#141 – Nerdy SEO Debates With Kyle Roof the Serial SEO Myth Buster

What You Will Learn

  • How Kyle ended up on Google’s naughty list by running SEO tests
  • Kyle’s “no bs” approach to SEO buzzwords like EAT
  • An ancient homepage SEO trick that still works
  • The tools Kyle uses for research and analysis

In today’s episode I’m going to interview and debate with Kyle Roof, who is an advanced SEO tester and speaker.

Kyle was recently under the spotlight for ranking websites with just dummy text and no original content, proving that unique content may not be as important as we thought it was.

In this interview we’re going to talk about a bunch of controversial SEO topics from how to perfectly optimize your anchor text to how to edge your competitors out of specific queries by bending Google’s vision on what should rank for this query.

This is mostly an advanced interview, but there is something for everyone; from simple optimization tricks you can apply to your website today, to world domination ideas.


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