#163 – 7 Fatal Mistakes That Are Killing Your Link Building Efforts

What You Will Learn

  • 7 critical link building mistakes
  • How the future of link building is shaping up
  • How to get links by playing to your strengths

In this episode, we discuss the most common link building mistakes and how to avoid them like a pro. If you’re making any of these fatal mistakes, we’ll tell you how to avoid them. 

Gael also takes out his crystal ball and peeks into the future of link building to provide his insight on what the future brings for acquiring links. 


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  1. I really loved this episode. It was great learning about the best follow-up practices and the benefits of outreach and updating content.

    Honestly, a lot of what you touched on reminded me of an article my team and I published on link-building strategies. We’d love your permission to include this episode in our piece so readers can get additional information. We discussed a lot of key tips, but I’m looking to introduce even more resources.

    In any case, thanks so much for this and I look forward to using some of these strategies!

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