How Nick Drewe Grew His site to 2,000,000 Monthly Visitors

It can be difficult at times to understand the true value of something.

Especially when it comes to any course on affiliate marketing.

After all, they’re a dime a dozen and all basically rehash the same information, right?

Well, Nick Drew felt the same way, “I’m the sort of person who never gave a thought to dropping a lot of money on an online course before.”

That was until a discussion about link building led to him subscribing to the Authority Hacker podcast.

And the rest is history.

Becoming An Authority Hacker

Nick was no slouch when it came to SEO.

In fact, he’s been involved with the industry for almost 10 years, starting out in an agency with friends before moving on to work on his own projects.

So he knew he was competent when it came to technical and onsite search engine optimization, but there was one area of SEO where he wanted to improve, “…link building was definitely the thing that I wanted to notch up a few levels.”

Living the digital nomad lifestyle resulted in Nick crossing paths with a fellow nomad in Ukraine. As their conversation turned to the subject of link building his new friend asked if he was listening to the Authority Hacker podcast.

He wasn’t.

Actually, this was the first time he’d heard of us.

I subscribed to the podcast on the spot, and I think I’ve listened to 100 episodes them since then.”

Nick signed up for Authority Hacker Pro shortly afterward.

 He later told us that our blog posts and podcasts basically sold him on becoming a member.

They offered that much value.

Getting To 2 Million Visitors per Month

So what did Nick do with all this information?

Well, he’d already launched a site called back at the start of 2018.

The site helps people save money by offering them discount codes and coupons for over 100,000 stores.

By the end of 2019, the site was generating 1 million visitors per month, and growing steadily month-on-month ever since.

And one of the key factors in this growth has been building links the Authority Hacker Pro way.

“The results came really quickly. I’d built zero links for the last two years to now where I’m building pretty much a link every day. It’s paid off.”

But what exactly did Nick do to ramp up his link building efforts?

He learned how to Shotgun.

The Shotgun Skyscraper

At first, Nick tried to take what he learned from our podcast on the “Shotgun Skyscraper” link building method and do it himself.

“I’d sit down and I’d open Ahrefs, and I’d have Excel open and I’d be like ‘Okay what do I do next?’”

Based on his background in SEO he knew there was a big difference between knowing what something is and knowing how to execute it.

That being able to follow along as each step is demonstrated is a lot easier than just trying to figure it out for yourself. 

Otherwise, you’re just dealing with ideas that you “get” but can’t actually implement because you don’t understand the nitty-gritty details involved. 

That’s why we call them blueprints – each step is explained in detail.

You won’t find yourself sitting there after watching one thinking, “…I don’t get it.”

And Nick saw the benefit of Authority Hacker Pro pretty much straight away, “…watching along through each step of the process takes something like Shotgun Skyscraper from being an abstract concept to being something you can just do.”

In his case that meant having an entirely affordable link building strategy he could scale.

Update: Nick just passed 2 million monthly visits!

The Hidden Benefit of our Blueprints

Something most of our readers and podcast listeners don’t know is that the Authority Hacker Pro blueprints aren’t etched in stone.

What we mean by that is that they’re there to help you follow a process…but you can deviate from them.

In fact, we often encourage that.

Nick saw this when he joined Authority Hacker pro – that we provide our members with a ton of new ideas for each blueprint to take them in an entirely different direction.

And that it might not be the original direction of the blueprint that provides you with the most benefit.

“…it was the idea to take those tools and techniques into a slightly different direction – that’s where the real wins have come from.”

Creating Your Own Community

Obviously, the Authority Hacker Pro community is an incredible resource and one where you instantly feel welcome.

But it doesn’t need to stop there.

In Nick’s case, he teamed up with some of the other Aussies in our community to form their own mastermind group.

You don’t have to do this – we know plenty of people who flew solo to a highly desirable monthly income.

It’s really down to what you feel comfortable with.

Your Future Is Three Clicks Away

What would it mean for your online business to have 1 million unique visitors per month?

How much extra cash would that put in your pocket?

Would you finally be able to walk away from that day job you hate?

Possibly all of the above.

Which is exactly what hundreds of Authority Hacker Pro members have already achieved.