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New Whitehat Link Building Tactic: The Grapevine Protocol

I’ve been keeping this tactic a secret for a while now.

And honestly, I couldn’t decide if I should write about it or not.

I could be wrong, but as far as I know, I’m the only one doing it (or at least writing about it).

And here’s what happens when we write about a new link building tactic on a blog: a small percentage of the people reading it--the black hats looking for shortcuts--immediately start cooking up schemes to abuse the living sh*t out of it.

One of the only reasons I’m doing it is because I don’t think it’s remotely scalable. I also don’t really think there’s a black-hat way to do it (although, if history tells me anything, I’ll be eating my words later).

But it is dead simple.

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SEMRush Review & Tutorials (2017 Edition)

SEMRush Review & Tutorial

Being the first marketing tool to focus on competitor-based keyword research, SEMRush quickly became popular with SEO’s and marketers. Today, not so much- especially when compared to it’s closest competitor, Ahrefs. Not only did it underperform if some areas, but it completely lacked the tools needed to properly evaluate keyword competition.

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Important Note

All the ratings & reviews have been made from an SEO perspective. SEMRush also offers PPC tools but we decided not to review them in this review, mostly because we don't think we're using PPC enough to give you a proper expert review.

Review of: SEMRush

Use: Competitor keyword research


It finds a good # of keyword opportunities, but analyzing SERP competition is a pain


It’s expensive for what you get. Ahrefs does the same and more for pretty much the same price.

Ease of use

The interface is a little confusing at first, but doesn’t take too long to get the hang of things


Support options are pretty standard, but I did get a speedy and quality(ish) response via email

We Like

  • Easily uncover your competitors organic rankings
  • Check top performing pages for winning content ideas
  • Quickly identify the keywords with the highest traffic potential
  • Find thousands of competitors using a single seed URL

We Don't Like

  • Keyword difficulty metric is unusual and unreliable
  • Backlink analysis reports some very inaccurate data
  • The traditional keyword research functionality (still in Beta) is weak
  • Unable to carry out any manual SERP analysis from within the tool
  • User interface could be a little overwhelming for newbies
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Site Architecture: How to Beat High-Authority Sites with Fewer Links Using Silo Structure

I want to show you something that on the surface defies logic.

Let’s look at the keyword “christian mingle reviews,” a good keyword with solid search volume.

Definitely in the “doable” KD range, but would take a bit of effort, especially since higher-volume keywords tend to be slightly tougher to rank for.

...which is why this might be a surprise…

Of course, there are plenty of people who use hidden PBNs and the like to rank for these kinds of keywords, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

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KWFinder Review & Advanced Tutorial – The Best Beginners Keyword Tool

KWFinder Review & Tutorial

KW Finder is an excellent keyword research tool that really simplifies the keyword research process in a way other tools just haven’t managed to do.

It offers a comprehensive data set to keep veteran SEO’s happy, but still manages to present that data intuitively inside their user-interface to keep it all noob-friendly.

We liked it so much here at Authority Hacker, we even used it exclusively for one of our new sites.

Free Trial then $12/month


Gives you almost everything you need for effective keyword research, all in one place.


One of the cheapest premium keyword research tools on the market right now.

Ease of use

It has an intuitive UI that makes it super easy to use, even as a beginner.


Multiple support options including a very responsive live chat support.

The Good

  • Probably the most intuitive UI of any keyword research tool on the market
  • Web-based application - bypassing most compatibility issues
  • Strong data aggregation for keyword analysis
  • Multiple research options for unique keyword opportunities
  • Reliable, one-click keyword difficulty score for any keyword
  • Fast and high-quality support
  • One of the cheapest keyword research tools you can buy

The Bad

  • Potentially strict request limitations for heavy users
  • Keyword results are capped (also affecting the import feature)
  • SERP Checker preview cannot be customized
  • Doesn’t support multi-tabbed keyword research
  • Not ideal for competitor research
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How To Trade Money For Contextual Links (Without Buying Them) And 1 Free Copy / Paste System Template For You To Use

Gael's Warning Note: Epic rant incoming                 

In this post, Perrin goes into a pretty long rant about how inefficient / lazy most people trying to trade money for links are and points out the real life mistakes that puts their business at risk.

It's a read many people need, but not a read many people want. It will not bring us lots of search traffic or links but hopefully it will create the mind shift needed for long term success in the heads of those who pay attention. 

However, if you just want the actionable part of building system that trade links for money, just click here, we've prepared a copy/paste process for you ;).

Know what I hate? The shortcut mentality people have when trying to reach a goal.

Especially in SEO. I hate them because SEO is not a short game. It’s a long game. And taking shortcuts, to me, represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the business -- particularly for authority site builders.

Yes, there are proud black hats out there who use short-term tactics on purpose to make “churn-and-burn” sites. More power to them.

That’s not us, and if you’re reading this blog, it’s likely not you either. But I still see it: people seem to be drawn to shortcuts like moths to a flame.

And do you know where I see it the most? Link building.

It’s no mystery that people hate link building, but it’s still weird. Because here’s the thing: link building is a core competency. It’s one of, like, maybe three fundamental skills you have to learn to do SEO and/or build an authority site.

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SEO Copywriting: Tips & Secrets of a 10-Year Professional Writer

Here are just a few of the thousands -- yes, really, thousands -- of things I’ve written and published in my life:

  • Critical literary essays
  • Insurance guides used by Fortune 500 companies
  • About a dozen poems
  • Articles in trade magazines
  • eBooks published on Amazon
  • Massive case studies for blogs like this one
  • ...and, of course, a sh*tload of SEO-driven articles for the web

In fact, the last time I took stock, I’d written and published close to 1,500 articles on various websites, all of which I’d classify as “SEO copywriting.” That’s not an exaggeration.

Here’s the crazy part, though: of those 1,500 articles, only about 200 were ones I wrote for myself -- for my own websites -- to make myself money.

The other 1,300 were written mostly for one giant website.

If you know me now, that probably sounds crazy. I’m a site builder. I hire writers. I don’t write stuff for other people.

Would Perrin really write 1,300 articles to make someone else money?

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The Pareto Outreach Philosophy & How It Can Help You Build 1000% More White Hat Links

Gael's Notes                 

Hey guys, I just finished editing Perrin's post and while it is on par with what him and I talk about pretty much daily, this very much is an advanced post for those of you ALREADY doing outreach link building for your sites.

If you are not doing it yet, check this post out (yes, it's a review but I give away a ton of outreach basics in there). Then run a campaign or two THEN come back to this post.

For the others looking to optimise your link building systems, you're in for a treat.

​Today we are not just unveiling a series of "tricks" to you. We are unveiling a new way of looking at outreach link building that is:

  • ​More efficient
  • More fun
  • More profitable

And this by a HUGE margin.

In our case, we went from being able to build maybe a dozen links a month to up to a dozen links a day with the same allocated time and budget using the paradigm shifts we will be sharing in this post.​


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A Look At The Best Keyword Research Tools in 2016 & Keyword Difficulty Showdown

Gael's Disclaimer                 

I just finished editing this 10,000-word / 50-minutes-of-video monster Perrin put together, so I will try to keep this short.

In this post we try to establish what the best keyword tool is for regular publishers like us because we spend thousands of dollars monthly producing content and this content makes or breaks our business.

Google being a large part of our traffic, our ability to pick the right keywords and topics to target determines whether we make a profit or a loss on most of our content.

That is why we decided to go super deep on tools and find what according to us is the best keyword research tool.

I stand 100% by the views Perrin expresses in this post and no company paid us to produce any of this content (although some might offer us some money to take it down).

It's also important to note that Perrin was associated with Niche Pursuits who created (and still has a stake in) Long Tail Pro (he doesn't work there anymore).

While he tried to stay objective in the test and didn't seem to give LTP any preferential treatment, it's my job as the editor to disclose that to you.

Now, enjoy the post!

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#23 What To Do If You Have Done Grey Hat Link Building in The Past?

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What You Will Learn In This Podcast

  • Why Grey hat is a bad idea most of the time
  • What to do if you have done grey hat link building on a long term project.
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17 Guest Posting Tips I Learned from Failing Thousands of Times

Ah, good ol’ guest posting. The oldest, most battle-tested link-building tactic in the history of humankind (kind of).

Like pretty much every other link-building method, It’s also come under fire in recent years, especially when Matt Cutts published “The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO,” which, as you can imagine, caused SEOs around the world throw their laptops in the trash, burn their websites to the ground and move into wilderness, where they could live a life free of the emotional rollercoasters of Internet Marketing.

I kid, but before we get into our 17 guest posting hacks below, I think it bears repeating: guest posting ain’t dead if done properly.

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