Affiliate Walkthrough

Welcome to the Authority Hacker affiliate program. This page will tell you how the program works and how to make money from promoting Authority Hacker products.

How To Use Our Affiliate Software

We use ThriveCart for our shopping cart. They have a built-in affiliate program. If you have been approved for the Authority Hacker affiliate program, we will have sent you a login. Watch the following video to learn how to use it:

Our Products

Please familiarize yourself with our products. We have had affiliates promote the wrong products in the past and this causes confusion with customers and reduces conversions.

The Authority Site System

This course is designed to take anyone to job replacement income levels. It assume no previous knowledge and is prefect for beginners. It is a clear, linear, step-by-step system to research, build and grow a profitable authority site.

The target market is beginners and people who have yet to make 4 figures per month. Many students have tried other approached and/or have shiny object syndrome. One of the key things in this course is that we simplify everything and focus on things which move the needle, namely: good content + lots of links.

The course is priced at $997, but we run an evergreen webinar funnel where a discounted $599 offer is available.

The main modules of the course are:

  • Internet Marketing 101
  • Niche & Keyword Research
  • Building Your Site
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building

The course comes with free access to a members only Facebook community. We also include a full step-by-step project task list.

Authority Hacker Pro

This course is designed for people who already have a website and will teach them how to grow their site. It is a modular course (you don’t need to follow it in order) and covers many areas of online marketing, including many advanced topics.

We generally launch Authority Hacker Pro twice per year, once in the spring, once in the fall.

Pricing will be confirmed prior to launch as it is subject to price raises between launch.

Other Courses

Aside from our two flagship courses, we regularly launch smaller more focused training. For example, our Core Web Vitals blueprint which focuses solely on Site Speed.

These blueprints are generally priced lower and usually come with the opportunity to upgrade to Pro during checkout – for which you can earn commissions for.

When we launch new products or blueprints like this, we’ll give you advanced notice as well as information on pricing and promotion.

Product Launches

We’ll email you in advance of all product launches. For each launch, we’ll created a dedicated affiliate page with full launch and promotion details. If you are interested in promoting a specific product, please let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to give you as much warning as possible.

Do’s And Dont’s

  • Do use your affiliate links at all times when linking to our site.
  • Do ask us for help in your promotions.
  • Do try our products for yourself.
  • Do NOT bid on any branded/product name related keywords on Google Ads or elsewhere.
  • Do NOT mislead anyone by making false claims, especially around earnings potential.
  • Do NOT pretend to represent Authority Hacker in any way. This included purchasing domain names related to our product, product names, brand name etc. You’re account will be terminated if you do this.
  • Do NOT reveal any templates or demo site URLs in your reviews


Commissions are approved 30 days after a sale, to take our 30 day refund policy into account. If you set up automatic payments, you will be paid at this point.

To set up automatic payouts, log into Thrivecart and click on any product. At the top you should see it says ‘Paypal:Inactive’. Click this to connect your account. Auto payouts only apply to future payouts after you have set them up. Any past payouts due will be paid out in the next manual payout batch at the start of the next month.

If you did not set up automatic payments in Thrivecart, you will be paid manually at the start of the following calendar month, after approval.

Thrivecart tracks our 30 day refund policy window. It will mark any sale that has not been refunded as due to be paid out 30 days after the sale was made. At this point, anyone with auto-payouts enabled will be paid automatically. Anyone on manual payouts will be paid at the start of the next calendar month (on the first workday). IE:

  • Sales made in calendar month of January: Payout 1-3rd March
  • Sales made in calendar month of February: Payout 1-3rd April
  • Sales made in calendar month of March: Payout 1-3rd May
  • Sales made in calendar month of April: Payout 1-3rd June
  • Sales made in calendar month of May: Payout 1-3rd July
  • Sales made in calendar month of June: Payout 1-3rd August
  • Sales made in calendar month of July: Payout 1-3rd September
  • Sales made in calendar month of August: Payout 1-3rd October
  • Sales made in calendar month of September: Payout 1-3rd November
  • Sales made in calendar month of October: Payout 1-3rd December
  • Sales made in calendar month of November: Payout 1-3rd January
  • Sales made in calendar month of December: Payout 1-3rd February

We can pay a manual payout outside these times in extraordinary circumstances. Please contact us to discuss.

High volume affiliates may be entitled to higher commissions.

Contact Information

You can contact us by emailing: [email protected]