How Sumit Bansal Built a 5 figures per Month online marketing empire

Sumit Bansal’s success story is different from most of the others we share.

Our testimonials are usually from people who’ve gone from zero to 4-figures per month thanks to The Authority Site System.

The thing is Sumit had already achieved that goal years before he became a TASS member.

To explain things fully, we first need to take a trip back in time to May 2013.

Sumit’s First Site

This was the date Sumit published his first Excel tutorials to his TrumpExcel blog.

He already had a full-time job as a financial analyst, so his new website was just a hobby, sharing his love of Excel with others.

By his own admission, he had, “absolutely no idea” what he was doing when it came to running a site.

Here’s how his blog used to look during those early days:

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The first ever version of Sumit’s site: Trumpexcel.

But his blog started getting traffic thanks to the “How to” Excel tutorials he published on a regular basis.

By the time 2015 came around, he was monetizing his site by selling Excel courses.

Earning Sumit a cool 4-figures per month as a result.

So he decided to quit his job and work full time on TrumpExcel instead.

And then in 2018, he made a decision that changed the trajectory of his site forever.

The Authority Hacker Effect

Sumit was a fan of our podcast for almost a year before he decided to sign up for TASS.

He basically figured that if our free content was so good then our paid content must be even better.

His words, not ours.

And his first impression was a positive one, “My initial impression after joining the course was that it is very, very detailed. It shows you exactly what button to click, what tool to use, etc.”

He basically took the core principles of TASS and ran with them.

His main focus was getting his keyword research right and then improving his content as a result.

Shotgun Skyscraper was the next logical step for Sumit.

But he purchased Authority Hacker Pro membership at the same time.

Here’s what that did for his traffic:

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Sumit’s organic traffic growth after he applied the shotgun skyscraper blueprint.

But in terms of cash money, it took him from 4-figures per month to earning mid-5-figures per month.

An achievement he credits solely to what he learned from the Authority Hacker courses.

Sumit has also recently seen some explosive growth on his YouTube channel, especially because he recently decided to upload all his paid courses there and make them free.

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4,000 new subscribers per month is pretty impressive.

And here’s the predicted growth for his YouTube channel over the next few years:


So he’s on the way to having 500,000 YouTube subscribers within the next 5 years.

Long story short, he was getting tired of dealing with login issues and the other technical problems that come with providing online courses.

So he’s cleverly monetized his paid content via YouTube instead.

Creating an almost entirely passive income stream at the same time.

Most of you reading this are probably thinking, “Sumit is relaxing and enjoying his success right about now.”

You’d be wrong.

Oh, so wrong.

Success Is Addictive

The processes Sumit learned from the Authority Hacker Pro course and community got him thinking.

Yes, he was very happy making 5-figures per month from TrumpExcel.

But what if…he had an entire portfolio of sites?

And he now knew exactly how to outsource all of the work thanks to the Authority Hacker SOPs.

So in mid-2019 Sumit started building out a whole raft of new TASS sites.

Except this time he knew exactly what he was doing.

And it shows.

These stats are from a site that he launched in May 2019.

It’s averaging 50,000 unique visitors per month after just 9 months.

Here’s another TASS site he started in June 2019:

This one averages 141,000 unique visitors per month, again after just 9 months.

As of right now, his portfolio is an impressive 15 sites.

Each of which earns somewhere between $500 and $1,000 per month.

And that’s outside the 5-figures per month TrumpExcel already earns him.

But how can one person possibly manage a huge portfolio of sites like this?

And how did he get so much traffic so quickly?

The Display Ads Difference

Sumit knew that managing the monetization of so many sites could turn into a nightmare if he only used regular affiliate offers.

There’d be reviews to write, comparison tables to build, broken links to check, etc.

So he simply bypassed those problems by using AdThrive instead.

His only input is adding their code snippet to each site, and they manage everything else.

Also, instead of chasing after big authoritative keywords with a ton of search volume…he targets the low-hanging fruit instead.

Or as he put it, “I found the keyboard research module extremely useful. It now allows me to find keywords within niches that are quick wins.”

And the results speak for themselves:


His sites are hitting RPMs (Rate Per Mille) of up to $38.

Or more than he could expect to make from an average Amazon affiliate site.

And all based on the same methods and tactics anyone can learn from TASS.

It’s Not A Solo Journey

Although you might not see Sumit actively taking part in the TASS or AH Pro Facebook communities, he’s relied on them a lot over the years.

Because you can finish a course in a specific amount of time, but the learning goes on forever.

“I find the TASS and AHPRO Facebook community extremely useful. It’s full of really smart people who are doing some amazing things.”

A lot of our most successful students would echo his sentiments. 

And when we asked Sumit for a parting thought he shared the following, “If you want to grow your site or build an authority site, get out of your job and do this full-time then I would highly recommend you check out the TASS course.”

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