#222 – 9 Interesting & Disturbing Things We Learned From Google’s Anti Trust Hearing

What you will learn

  • What Google was forced to reveal in the congressional hearing
  • What this means for you as a marketer
  • How things will potentially change as a result of the hearing

In case you haven’t heard yet, Google are in trouble. They’re been scrutinized for holding a monopoly, alongside Amazon, Apple and Facebook and were forced to reveal private company information which we’re pretty sure they would rather not have. 

So why do you, an online marketer care? Well, if you haven’t worked it out by now, we gained valuable insight into the inner workings of Google and its search business. 

There’s some good and some bad news though

The bad news? The majority of the hearing was pure fluff. Carefully curated “CEO Language” attempting to dodge all liability.

The good news? Mark and Gael sat through 5+ hours of dull congressional fluff to bring you the important, juicy facts that came out of this hearing. So listen in to find out what went down!