#59 – Trading Tipsy Growth Hacks with Noah Kagan

What you will learn

  • The simple email hack Noah uses to generate ongoing site traffic
  • Gael’s method to get more reach with your Facebook page
  • Noah’s method to create giveaways with thousands of dollars of prizes for free
  • Gael’s new “retargeting autoresponder” tactic
  • How Noah recruit affiliates to make more sales
  • Gael’s exact cart abandonment strategy (5 figure revenue per launch)

In today’s episode, we are having a fun episode between Noah Kagan and Gael. They decided to project themselves at the bar of an online marketing conference at 11pm after having a few drinks.

They then tried to prove who is the best to each other by taking it in turns sharing their best growth hacks in 3 areas authority site owners are familiar with:

  1. Traffic generation
  2. Audience engagement
  3. Conversion & Sales

What you are about to hear is not your typical interview, but rather a straight to the point no bs collection of Gael and Noah’s best growth tips. Enjoy!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode