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Our Sponsorship Philosophy

As Authority Hacker continues to grow, we’re continuing to invest in increasing the quality and quantity of free content we produce across all mediums. We recognize the importance of partnering with trusted sponsors to help increase our ability to do more.

But we want to make sure we stay neutral, independent and honest throughout this process. Our sponsorship philosophy guides our approach to sponsored content and serves to protect both our integrity and the interests of our sponsors and audience.

Partnering with Trusted Sponsors

We carefully choose our sponsors, ensuring that they align with our values and what our audience loves. We only accept sponsored content that is relevant and from reputable companies — no crypto, no scams, and no shady stuff.

Additionally, we’re choosing to partner with companies that treat their customers fairly and respectfully.

This is a small industry and we feel it’s important that companies should have their customers best interests at heart when creating and marketing a product or service.

Transparency, Open Communication and Commentary

We’re all about being upfront, and fostering trust between between Authority Hacker, our audience, and our sponsors. This means clearly labelling sponsored content and presenting it in an unbiased and open manner.

Sponsors are paying for us to talk honestly about their products. There is no amount of money a sponsor can pay us to say something is good if we don’t genuinely think it is.

We reserve the right to comment on our sponsors’ products, services, and behaviors, including any price changes, removed features, or other noteworthy events that may be relevant to our audience.

Final Thoughts

Our commitment to transparency, independence, and neutrality guides our approach to choosing sponsors and handling sponsored content.

We believe that by handpicking trusted sponsors and maintaining an open dialogue about sponsored content, we continue to uphold our role as a trusted and valuable source of information.


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We’ll feature anything we think is relevant to our audience. It can be a brand, service, product or tool.

Absolutely! Just know that we won’t commit to including any specific messaging you provide as a sponsor. We’ll openly comment on anything we think is relevant to our audience, whether it’s positive or negative.

We’ll feature the sponsored content in our podcast episodes, as well as in featured snippets in our promotional emails for the relevant episodes. That’s a reach of over 45,000+ YouTube subscribers, 7,600+ audio listeners, and 165,000+ email subscribers!

We’ll discuss your sponsored content for a minimum of 45 seconds per episode.
Depending on the nature of the content, this may expand to several minutes per episode.

Unfortunately not.

Part of building and maintaining a good relationship with our audience is that we always give our honest and unbiased view of things.
It’s important to us to keep this trust, so we won’t commit to including any specific messaging you provide as a sponsor. We’ll openly comment on anything we think is relevant to our audience.

Be as detailed as possible in your application form. Tell us exactly how you are going to promote us. Give us the specifics. For example, don’t just write “my email list”. Tell us how big your email list is, how you built it, the demographics, open rates etc. If you aren’t ready to promote us yet, then don’t apply until you are ready to do so.

Relevancy and budget are important.

We need to know that your business/product will make sense being placed in front of our audience. So we’ll primarily accept businesses/products that fall into Online Marketing, Marketing, Productivity, Learning and Development, Financial Independence or something similar.

We also charge a fee of $7,500 per episode, for a minimum of two episodes. So your budget for sponsorship needs to be at least $15,000.