#171 – 8 Untold Authority Hacker Pro Stories

What You Will Learn

  • The Authority Hacker Pro journey so far
  • Some of our favorite AH Pro members
  • Cool things we learned from the AH Pro community

That’s it, it’s finally here, Authority Hacker Pro is back!

After 2 years of not being available, we’ve finally taken the time to make it great again and bring it back to the hordes of people that have been begging us to get in and we’ve said no to for 2 years…

So in today’s episode, Mark and I have a bit of a celebratory episode where we have multiple segments: first sharing the origin stories behind many of the AH Pro blueprints, then electing our favorite 3 AH Pro members, and finally sharing some cool stuff we learned from the AH Pro group recently.

Get your hands on Authority Hacker Pro while it’s still available: https://www.authorityhacker.com/pro/