16 years of experience in building and growing online businesses. He has worked with a wide range of clients on the agency side — including Macy’s, Expedia, 99 Designs, Flippa, and many other renowned companies.

He has also built, grown and sold multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, several of these are documented on the Authority Hacker blog.

Along the way, Gael has shared his internet marketing knowledge as a speaker at Harvard, Wharton, Oxford University and many industry conferences like Chiang Mai SEO.

🤩 Over 14,000 Existing Customers
Already Saw Results With Our Training

🇺🇸 RJ Weiss – Recovered his site with Authority Hacker

RJ started his site before joining Authority Hacker Pro and did well for a while but in early 2020, his site got hit by successive algorithm updates. That’s when he decided to join Authority Hacker.

Since then, he has completely revamped his site, his editorial process, and his link-building using our blueprint.

Through a lot of effort, his site started recovering and is now at an all-time high in traffic after the recent Helpful Content Update.

🇩🇪 Yvonne Kopen – Achieved Full-time income

After taking 2 other courses and not getting any results, Yvonne and her partner decided to try one last time with one of our courses.

Little did they know that the 3rd time was the charm as their website, Simple Germany, started to take off in the SERPs after following the course.

The rest is now history as Yvonne and Jen now work full time on this project AND also run a successful YouTube channel associated with their site.

🇮🇪 Brian Kelleher – From 4 to 5 figures/month with Us

When Brian joined Authority Hacker, he already had a site going making low 4 figures per month, but his site did not have any proper systems in place.

Our training taught him how to structure his editorial team, build content templates, restructure his site, and a lot more.

Long story short, a few months later, he went from a low 4 figures per month to 5 figures per month using Authority Hacker Pro, and his site is still growing rapidly as of 2023.

🇺🇸 Kevin Espiritu8 Figure / year, started with us

Kevin started his site together with the first members of Authority Hacker.

At first, he used the methods taught inside the training to grow his organic traffic and editorial team, which allowed him to quit his job and work full-time on his project.

He then used the free time to grow his social media channels that blew up during the pandemic.

He then opened a store on his site, feeding from his organic and social traffic, and now generates over 7 million dollars of sales per year.

🇬🇧 Joshua DunlopBecame #1 photography blog

Josh used our editorial blueprints to build a content creation process allowing him to publish 24 high-quality, weekly articles on his site.

This system allowed him to take over his competitors and become the world’s #1 photography education site in search traffic in a matter of months, with over 1.6 million monthly organic visitors, according to Ahrefs.

His Authority site now makes 7 figures per year selling courses and affiliate offers.

🇿🇦 Robert BothaEnglish teacher hits 6 figures / year

Robert is an ex Pro-gamer who was teaching English in Thailand for a low salary when he discovered Authority Hacker.

But in order to build the lifestyle he wanted, Robert looked into other opportunities and stumbled upon The Authority Site System.

While it felt expensive at the time, he thought that if he could make $2,000 per month after a year, it would be worth it.

9 months later, his site beat his goal by over 4x with over $8,500 in earnings; the rest is history.

🇮🇳 Sumit BansalScaled his portfolio with Us

Before joining the Authority Hacker community, Summit already had an online business, but he used The training to grow a portfolio of sites on top of his main business.

The structure he found in The Authority Site System allowed him to understand and rationalize what he achieved once, but he struggled to repeat.

Summit has now grown and sold several sites using our system, generating high-6 figures (USD) from the sale of these sites.

🇺🇸 David Lewis6 figures / year with Authority Hacker

David is an ambitious guy. From day 1, his goal was to reach 5-figure per month with his Authority Site System website.

He’s a young dad with a wife and kid to look after, so he didn’t want to waste time and was looking for a proven system he could follow and execute.

He religiously applied the lessons in the Authority Site System and wrote 50 articles for his brand-new site before looking to outsource content.

He then started building links following the exact tactics taught in the course and managed to land 298 linking root domains by month 12.

Today David works full-time on his projects, and by month 18, he exceeded his goal by generating $11,000 in just 30 days.

🇨🇦 Chris Sisco10x his site with Our Courses

Chris started building sites on his own 3 to 4 years before joining the program and managed to hit a respectable $3,000 – $4,000 per month.

But joining The Authority Site System allowed him to 10x his results by learning about building systems, processes, and more efficient ways to create content and link building.

Nowadays, Chris’ site ranges between $15,000 and $30,000 in revenue per month, and he couldn’t be happier about his decision to join the training.

🇺🇸 Shane DutkaBuilt & Sold his first site for $1,000,000
The first payment for the sale of Shane’s site.

After taking a leap of faith and joining us in 2017, former accountant Shane Dutka skyrocketed his pest control site’s earnings to a staggering $50,000 per month within just two years, ultimately selling it for over a million dollars. 

This accomplishment opened the door for Shane to become the VP of SEO at a highly successful company, where he now manages large-scale SEO projects, all thanks to his original experience with Authority Hacker.


Am I guaranteed to recover my site if I follow your blueprint?

The short answer is no.

Guarantees are usually unethical to make in the SEO world because of the unpredictable nature of Google, the constant changes, and, primarily, the quality of your website.

What we can guarantee is that for quality sites, the approaches shared in our blueprints have worked many times and are likely to work for you if your content is good enough to rank high.

We know this is not what some people hope to read but we take pride in doing what we do in an ethical way and won’t promise what we can’t guarantee. Nobody can.

Can this recover my site from the September 2023 Helpful Content Update

At the time of editing, there is no documented full recovery for this particular update so we can’t say this training will help with this particular update.

We are keeping our ear to the ground, and it’s likely that when sites start recovering, they will have followed a system close to what this training includes, BUT until there are documented recoveries, we won’t rate this training as effective for this one specific update.

However, many sites affected by CORE updates have recovered using the content found in this training. If you have been affected by a core update, this training can be very helpful for your site

How long will it take for my site to recover?

Another classic “it depends” SEO question.

The most common answer is when you’re done executing everything found in the blueprint and Google runs a new core update. That’s usually the time when you see the fruit of your effort pay off.

However, things may change significantly going forward. We’ll keep you updated in the course and the community attached to it.

I have no experience at all. Is this course right for me?

If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach. 

Even if you have little to no knowledge in marketing, computing, website design, or otherwise, there’s nothing to stop you from making money online.
What’s important is that you put the effort in to try and learn. Sometimes things might be a bit difficult, and you might not always understand the first time. However, like any new subject, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. 

How technical is this training?

While the training requires you to know your way around your computer, if you are able to work on your WordPress site, you should be able to follow through with every step.

Everything is taught over the shoulder, so if you think something is a little over your head, you can just follow along with the video.

Will there be any additional costs on tools etc. after I purchase the course?

This training mostly uses free tools. There is no need to spend extra money if you don’t want to but you may be presented with opportunities to make things easier using paid solutions.

Will this course be updated? Do I need to pay for it?

Your purchase comes with lifetime access, including all updates for life.

That’s not just an empty promise, though. We frequently update the course, including timely fully-fledged rewrites when required. 

Whenever we do this, you get it free of charge.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer a ton of support channels to help you on your site-building journey.

Support tickets
Perhaps you have a private question you would prefer not to share publicly on Facebook or just want to have a chat about something with our team – we’re here to help.
What’s more, we take pride in our responsiveness. You can expect a response during office hours in less than a few hours!

External Support
We specifically choose to work with tools and platforms we know can offer support and help to our members when they need it.
That means, if you have a technical problem with things like your hosting, web design or anything else, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction to get you back on your feet.

How much time will this take?

The answer largely depends on the size of your site and its current state.

For “simple” cases, a few hours may be enough. However, if significant content changes are required, it could be a lot more. You are probably the best to evaluate “how far behind the competition” your site is.

If I realize this is not for me, can I get my money back?

Yes, we offer a 30-day no-questions money-back guarantee. So if, once inside, you realize this is not what you expected, no pressure, just send us a quick message, and your money will be on its way back.

When we say you can try it risk free, we really mean it.