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What Makes Authority Hacker Different?

1. Our Customers Consistently Get Results

This is not your typical ‘hype-train’ IM product. There is an absolute ton of value in every single course we produce, with step-by-step instructions, ‘done for you’ templates and actionable guidance that gets real results. All our methods use white hat SEO and we use real life examples of our own campaigns to show customers how to do things properly.

2. Be Proud To Promote Us

Lets face it, 99% of IM courses are terrible. Yet if you want to make any money as an affiliate, you are often faced with a difficult question. Should you promote that high paying course that you know isn’t going to work so well for your audience? With us, you never have to worry about that. We make high converting, high ticket courses that your audience will thank you for introducing them to.

3. We Use The Latest Marketing Technology To Help You Make Sales

Watch your traffic convert like crazy as we employ the latest technology to generate more sales. We have true evergreen scarcity using DeadlineFunnels, cookie-less retargeting ads and the ability to link to to any of our high value blog posts or podcasts as an affiliate.

Our Flagship Products

The Authority Site System (TASS)

The Authority Site System (TASS) Is our year-round training course aimed at helping people build their very first website. 

We are committed to continually updating this training and frequently add new content and modules. 

Evergreen – Available all year round with evergreen scarcity funnel and webinar.

Authority Hacker Pro (AH Pro)

A complete set of blueprints for tackling every aspect of growing your authority site.

AH Pro is aimed at anyone who already has a blog or website and wants to grow it further.

Launch model – AH Pro is only available during launches

Here’s A Sneak Peak At One Of Our Latest Videos In The Authority Site System!

Hi, We’re The Guys Behind Auhority Hacker

Authority Hacker was founded by Gael Breton and Mark Webster in 2014 after realizing there was a gap in the internet marketing world between tactics that actually worked and people in the real world trying to learn the skills to create online businesses.

We’re pretty straight-talking guys who hate the fluff and ‘BS-ing’ that goes on in the IM industry. With Authority Hacker, we cut through all the noise and show you what actually works. We’re not aiming to make you feel good or inspire you, rather we’re aiming to show you exactly how we build and grow profitable websites, so that you can copy our techniques and do the same.

Over the past year, a number of experienced marketers and a rather astute dog have been added to the team to keep creating new and improved content for members.

Here’s What Our Affiliates Have To Say

Chris Lee, RankXL.Com

I don’t promote many products as an affiliate. But promoting AH Pro is always fun… and very profitable.

Not only do I make a ton of sales, my list always thanks me for recommending it.

They’re one of the few online marketers who does everything they can to make their program worth the money for new members. And that helps a huge part for me as an affiliate since I can promote hard knowing that the value is there.

Jon Dykstra, Fatstacksblog.com

I love promoting Authority Hacker products because they’re excellent and helpful. Gael and Mark don’t just publish a blog about how to blog, they actually own a large and growing niche publishing business so their products actually have real-results value.

Because Authority Hacker products are so helpful, they sell well which is also important as an affiliate.

And Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

Sebastian Schaffer

From 0 to “paying the bills” in 12 months – all because I focused on the key tactics and strategies from Authority Hacker PRO.

The biggest strength of AHP besides its AMAZING community is its focus on systems that just work.

The “no fluff” approach to building a real business that makes all the difference compared to other courses.

Using the tactics from AHP I am on my way to a real business making 5 figures/month but most importantly I can enjoy the incredible freedom that comes with running a successful site.

Eric Ang

If you are looking for a Step by Step easy to follow system to build an authority site from scratch, TASS is the way to go.

Everything is laid out properly, all you need to do is just follow exactly what have been thought in the system.

They even included template and checklist on things to do throughout the journey.

It is a no brainer system to follow.

What’s Required To Sign Up?

We want to ensure we can give our affiliates the time and care needed to ensure they convert well and make both of us tons of money together. Makes sense, right?

Because of that, we do have a few set criteria which we ask all of our potential affiliates to keep in mind while signing up:

Traffic Requirements

We understand that high traffic numbers don’t always mean conversions. That said, we expect you to have at least a few thousands visitors per month to be considered for this program. This should be high quality, organic traffic that will convert.

If your site isn’t live or just been launched, please consider applying at later time when you have more traffic.


Relevancy is important. We need to know that our product will make sense being placed in front of your audience. We will primarily accept people from online marketing related businesses, but will also consider neighbouring sites such as business blogs, self-improvement blogs, financial independence blogs and so on. 

We won’t be able to accept people into this program who do not have a relevant audience. 

Quality Content 

We will assess the quality of your content during the application. As you can imagine, we do not want to be associated with spammy, low effort content and will take this into consideration when reviewing your website. 
There should be a visible effort to provide quality to your readers on the site.

Website Requirements

This one might sound like a no-brainer, however, this affiliate program is not intended as a word-of-mouth or referral program. You will need to have an active website associated with your affiliate application in order to be considered. 

Qualification Period

In order to qualify as a full affiliate, you’ll be required to make at least 1 qualifying purchase within your first 3 months (90 days) as an affiliate. This is to ensure that our system doesn’t become overrun up with inactive affiliates. If you fail to make a qualifying sale in this period, you may re-apply although we may recommend waiting until you have more traffic or a clearer strategy in place. 

The Bottom Line

We know that finding good products to promote is hard. Often the best products don’t convert or pay well. And the best paying products, aren’t the kind of that you feel happy putting your name behind.

Authority Hacker is Different.

​Our products are good. People love them and get a lot of value out of them. Plus, our sales funnels covert, meaning you make nice amount of money.


I’m a member, how can I promote your course?

We do not expect our members to promote our course in order to succeed. 
We don’t automatically accept members into our course unless their site meets our usual criteria.
Unlike certain programs out there, we would rather you use our training to focus on your own success, rather than pushing our products and courses! 
Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer a referral program for personal recommendations. 

What tracking software do you use?

We use ThriveCart. Affiliates can log in to see all their stats, payment info as well as get all the necessary marketing materials in one place.

What is your Cookie Length/Policy?

We use a first cookie policy and the initial cookie length is 60 days. Once you refer someone, you also earn lifetime commission on and future products they buy from us.

What is your payment schedule?

Payments are made once per calendar month, one-month in arrears. This covers our 30-day refund deadline and ensure payments are always made consistently.
If you want to be paid sooner, please connect your business Paypal account to Thrivecart for auto-payouts.

How long does it take to get approved?

The initial application will be looking at within 7 working days.

How can I increase my chance of being approved?

Be as detailed as possible in your application form. Tell us exactly how you are going to promote us. Give us the specifics. For example, don’t just write “my email list”. Tell us how big your email list is, how you built it, the demographics, open rates etc. If you aren’t ready to promote us yet, then don’t apply until you are ready to do so.

Are you open to shared webinars or other joint promotions?

Yes absolutely. We have a very well developed pack of materials including ‘Done For You’ funnels that convert like crazy. Please message [email protected] if you have any questions.

How well do your offers convert?

It depends on your traffic quality. Our top affiliate makes over $15 EPC. 

How often are your launches?

The Authority Site System is open year round and has a special evergreen scarcity component attached, using sophisticated tracking. Our big AH Pro product launches only have a few times per year. There is a lot of planning and coordination goes into making this really big!

Can I purchase through my own affiliate link?

No, we don’t allow this and you won’t be paid if you do.

What are affiliates not allowed to do?

You may NOT:

Make misleading or false claims about our products.
Reveal any of our demo sites from within the courses.
Share any templates or files from within the courses.
Bid on any Google Ads for our brand name or product names.
Buy or use any domain names with our brand or product names in them