Hey there, Gael and Mark here. We're the minds behind Authority Hacker. The reason we created this website is because we often see a lot of people online talking about passive income, muse businesses and “authority sites”.

But we rarely see much practical advice on building up a site to the point where it is seen as an authority and you can rely on the brand you've built to generate income.

We’ve had the chance to build, help build or advise on of a lot of these long term earners in the past 3 years. We've both learned a ton on the topic.

The goal of this site is to share our ongoing learning on the topic of authority site building. We'll make it as actionable as possible to help you grow your own sustainable authority sites from scratch.

This is us on a recent trip to Thailand

On this website you can expect to learn about:

  • ​How to strategically create content that sets you up for success.
  • How to promote your content in ethical yet incredibly efficient ways.
  • How to maximize the engagement of your hard earned traffic and transform your visitors into fans.
  • How to convert fans into customers and grow your revenue while thrilling your readers.

This is the process we follow with every single piece we push out there for our own websites or for our client's websites:

Create > Promote > Engage > Convert

Throughout the different pieces of content on this site, you will learn all about mastering these 4 steps to durable and ethical online presence.

A little about us

Because the proof is the pudding and I’m sure you’re not interested in reading a long biography of myself, here are a few key points about our lives in recent years.


2008 - Completed an internship at an Australian SEO agency and started learning the ropes.

2009 - Got hired by the same company 1 year before graduation, for exceptional client results.

2010 - Graduated, became a full time employee. Promoted to running the agency branch in Kuala Lumpur after 6 weeks.


2008 - Built first affiliate site and became familiar with running Adwords campaigns.

2009 - ​Created first niche authority site and started promoting product on Clickbank. First experiences with grey hat SEO.

2010 - ​Project managed website creation and online marketing for an American agency's clients.

2011 - After meeting each other in South East Asia and becoming friends, we decide to start Higher Click (the beers might have helped get us started).

We move to Budapest, Hungary to start the agency and sell grey hat SEO to small websites. The company grows fast and we open an office and hire several employees.

Gael gets invited to speak at Oxford University, Harvard Business School, Wharton and General Assembly.​

2012 - We hit 85 clients on a “cheap” grey hat SEO business model - Penguin Hits. We have to completely relearn our job and start to understand the concept of building a sustainable website. Marketing is, after all, more than just spam tactics. We focus on value add activities for our clients and start contracts with some bigger clients such as 99designs, Macy's, Atari and Evite.

2013 - After seeing some good results for our clients, we also start our own sites with the authority model in mind. These began as mere experiments designed as a learning experience. They quickly grow and start making money. After successive Google algorithm updates, we keep coming out on top and realize the long term value in the authority model.

2014 - All sites started in 2013 are now profitable with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. We took a look back and look at what we learned from 2013 in terms of building engaging sites and decide to share this learning with the world. 

On another note. Aside from working, we both enjoy traveling and have been traveling for the past 6 months as this page is being written. We enjoy the remote lifestyle and being able to run our businesses from our laptop. Can’t Complain:

Gael working by the pool in the villa we rented in Phuket this year.

If you’re still sketptical of the kind of marketing advice you’ll find on this site, take a look at Gael's lecture to the MBA class at Harvard Business School, back in 2011. This should give you a little idea of what we preach and how we like to do things online:

​If you have any question about us, what we do or any content on the website, we strongly advise you to contact us as we reply to every email we receive. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy the content you find on this site.

Gael Breton​ & Mark Webster

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