#131 – Interview: Mads Singers Will Help You Not Suck at Managing People

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What You Will Learn

  • Why you need to have a personal relationship with your employees
  • The principles and benefits of delegating responsibility
  • Actionable tips for efficient recruiting
  • Mads’ favorite management book recommendation

If you really want to grow your online business, you’re going to have to grow a team. As entrepreneurs, we’re usually really good at solving problems, whether that’s creating content, monetizing our sites, or creating SEO. Why then, are online business owners so bad at hiring and managing staff?

Today Mark is going to be interviewing Mads Singers to find out why this is such a problem and what steps to take to solve this. Mads is basically THE guy in online marketing when it comes to management coaching. He’s been doing this since forever, and he also runs his own business with over 100 staff, so he really does practice what he preaches.

This is a long one, and we go really deep into some aspects of recruitment and people management.