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Learn more about The way we do things and who is behind the site.

At Authority Hacker, we create actionable education for website owners.

We offer clear, easy to understand and field tested online marketing tactics.

Since 2013, we have started and grown our own portfolio of authority sites that have generated millions of dollars in revenue. Getting here wasn’t easy. Along the way, we made hundreds of mistakes that cost us time and money. Throughout this journey the one constant has been our passion for learning.

We don’t usually like flashing earning screenshots because we find it cheesy, but since you are here to check if we are legit, here we go.

The content on this site and in our courses is the product of all the knowledge we’ve learned along the way.

We’ve taken what actually works, and molded it into step-by-step education that beginners and pros alike and use to start, grow and supercharge their online business.

For years we ran around trying to piece together information we learned from blogs, groups, forums, podcasts, YouTube and masterminds. It’s always a challenge knowing who to trust when seeking answers to your questions. These were answers that we were desperately seeking because we knew authority sites were a business model we could make a lot of money with.

This result of our past frustration is the training we wish we had before our journey. We documented everything we did that worked as a way to train our team. This forced us to internalize each problem, solve is thoroughly and explain it in an easy to follow way.

When other people found out about the training we had developed, they wanted it for themselves. Authority Hacker was born from this idea of sharing the best online marketing knowledge available, in a practical way that was easy for people to follow.

We’re much more than just teachers. From our portfolio of sites, we are constantly learning and sharing knowledge of what’s working now. Furthermore, we reveal our sites publicly and show you practical examples using of what we teach working on these sites. Our largest traffic site, Health Ambition, has had over 25 million visits since it was started.

healthambition.com, one of the sites we share publicly

Fast forward to today and we’ve helped thousands of people to quit their jobs, scale their traffic, automate their business processes and make a fortune from their websites.

Why we’re not special

We don’t want you to think of us as gurus.

The truth is, we hate the cheesy side of online marketing just as much as you. Those sales pages with fake countdown timers and photos of sports cars make us cringe.

Many marketers spend a lot of effort into making your feel good. Not us. We focus on being as actionable and fluff-free as possible. We teach the way we’d want to learn ourselves: by giving honest, practical, advice that almost anyone can follow.

The start of our journey was about quitting our jobs and making enough money to pay rent next month. Even back then, we weren’t ready to sell our souls for a quick buck. We wanted to achieve our goals with integrity.

Nowadays, this means that we only recommend products and services that we genuinely love regardless of how much they pay us for recommending them (one of the perks of running a fleet of other sites is we don’t need their money). If something sucks, we’ll tell you straight up.

We’re not here to sell you a dream that you never reach. We’re here to help you make money and guide you there, every step of the way.

Why we do this

First of all, we’re big nerds. We actually find that stuff fun and it’s no wonder we were both hardcore gamers before they got into online business. Our next site is just another quest chain in the internet MMORPG.

Plus, seeing our readers dramatically change their lives is what keeps us motivated to grow Authority Hacker further.

This could be anything from someone quitting their day job to run their authority site full time as they travel the world. To growing this existing site further than they ever imagined using our tactics. Or it could be selling your site for hundreds of thousands of dollar.

Additionally, we actively learn from the thousands of smart marketers in our community. This is a huge part of what Authority Hacker is. A two way community. 

We spark debate, and show transparently how we do things. Then the community develops the idea further so that the best approach wins and is adopted by all our members.

As the French philosopher Montaigne said: “I didn’t make my book more than it made me”. The same rationale works with the Authority Hacker community.

Why Authority Hacker?

You can trust that our advice is based on real world experience as we don’t just teach this stuff. We actually use it ourselves every day in our own portfolio of sites. Many online marketers only make money from being online marketers. Not us. We run a portfolio of sites in many other niches.

As former grey hat SEOs, we loved the actionable advice that many in that community gave. And while some people do very well with it, we don’t like the risk that is associated with grey hat link building.

At the same time, a big problem with white hat SEOs is that they can often be very theoretical. We were thoroughly unimpressed when we read advice such as “just create great content”. Yeah, but what specifically does that mean? Show us the process for that!

Authority Hacker bridges the gap here. All our methods comply with Google’s terms of service. Yet we’ll leave you with ideas you can actually go away an implement.

Our Team

We’re a small team that packs a big punch. Learn more about our story and how we got here.


Gael Breton

Gael Breton is one of the co-founders of Authority Hacker.

As editor-in-chief, Gael creates and curates content for both the blog and our training courses. He also directs the market research and strategic planning the site. In his spare time, he can usually be found in his secret laboratory testing the latest SEO tools and tactics.

He started his marketing career as an intern in college. After graduating he went back to work for the same company and ended up in charge of the whole office 6 weeks later.

He’s spoken at prestigious organizations such as Oxford University, Harvard Business School, Wharton and General Assembly. He has also spoken to several conferences including DMSS and DCBKK. He has also appeared on countless podcasts and webinars on such reputable platforms as Ahrefs and SEMRush.

Mark Webster

Mark Webster is one of the co-founders of Authority Hacker.

He got his start in online marketing tinkering with AdSense campaigns and creating ClickBank products back in 2008.

Mark is a systems expert and possibly a robot. He takes the tactics developed through small-scale experimentation and scales them to enterprise level. Efficiency and organization is his motto.

In particular, Mark builds world-class, large-scale content creation and white hat link building systems for the authority sites under the Authority Hacker umbrella. He also oversees hiring, outsourcing, customer support and the Authority Hacker podcast. He also creates content for Authority Hacker’s courses.

In addition to his marketing duties, Mark oversees the business side of Authority Hacker and its related properties.

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