#173 – Why Amazon’s October Associates Email Doesn’t Mean Your Business Is Ruined

What You Will Learn

  • Why Amazon is sometimes vague about its rules
  • How FTC regulation might affect your non-US site
  • What we think people can do to stay compliant with the rules

You know the feeling… You get an email from Amazon Associates and your heart rate jumps up.

Did they slash your commissions in half? Are they auditing your website and finding all sorts of nasty things? Did they ban you already?

Well nope, not this time, at least for most affiliates. Amazon just sent a mass email basically letting you know that you have to be very explicit in disclosing to your visitors that your links are affiliate links.

But what should you do? How do you do it? And when does it have to be done? In today’s podcast, we cover all this and more on affiliate disclaimers.