#132 – 8 Mistakes You Make When Creating Content

What You Will Learn

  • How outlines are crucial in streamlining your final article
  • How to account for SEO when writing your article
  • Tips on making your content more engaging
  • A list of helpful tools we use when writing our content

If you wish to dig deeper into how we approach content creation with detailed, over-the-shoulder videos, the recently released Authority Site System 2.0 has an in-depth module on creating and outsourcing quality content.

Creating content is the core of building authority sites. Your ability to do it will make or break your business.

And while it may seem like a formality to create great content, there are a lot of nuances you need to grasp to create something that stands out.

In this episode, Mark and I will talk about 8 common mistakes that prevent many people from reaching their full potential when putting new content together.

We will also share some personal stories on how we messed these things up in our business and the practical ways we addressed them.


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