SEO Copywriting: Tips & Secrets of a 10-Year Professional Writer

Here are just a few of the thousands -- yes, really, thousands -- of things I’ve written and published in my life:

  • Critical literary essays
  • Insurance guides used by Fortune 500 companies
  • About a dozen poems
  • Articles in trade magazines
  • eBooks published on Amazon
  • Massive case studies for blogs like this one
  • ...and, of course, a sh*tload of SEO-driven articles for the web

In fact, the last time I took stock, I’d written and published close to 1,500 articles on various websites, all of which I’d classify as “SEO copywriting.” That’s not an exaggeration.

Here’s the crazy part, though: of those 1,500 articles, only about 200 were ones I wrote for myself -- for my own websites -- to make myself money.

The other 1,300 were written mostly for one giant website.

If you know me now, that probably sounds crazy. I’m a site builder. I hire writers. I don’t write stuff for other people.

Would Perrin really write 1,300 articles to make someone else money?

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How Switching To The Authority Site Model Allowed Perrin To Build a Stable $7,504/Month Income

Gael's Notes                 

If you have been following us for a while, you may have noticed Perrin has been authoring most of the blog posts for a few months but hasn't had a proper introduction.

He has been helping on the blog side while I have been focusing on growing the Business and member area side of Authority Hacker and growing our other authority sites.

I am far from giving up on blogging though and hope to have more time for it next year (I am still on the podcast though)

If you followed Niche Pursuits in the past, you've probably heard of Perrin, but if you have not, here is a quick introduction of how he went from someone just "dreaming" of making money online to making some, to losing everything and to rebuilding it all the right way.

Perrin's one of those people who constantly innovates on 'classic' marketing tactics, which has made it really fun to work with him--and in many cases to coach him--as we grow our sites alongside each other, swapping strategies and creating new techniques along the way.

I'm happy to say his authority site is doing well and he is writing for us by choice and not because he needs the money anymore (not that we don't pay him!).

He now makes around $8,000/month from a site he started just 20 months ago.​

Sit back and enjoy his story!​

$97… that’s all I got for it.

It was basically my only form of entertainment: my Xbox 360.

But I needed a job. Bad. The problem was that my wardrobe was 100% t-shirts and jeans. I needed a job, but before I could even book interviews, I need something to wear.

And I was dead broke...

So I did the only thing I could: I sold my Xbox to a goofy 10-year-old kid on craigslist. It was my only option. I had $35 in my bank account, there was no way to pay rent next month, and I absolutely needed to buy a suit for job interviews.

I sold my baby for $97, took the bus downtown, walked two more miles to H&M, and bought the cheapest suit I could find.

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13 Creative Ways To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas So You Never Wonder What To Blog About Next!

How many times has this happened to you?

You sit down to write a blog post and... nothing.

You know your blog needs content to grow. You know your audiences.

Maybe you even have a little traffic. But no matter how long you sit there it's still just... nothing. 

Here's the good news: there's a much better way to come up with blog post ideas than just staring at a blinking cursor and waiting for a miracle.

More importantly there are methodical, efficient, ROI-driven ways to come up with blog post ideas that can drastically increase your odds of doing well with Google or with your existing audiences. 

Of course, what follows certainly are not the only ways to do it. 

These are just some of the best ways we've found for our businesses to keep the content machine churning out quality articles.

Let's dive in.

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Thrive Leads Review & Advanced Tutorial – How To Capture More Emails With Your Blog

Review of: Thrive Leads

Use: Email list building tool


You will grow your list VERY quickly


Extremely low one off price

Ease of use

The core works great but reporting has issues


Fast response, but no phone support

We Like

  • The drag and drop editor
  • Easy to use A/B testing functionality
  • The extra features built for marketers - signup segue, asset delivery & smart links
  • The price

We Don't Like

  • The reporting is very slow and buggy
  • Some of the templates aren't very well designed
  • The UI is quite clunky in certain areas

Summary: Thrive Leads is THE tool we use across all our sites for collecting emails. It's extensive and ever expanding feature set stand it in a class of its own when it comes to flexibility and performance. Though to be fair though, it's not without it faults.

In this deep dive review, I'll be showing you all of the features that Thrive Leads currently offers. I'll also show you exactly how we use them to grow our email lists.

$67 one-off for one site / $97 for unlimited sites

You hear it all the time: “The money is in your email list.” But until relatively recently, I didn’t get just how important that really was.

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We Ordered the Same Article from 5 Content Creation Services: Here Are the Best Ones (…and The Ones You Should Avoid)

Want to know what people ask me about more than almost anything? Outsourcing content.

It’s a major pain point for lots of marketers, and it’s one of the most difficult hurdles to jump when start to seriously scale a site.

For most people, one of the most crucially important things to get right when building a content machine is finding a good, reliable source for content that allows you to scale.

I did, and my site took a massive jump forward (I’ll tell you which one of these I use for most of my content below).

Of course, not all content agencies are created equal, so we put them to the test. We gave 5 agencies the exact same assignment and let them duke it out. How’d it go? Let’s find out…

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The Pareto Outreach Philosophy & How It Can Help You Build 1000% More White Hat Links

Gael's Notes                 

Hey guys, I just finished editing Perrin's post and while it is on par with what him and I talk about pretty much daily, this very much is an advanced post for those of you ALREADY doing outreach link building for your sites.

If you are not doing it yet, check this post out (yes, it's a review but I give away a ton of outreach basics in there). Then run a campaign or two THEN come back to this post.

For the others looking to optimise your link building systems, you're in for a treat.

​Today we are not just unveiling a series of "tricks" to you. We are unveiling a new way of looking at outreach link building that is:

  • ​More efficient
  • More fun
  • More profitable

And this by a HUGE margin.

In our case, we went from being able to build maybe a dozen links a month to up to a dozen links a day with the same allocated time and budget using the paradigm shifts we will be sharing in this post.​


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A Look At The Best Keyword Research Tools in 2016 & Keyword Difficulty Showdown

Gael's Disclaimer                 

I just finished editing this 10,000-word / 50-minutes-of-video monster Perrin put together, so I will try to keep this short.

In this post we try to establish what the best keyword tool is for regular publishers like us because we spend thousands of dollars monthly producing content and this content makes or breaks our business.

Google being a large part of our traffic, our ability to pick the right keywords and topics to target determines whether we make a profit or a loss on most of our content.

That is why we decided to go super deep on tools and find what according to us is the best keyword research tool.

I stand 100% by the views Perrin expresses in this post and no company paid us to produce any of this content (although some might offer us some money to take it down).

It's also important to note that Perrin was associated with Niche Pursuits who created (and still has a stake in) Long Tail Pro (he doesn't work there anymore).

While he tried to stay objective in the test and didn't seem to give LTP any preferential treatment, it's my job as the editor to disclose that to you.

Now, enjoy the post!

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The 33 Best Chrome Extensions For Online Marketers

I think I'm about to ruin your day. Not because of anything bad. But because I'm about to give you 33 awesome toys to play with. 

When you do SEO day in and day out--which, at its heart, is just a bunch of stuff on the internet--you end up finding tools that make your job (or your life) just a teensy bit easier.

I've found a lot, and I wanted to share them with you guys. Of course, there are tons of tools, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. It's just a list of what we like to use around here. So if I missed anything, let me know in the comments! ​

Fair warning : if your computer doesn't have a lot of ram (8GB or more) and you often work on battery, I recommend you hand pick the extensions you install. Adding a lot of extensions to Chrome significantly increase its battery usage and CPU requirements. Be smart!

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[Affiliate Marketing Case Study] 20 Promo Emails to Our List in 30 Days, Here is What Happened

Disclaimer: A lot of people told me they wanted to get a deeper look at how Mark and I run things on our authority sites. So I acted and put this post together where I break down the results of one of our January initiatives.

Be warned however, because everything we share below is actual business data and I dig deep into it to gain actual insight on what course of action we should take in the future, this post is rather "advanced" and newbie marketers might find the end a little confusing especially since we are talking about email marketing.

Anyway, have fun with this advanced affiliate marketing post and let us know if you have any question in the comment section!​

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17 Guest Posting Tips I Learned from Failing Thousands of Times

Ah, good ol’ guest posting. The oldest, most battle-tested link-building tactic in the history of humankind (kind of).

Like pretty much every other link-building method, It’s also come under fire in recent years, especially when Matt Cutts published “The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO,” which, as you can imagine, caused SEOs around the world throw their laptops in the trash, burn their websites to the ground and move into wilderness, where they could live a life free of the emotional rollercoasters of Internet Marketing.

I kid, but before we get into our 17 guest posting hacks below, I think it bears repeating: guest posting ain’t dead if done properly.

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