This tool will scan a list of email addresses and attempt to look for the name that belongs to that email address.


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How does this tool work?

This tool uses multiple methods to try and locate a first name within an email address.

First, it will scan for a basic name such as [email protected] and see if John exists in a US Name census database. If it does, it will add a name to their contact information.

For more complex email addresses where the name is obscured, such as [email protected], the tool employs multiple methods to extract the first name, John and see if there is a match in the census.

Some examples of the types of names it can extract include:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

How is the “Confidence” score decided?

A High score is one which the tool believes is around 99% accurate.

A Medium score is one which, while generally accurate, may be a false positive. For example, [email protected] would return Markus and not Mark (USA).

What does “Name Source” mean?

If the name already existed in the Name column of the uploaded file, the source will be listed as Existing.

If the tool has to work to extract the first name based on its logic, the source will be listed as AH Name Finder.

What types of files can I upload?

You can either directly copy and paste a list of emails in the Email box, or upload a CSV file.

All uploads MUST be in CSV for the tool to work.

The CSV column mapping, names and structure can be in more or less any format, providing there aren’t 2 columns the same name.

The tool handles all popular email finding tool outputs such as Hunter, Snovio, FindThatLead, Lemlist etc. As well as any custom CSV files.

What type of file will the tool output?

The output will be in CSV format.

All columns will remain intact in the exact order they were in when you uploaded them and the extra data will be appended to the end of the existing columns.

What happens to existing names in my list?

If you already have some names in your file, the tool will detect and keep them. It will then add additional names to cells where no name exists.

It will NOT overwrite existing names.

Why isn’t the tool working?

Please go through the following steps:

1. Please ensure that there aren’t any plugins or addons conflicting with the tool. Try to use it in a Private/Incognito tab and see if that resolves the issue.

2. Try the tool on a different device or browser. Much of the processing is done client side and while it should be compatible with the vast majority of modern systems, older setups may run into compatibility issues.

3. Ensure that the file being uploaded is correct. This tool only accepts .csv file formats. Ensure you haven’t accidentally downloaded the default .xls file format instead