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The Authority Site System

Learn step-by-step how to build your first website with us. From niche selection to a running business.
39 total hours · 196 lessons · Beginner

Authority Hacker Pro

An advanced marketer community along with our most advanced blueprints & templates.
57 total hours · 415 lessons · Advanced

The SEO Penalty Pack

A series of blueprints, checklists, courses & templates to help you fix or protect your site from SEO Drops
6 total hours · 28 lessons · Intermediate

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🇺🇸 RJ Weiss – Recovered his site with Authority Hacker

RJ started his site before joining Authority Hacker Pro and did well for a while but in early 2020, his site got hit by successive algorithm updates. That’s when he decided to join Authority Hacker.

Since then, he has completely revamped his site, his editorial process, and his link-building using our blueprint.

Through a lot of effort, his site started recovering and is now at an all-time high in traffic after the recent Helpful Content Update.

🇩🇪 Yvonne Kopen – Achieved Full-time income

After taking 2 other courses and not getting any results, Yvonne and her partner decided to try one last time with one of our courses.

Little did they know that the 3rd time was the charm as their website, Simple Germany, started to take off in the SERPs after following the course.

The rest is now history as Yvonne and Jen now work full time on this project AND also run a successful YouTube channel associated with their site.

🇮🇪 Brian Kelleher – From 4 to 5 figures/month with Us

When Brian joined Authority Hacker, he already had a site going making low 4 figures per month, but his site did not have any proper systems in place.

Our training taught him how to structure his editorial team, build content templates, restructure his site, and a lot more.

Long story short, a few months later, he went from a low 4 figures per month to 5 figures per month using Authority Hacker Pro, and his site is still growing rapidly as of 2023.

🇺🇸 Kevin Espiritu8 Figure / year, started with us

Kevin started his site together with the first members of Authority Hacker.

At first, he used the methods taught inside the training to grow his organic traffic and editorial team, which allowed him to quit his job and work full-time on his project.

He then used the free time to grow his social media channels that blew up during the pandemic.

He then opened a store on his site, feeding from his organic and social traffic, and now generates over 7 million dollars of sales per year.

🇬🇧 Joshua DunlopBecame #1 photography blog

Josh used our editorial blueprints to build a content creation process allowing him to publish 24 high-quality, weekly articles on his site.

This system allowed him to take over his competitors and become the world’s #1 photography education site in search traffic in a matter of months, with over 1.6 million monthly organic visitors, according to Ahrefs.

His Authority site now makes 7 figures per year selling courses and affiliate offers.

🇿🇦 Robert BothaEnglish teacher hits 6 figures / year

Robert is an ex Pro-gamer who was teaching English in Thailand for a low salary when he discovered Authority Hacker.

But in order to build the lifestyle he wanted, Robert looked into other opportunities and stumbled upon The Authority Site System.

While it felt expensive at the time, he thought that if he could make $2,000 per month after a year, it would be worth it.

9 months later, his site beat his goal by over 4x with over $8,500 in earnings; the rest is history.

🇮🇳 Sumit BansalScaled his portfolio with Us

Before joining the Authority Hacker community, Summit already had an online business, but he used The training to grow a portfolio of sites on top of his main business.

The structure he found in The Authority Site System allowed him to understand and rationalize what he achieved once, but he struggled to repeat.

Summit has now grown and sold several sites using our system, generating high-6 figures (USD) from the sale of these sites.

🇺🇸 David Lewis6 figures / year with Authority Hacker

David is an ambitious guy. From day 1, his goal was to reach 5-figure per month with his Authority Site System website.

He’s a young dad with a wife and kid to look after, so he didn’t want to waste time and was looking for a proven system he could follow and execute.

He religiously applied the lessons in the Authority Site System and wrote 50 articles for his brand-new site before looking to outsource content.

He then started building links following the exact tactics taught in the course and managed to land 298 linking root domains by month 12.

Today David works full-time on his projects, and by month 18, he exceeded his goal by generating $11,000 in just 30 days.

🇨🇦 Chris Sisco10x his site with Our Courses

Chris started building sites on his own 3 to 4 years before joining the program and managed to hit a respectable $3,000 – $4,000 per month.

But joining The Authority Site System allowed him to 10x his results by learning about building systems, processes, and more efficient ways to create content and link building.

Nowadays, Chris’ site ranges between $15,000 and $30,000 in revenue per month, and he couldn’t be happier about his decision to join the training.

🇺🇸 Shane DutkaBuilt & Sold his first site for $1,000,000
The first payment for the sale of Shane’s site.

After taking a leap of faith and joining us in 2017, former accountant Shane Dutka skyrocketed his pest control site’s earnings to a staggering $50,000 per month within just two years, ultimately selling it for over a million dollars. 

This accomplishment opened the door for Shane to become the VP of SEO at a highly successful company, where he now manages large-scale SEO projects, all thanks to his original experience with Authority Hacker.