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SEO Copywriting: How to Bootstrap a Website with This Ultra-Efficient Writing System

Here are just a few of the thousands — yes, really, thousands — of things I’ve written and published in my life: Critical literary essaysInsurance guides used by Fortune 500 companiesAbout a dozen poemsArticles in trade magazineseBooks published on AmazonMassive case studies for blogs like this one…and, of course, a sh*tload of SEO-driven articles for […]

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#31 How Perrin Grew a Brand New Site to Over 100,000 Monthly Visitors in Under a Year By Building a Content Machine

Most of us here are either marketers or entrepreneurs. We like talking about money. We build links. We optimize. We launch products. We promote, promote, promote.But we often skip over one of the most essential parts of internet marketing: content.And no: I’m not talking about that “content is king” B.S. I’m talking about content as […]

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