#321 – Is AI Overhyped?

🗒️ Overview

  • The impact of recent Google updates on the use of AI
  • AI’s role in content creation and keyword research
  • The best way to use AI right now

AI has managed to prove its worth in many applications, including content creation and keyword research, but like any technology, it still has its limitations. Now that the initial hype around AI has died down, in this week’s episode Mark and Gael sit down to discuss what they really think of AI and how it can best be used in the real world.

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Current Experiences with AI

Mark admits that when AI (particularly GPT-4) first emerged, he used it extensively. But over time he found that it wasn’t as relevant or valuable for day-to-day management tasks as he initially thought. He still finds AI tools like transcription services incredibly useful, but he has reduced his reliance on AI for everyday tasks.

Despite the decrease in overall AI usage, Mark still finds that AI can be helpful in boosting content creation. Instead of using AI to generate full articles, the Authority Hacker content team use it to rewrite sections, update explanations, or add missing points. This approach ensures higher quality content that meets their stringent editorial standards.

In Mark’s experience, one of the most practical applications for AI has been in keyword research, especially in niches where he’s not an expert. By asking AI to generate technical terms related to a specific niche, Mark has found that AI can significantly enhance his understanding of lesser-known topics.

Relying solely on AI for content creation might not produce the highest quality results at the moment. AI has a knack for making text sound intelligent and structured, which may give users the illusion of persuasive content. But on closer inspection, AI-generated articles might be riddled with holes, contradictions and misinformation.

Impact of Recent Google Updates

The world of SEO has been buzzing with the latest Google updates.

User-generated content websites such as Quora and Reddit have gained increased visibility, and blogs with active comment sections seem to be performing well. The reason behind these changes could be Google’s emphasis on user engagement and helpful content.

But not everyone is happy with the recent Google updates. Some webmasters and users on social media platforms have expressed dissatisfaction with these changes, claiming that the quality of Google search results has declined. So a partial rollback of the updates could be in the cards.

As an SEO enthusiast and website owner, it’s essential to keep an eye on these developments and adapt your strategy accordingly.

AI to Boost Keyword Research

Keyword research plays a crucial role in online marketing and SEO, especially for non-experts venturing into new niches. AI can help generate technical terms and phrases related to a specific topic, offering a treasure trove of potential keywords.

For instance, imagine running an aquarium-focused website – AI could provide relevant jargon like filtration systems, water temperature, and lighting conditions. This invaluable information helps in identifying additional keyword opportunities and expanding your site’s reach to target audiences.

To improve your keyword research using AI, try the following steps:

  1. Begin by generating a list of niche-specific technical terms using an AI tool.
  2. Use these terms to uncover relevant keywords, trends, and topics in your target niche.
  3. Create a comprehensive outline incorporating both AI-generated and editor-inputted materials.
  4. Use AI assistance for rewriting or expanding sections of the article.
  5. Edit every section of the AI-generated content to ensure clarity and avoid any misinformation.

AI to Streamline Content Creation

Though the quality of AI-generated content does not always meet the standards needed for optimal search visibility, and AI might not be the silver bullet for generating entire articles with the click of a button, it still assists the content creation process when used thoughtfully.

A winning strategy combines human input with AI technology to outline and edit text produced by the AI based on given prompts. During the outlining and editing stages, content creators can ensure that the AI-generated text meets quality standards and offers value to the reader.

To make the most of AI-assisted content creation, it’s essential to follow some best practices:

  1. Outline before you start: Spend time outlining your article with the help of AI, but always be hands-on in the process to ensure your content is accurate, relevant, and interesting.
  2. Use AI as an assistant, not a replacement: Do not rely entirely on AI-generated content. Make sure to thoroughly edit each section created by AI and adjust it to fit your article’s context and goals.
  3. Use consistent formatting and language: Mix paragraphs and sentences to make your article engaging and visually appealing. Use a friendly and conversational tone and formatting like bullet points, numbered lists, tables, and bold or italic text.
  4. Expand on provided arguments and facts: Elaborate on the information from the transcript to improve your blog post while retaining the essence of the original point of view and source.

AI to Navigate the Online Search Landscape

The recent Google updates have brought significant changes to the online search environment introducing challenges for website owners and marketers. While it can be nerve-wracking waiting to see how these updates affect various sites, AI can be a valuable ally in navigating the evolving search landscape.

AI helps in maintaining updated content and optimizing websites in response to search algorithm updates, boosting your overall online marketing efforts without further taxing human resources.

One exciting aspect of using AI is its ability to adapt and suggest content ideas based on specific niches, so the content creator can explore various angles and ideas that they might not have thought of on their own.


It is crucial to remember that AI serves as an assistant and not a replacement for human creativity and critical thinking. With that in mind, here are some ways to make the most of AI:

  • Use transcription tools to save time on audio and video transcription tasks
  • Use AI to generate ideas and technical terms for niche-specific keyword research
  • Use AI-assisted content creation to refine and improve sections of articles