Buzzstream Review & Outreach Link Building Tutorial

Buzzstream is for me the best outreach management and white hat link building software out there. However, it is a real hydra. If you are unable to structure your account properly, you will end up hating it and not using it.

This is why I put this review/tutorial together. To help you make the most of it and find efficiency in your white hat link building outreach. Enjoy!​

Starts at $24/month


You will build your best links with it.


Not the cheapest but reasonable.

Ease of use

Takes some time to get used to.


Great answers but some delays.

  • The Chrome Buzzmarker
  • The metrics based prospect filtering
  • The Google scraper
  • The social search tool is terrible
  • The occasional buzzmarker glitches/crashes

If there is one thing you will never find on this blog, it’s a zillion link building services and software. Why? Because most of them are crap. They get you links on a set of low quality sites or services that are bound to get you penalised one day or another.

​That’s not what Buzzstream is. Buzzstream is a relationship and outreach CRM that allows you to manage and grow a large volume of outreach campaigns if used correctly.

Now the nuance is in the last part of the previous sentence. While extremely powerful in the right hands, like most CRM’s, Buzzstream is not necessarily​ an easy tool to master.

If you put that together with the fact that most people have zero experience in carrying a successful outreach campaign, you have a potential recipe for disaster.

headless chicken
Most people are a little bit like this headless chicken when it comes to outreach campaigns. Buzzstream can help you fix that issue.

In this Buzzstream review, I’m not going to try and sell the software to you. I will simply show you how we use it in our business, the results we get from it and let you decide for yourself if the program is right for you.

Keep in mind that strategic outreach at scale is a fairly advanced tactic and therefore, a lot of the concepts talked about in this post are complicated. Feel free to use the comment section if you have any question.​

Short answer, No. Here are some screenshots of me outreaching using Buzzstream and getting some sweet links from it. ​I got these links using the Skyscraper technique by Brian Dean.

AH Outreach Email Example1
Resulted in a DA 40 PA 28 Link
AH Outreach Email Example
Resulted in a DA 71 PA 39 Page
outreach email example
Resulted in a DA 28 PA 33 Extremely Relevant Link

So yes, outreaching works, it actually works damn well if you meet the criteria required to succeed at it. It does take some time however. I personally set apart 1-2 evenings/week to outreach for our sites.

My positive response rate is 4 – 15% depending on the niche you’re in and how well established you are. This means that on average you will need to send 7 – 25 emails for a link to get live.

The good news is, Buzzstream can help you speed the process up significantly so it’s not as much as a chore as it sounds.​

The other good news is that this kind of link has virtually zero chance to be penalised by Google… ever. Why ? Because they’re editorially reviewed and approved. That’s exactly the kind of links Google wants to see you acquire.​

If you’re looking for organic traffic growth that survives updates, look no further, this is what you need to do. But first, let’s see if you’re ready for this.​

How important is outreach for you ?​

The first question you need to ask yourself before you jump into using something like Buzzstream is how serious you are about outreaching.

If you plan on sending less than 100 outreach emails/month, I would recommend you opt for something much simpler than Buzzstream such as the free version of Yesware and a good old Google spreadsheet.

Yesware is a decent alternative to Buzzstream if you send less than 100 outreach emails/month.

Yesware​ is normally a sales tool for gmail that lets you handle basic outreach activities. It manages email templates, and has a basic open/reply analytics so you can do a bit of optimisation there.

It’s great if you send a couple of outreach emails a week but if you want to run true outreach campaigns that can build a ton of links and authority to your site, keep reading, you’re in for a treat.

Outreach is one of these marketing activities where many try and most fail. Why ? Because they’re not ready to put themselves out there yet.

Let me be clear. This is not a magic link building formula. This is a link earning formula. That means that the people that you will outreach to and that will potentially link to you ​will go and review your site and judge you based on what they see.

What does that mean ?

That means that if your site is 100% commercial, unoriginal with average content and a design from 1995, your chances of earning links from outreach activities are close to zero.

Sure, you’ll get a yes from guest post farms​ (read disguised PBN’s) but that’s not really what you should be aiming for when spending that much time and resources in building links.

Working for clients, I can’t count the number of times when I’ve heard a marketing manager who was unable to fix anything on their site because it was “too complicated” come up with the fake good idea of “doing outreach” to grow, only to wrap it up a few months later because it produced close to no results.​

​Here’s a quick checklists of the things you must have before you start spending time outreaching. If you don’t have them all, your time is better spent getting them done.

1. Your design is clean and modern

​If your site looks like it was released at the same time as Blade Runner (1982), you just won’t be taken seriously when attempting to outreach.

If your site is not ready design wise, I suggest you check out what the guys over at Thrive Themes have for you.

They offer clean design conversion optimised themes on top of an amazing visual content builder (that’s the framework I’m using on this site and many others).

​2. You have top content on your site already and can create more if needed

​Let’s face it, most of the outreach tactics out there rely on you having or being able to create awesome content that people love reading.

​If you’re unable to show any proof of your ability to do that, your chances of success are low.

​If you need help with that, I recommend you check Copycog out. You will be able to find awesome content creators that will help you do just that.

Start by creating a few pieces on your site you can use as showcase when you outreach then keep the content creators ready for when you get invited to guest post from your outreach.​

3. You have a recognisable avatar​

​That’s right, even if you produce content as a company, you should also put a face on that content.

Your response rate is going to skyrocket if you outreach as Gael creator of awesome content on Authority Hacker Vs Mr X, Marketing Executive at Oscorp INC.

That also means you should have an email address from the ​domain you’re outreaching from and try not to be [email protected] [email protected] works much better and should not be too hard to get.

Am I trying to discourage you by putting all these rules out there ? No, I think outreach is awesome and a ton of growth can be generated from it.

However, if you operate under the wrong circumstances, you will put a ton of hours in for very little response/results, get discouraged and curse Authority Hacker for sending you that way.

Let’s just put together a little table assuming you go from 2% to 5% positive response rate by adopting all these rules. 8% for those who go nuts on quality. Here’s a look at hours spend and links earned.​

Links Acquired Positive Response Rate Emails Required
Non Optimised 10 2% 500
Optimised 10 5% 200
Super Optimised 10 8% 120

As you can see, if you put the right background elements in place, you could be saving yourself a ton of time.

Plus, this doesn’t include qualitative metrics but by implementing the basic elements mentioned above, you’ll probably end up being featured on larger, more authoritative sites.

Alright, if you’re still reading, it’s about time I show you how to achieve magical white hat links that rank you on top of the Googles using Buzzstream.​

Buzzstream review

One thing to note with Buzzstream as well is how you structure your account. Like every CRM, the decisions you make on structure will make or break the CRM.

Since the system allows you to have an unlimited amount of projects, I like to split it up quite a bit by first building a folder per site, then a sub folder per piece of content then a project per opportunity source.

Buzzstream Dashboard

You just need to be careful when it comes to ​duplicates but Buzzstream does a good job at showing you if a target is already in another project.

Buzzstream Link Partners

The Outreach Process

outreach process copy

The graph above represents the steps we follow when running an outreach campaign. I will go through each stage in detail bellow, explain why they are necessary and how to execute them using Buzzstream.

1. Selecting Your Outreach Tactic

Before you approach people to link to you, you need an angle, a way to start the conversation and a reason why they’d be linking to you. There are 3 recommended tactics that work reasonably well at the moment:

Guest Posting: The core principle of this tactic is to have other people host an original blog post of yours on their blog.

It gives an opportunity to their audience to discover what you’re all about, check out your site, sign up to your list. Plus you tend to get great editorial links pointing back to your site that help your SEO.

guest posting

The Skyscraper Technique: This tactic got its name from Brian Dean from Backlinko.

It consists in finding an older piece of content that collected a lot of links, redoing it better on your site and outreaching to everyone that linked to the older piece so they also link to you.

skyscraper technique

Broken Link Building​: This tactic’s goal is to find resource pages on authoritative sites that link to dead pages. You then rehost the resource or redo it better and outreach to them to update the link to your site.

Broken Link Building

These are the 3 main tactics we use Buzzstream and outreach for but there are many other tactics you could use to promote yourself with outreach such as:

  • Scolarship promotion
  • Direct sales (I made over $10,000 of sales using Buzzstream for sales outreach)
  • Review requests
  • Affiliate recruitment
  • Give away and contest promotion​

2. Identifying outreach targets​

You need to find a way to find a group of targets that match the criteria of the tactic you’ve chosen to increase your likelihood of success. For example:

  • Guest Posting: Sites that have accepted guest posts in the past
  • Skyscraper Technique: Sites that have linked to similar, less developed pieces of content.​
  • ​Broken link building: Sites with resource pages on your topic that have broken links

Additionally, great outreach targets will also possess the following attributes:

  • High Domain Authority (40+)
  • Regular updates (dead/unupdated sites will rarely link to you)
  • A proof of readership (Blog comments, social shares, mentions etc)
  • A history of getting involved in the community and linking out to others.

There’s usually 2 ways of finding these kind of targets: Google advanced queries or reverse engineering competitors that have used these tactics using 3rd party tools.

​If you don’t use a system like Buzzstream, you will have to log these opportunity in a spreadsheet to collect their contact details (it gets messy quickly) plus, you will have to log them one by one (very time consuming).

The good news if you’re using Buzzstream is that it comes built in with a Google scraper so you can input your advanced queries in and have it scrape hundreds of potential targets that you can then quickly review in an iframe.​

Buzzstream scraper interface.
Buzzstream scraper interface scraping guest post opportunities.
iframe site review
iframe site review

Now scraping Google does work well and can get you plenty of opportunities out of the box with Buzzstream for broken link building and guest posting.

However, Google doesn’t necessarily return the most relevant results for these and I tend to like using Buzzsumo  in combination with the Buzzstream Buzzmarker (Chrome extension) to scrape Buzzsumo results of guest posts in my niche that are popular on social media and recent.

Buzzsumo scrape with the Buzzmarker
Buzzsumo scrape with the Buzzmarker

For the Skyscraper technique, I tend to use Ahrefs (read the review) and scrape the dofollow links to the piece of content I’m trying to reverse engineer.

Ahrefs does a good job at filtering the links I want to look at and pushing the crap down/hiding it. so only the best opportunities end up in my prospect list.

Ahrefs backlinks for

3. Filtering & Collecting details

Now that you know how to collect link prospects, it’s time to go for what is probably the most time consuming activity of the whole process: filtering and details collection.

In this phase, we’ll try and separate the gems from dust and collect enough information about the sites we’d really like to get links from to approach them the right way​.

This is by far the most time consuming and most crucial part of the process. You’re going to have to go around the website, identify who the editors are, what their email address is etc.

But let’s start with first things first: Filtering. Buzzstream has a built in review system that allows you to review all (or selected) sites in a project and the Buzzmarker allows you to review prospect lists in an iframe on the fly.​

The prospect review view from the Buzzmarker
The prospect review view from the Buzzmarker

Buzzstream also attempts to scrape contact details but it’s a bit of a hit and miss. What I suggest if you do the following:

  1. CTRL+F Contact and find the contact page. If it’s a generic form add it to Buzzstream but keep going and try and find a personal email address.​
  2. Go on the about page and look for a “team” section or page. Look if individuals have their emails listed and if they do, try and find the person responsible for the website/content and add them in with their names.
  3. If you still don’t have it do some googling as described in Wordstream’s excellent post.
scraped contact infos in Buzzstream
Buzzstream automatically scraped the contact infos of the sites you add in. It's a bit of a hit or miss but it still saves time.

For your outreach to be as successful as possible, you want to collect at least this information:

  • The name of the person you’re outreaching to
  • One or two personal thing about themselves
  • A link to their social profiles
  • The specific information you need based on the approach you’re using (listed bellow)

As you do this, you’ll often realise that many sites are terrible at telling you how you can get in touch with them. I lose up to 15% of my prospects in this phase. It’s something you’re gonna have to learn to deal with.

It will also make you rethink how easy YOU are to get in touch with and probably help you fix some issues on your site.​

One thing to note is that sometimes, there will be nothing else than the good old contact form for you to get in touch. Don’t get discouraged, add it to your contact info in Buzzstream and copy/paste the outreach email into it when you reach that stage.​

​4. Pre Outreach Activities

​You can’t just outreach and ask for links. Your success rate would be very low. You need to build up to that in order to maximise your chances.

One of the best ways to do​ this is to use social media to give before you receive.

How do you do this? Simple, you promote the site you want to be featured on and let them know passively you’re promoting them to trigger that reciprocation feeling.​

I usually follow the pattern bellow when it comes to warming prospects up.​ Additionally I’ll drop a comment on one of their posts if they’re also the site owner (as they also administrate comments then).

preoutreach activities

The trick with the social shares is that you should mention their username each time so they get notified when you share their content. This will get you on their radar several times before the initial outreach.

Plus, if you built your Twitter following using my guide, you’ll be able to generate a few retweets/favourites that generate even more notifications, adding value to your shares.

I recommend using Hootsuite to schedule several tweets at the moment you’re prospecting so you can set it and forget it as you qualify outreach targets.​

Moreover, in order to keep your prospect database up to date as where you’re at when it comes to warming up your leads, Buzzstream allows you to create custom relationship stages.

Here’s what mine look like:​

Buzzstream Relationship stages

You will also note that I have relationship stages going beyond link acquisition. But more on that later!

5. Initial Outreach

​Once everything is ready and you’ve warmed up your targets, you can FINALLY send the first contact email.

​By the time you outreach, the site owner should have at least a vague idea of who you are due to your warm up and you can open with one of the templates provided at the end of this post.

Buzzstream comes with an outreach and template manager that are going to save you a ton of time.

The template manager allows you to store your templates and collect the success rates of each one so you can run your own tests and decide what works best for you.

It’s huge if you plan on doing outreach over time as I was able to double my reply rates by changing my subject line from “love your content!” to “love your content! (and a proposal)​“.

Buzzstream template manager
This is what the template manager looks like in Buzzstream.

What I suggest you do is you create core templates for each strategy then duplicate and tweak them for each project.

Now is time to see if you’ve done the prospect qualification and information collecting right.

See, Buzzstream allows you to create dynamically populated emails based on the information you’ve collected.

That make them look very personal. If on top of that you customise your template on project level, your emails will basically read like they’re exactly tailored for the person you’re reaching out to.

​That’s what makes the difference between 5% and 10% reply back outreach.

The dynamic email personalisation interface
The dynamic email personalisation interface

Once you’ve selected a number of prospects in your project view, you’ll be able to outreach to them and have Buzzstream magically piece everything together. Their email, their personal info, the urls you wanted mentioned etc.

You then need to quickly review the email, personalise it here and there and press send. Buzzstream will then load the next contact and fill everything up the same way for you. Efficient!​

Buzzstream outreach interface
The outreach interface

Another convenient thing is that as you use the outreach module, Buzzstream will automatically change the relationship stage to attempting to outreach.

​This lets you keep track of who you’ve emailed and who you haven’t automatically.

6. Follow up

Now if everyone was getting back to you right after your first email, that’d be great. But that’s not exactly what happens in real life.

I’ve found that by implementing a simple follow up strategy I managed to almost get twice more links per hour​.

Thankfuly, Buzzstream lets you do exactly that. It reminds you to follow up, let’s you outreach again with a second template and this gets a lot of replies.

Buzzstream Follow Up manager

I usually use a pretty generic template for following up as the goal is merely to remind them about the first super personalised email I sent.

It usually goes like that:​

Subject: Did you miss my last email ?

Hey [First Name],

Did you receive my last email? I’d really like to hear what you think.



Some people recommend you keep emailing people until they reply. I find it a tad intrusive, that’s why I limit my follow ups to one email. If they don’t reply, they’re simply not interested.

7. Relationship nurturing​

Now most people doing outreach will grab their link, run away and never talk again with the person.

I disagree. There’s a ton of opportunities when you’re finally talking and giving to each other. Getting an intro email to their email list, hosting live events together, promoting each other’s services etc.

That’s why my custom relationship stages you saw earlier go beyond the “link accepted” stage.​

How you want to structure it essentially depends on what your main objective is but I suggest you create a stage where you get featured on that site’s newsletter at least and build a pitch template for that.

You can then go and pick your “link accepted” prospects and try and get them to email your latest greatest post by sending it to them or have them link to you again.​

Tactic guides with Buzzstream​

Alright, that was a lot of theory. Now I think it’s time to show you how it’s done for the 3 tactics mentioned in this post.

1. Guest Posting​

Suggested Outreach Template:

​Subject: Love your content ! (And a proposal)

Hi [First Name],

I’m a long time reader. You may have noticed my comment and shares on your post “[Mentioned Content Title]” (awesome article by the way).

I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post to [Their site].

Are you still accepting them ?

I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from:

  • ​Idea 1
  • Idea 2
  • Idea 3

To give you an idea of the quality I’ll bring to your site, here are some other posts on skin care that we’ve published:

  • ​Sample article 1
  • Sample article 2
  • Sample article 3


Suggested Outreach Template:

​Subject: Found an issue on your site

Hi [First Name],

Hope you’re doing good. I was browsing through a couple of your posts today and came across a broken link :-(

Would you like me to send over the details?



​Subject: Reply to the previous email

Hi again [First Name],

Sure thing, here’s the details!

The broken link I found is on this page [Page with Broken Link] and is pointing to [Page with a broken link to].

If you’re looking for an replacement link, I’ve just published a post which brings the topic bang up to date.

You can find my post here: – [your link] Would be great if you could add my post to your page :-).

If you need to discuss you can drop me an email or give me a call on the number below.


Gael Breton

3. Skyscraper Technique​

Suggested Outreach Template:

​Subject: Love your content ! (And a proposal)

Hey [First Name],

I was poking around today and came across your article: [Mentioned Content Title] ([Mentioned Content URL]).

I noticed that you mentioned Mensfitness’s juice recipes for better health ( on the page. I also love that article.

In fact, it inspired us to create a more thorough and actionable version also updated for 2014:

I’d be tickled pink if you’d consider adding it to your page.


Co-Founder of Health Ambition

The templates provided have been inspired by Brian Dean of Backlinko and David McSweeney of Top5SEO.

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  1. Terrific article. I’m considering using Buzzstrem since I’m starting out. This info is extremely helpful. Thanks Patricia

  2. Well done Gael. Another fine piece of content. I read the blog regularly, listen to the podcast and when I can afford it I’ll sign up for AHPRO. I have been blogging for about 6 months now and it is going well. It’s tough with a full-time job but I have been consistent with publishing content. It’s now time to start link building properly. It looks like buzz stream will be the root I go down. I’m going to do the trial now. How many hours would you recommend putting aside for link building per week? How many outreach mails should I send per week? Which of the three strategies is the most effective? Guest posting, Broken Link or Skyscraper? A lot of questions but one-word answers will be fine for each. Thanks :-)

    1. Honestly, as much as you can! Aim for around an hour a day, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do this. Just do it whenever you find the time. Don’t think about the emails sent or anything like that as it’ll fluctuate a lot, all that really matters is that you take the time and effort to do it. If you’re short on time, skyscraper is definitely the way to go!

  3. Yo Gael,

    I gotta saw WOOOOW that Buzzstream has changed the game for me and if it wasn’t for this review I doubt I would have still taken action hunting for backlinks.

    For so long I’ve been screwing around barely spending any time manually building links but something clicked after reading this review and I went ahead and started a trial with both Ahrefs and Buzzstream.

    After sending just 7 emails I’ve already received a positive response and a brand new link from a good domain to one of my blog posts.

    Buzzstream just makes it so much easier to collect all of the relevant information and then send email without me having to alt tab between different windows.

    So now instead of just writing the bottom of the barrel, super long tail keyword blog posts I’m going to start targeting some of the heavy hitters with lots of links, skyscraping the s*** out of it, and then doing outreach using your techniques.

    Also along with doing the pre-outreach with social I’m also taking just a few moments to slightly customise each email before sending it because I think this is going to have a better impact on conversion overall and it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks!

    This is a big game changer for me!

  4. Hi,

    Well that video convinced me to try buzzstream. I have been using the link assistant software but it’s not great to personalize templates for each prospect, then I gave a try at ninja outreach, which I found to be clunky and not adapted for multi sites / multiple projects.

    I was wondering, you are passing by sites with PR N/A, how relevant is this nowadays ? I think that google stopped updating pagerank a while ago, so a 2 year old site with lots of traffic could still be pr N/A isn’t it ?

    In my process I pay attention to similarweb or semrush data more than DA to be honest, as da/pa can be inflated and does not tell me if google is trusting this site or not. but lots of organic traffic does tell me that.

    Anyway, I’ll be trying buzzstream!

    Keep up raising the bar with great content like this


  5. I’m new to the softwares described for outreach. Should I jump into Buzzstream or start with Gmass or yesware. I work alone with somewhat limited time so I don’t know if I’d even be able to outreach more than 100 people a month. Don’t know if buzzstream would make that possible. Thanks for the quality site.

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  7. Hi team,

    I think this is my first comment here, and well, I just wanted to first say that your blog is AWESOME. Full of super-detailed advice . And very actionable of course.

    I’m trying to take the best out of each of your post… and I end up just taking home everything because everything is super cool.

    I myself have a website with 150K visits a month, I make a solid income and yet never actually outreached to anyone. So I’m really thinking about doing it and why not … improve my traffic and money.

    One question : do you guys *still* use Buzzstream? I see this article is from October 16th, 2014 and I saw in one of your last post about Pareto OUtreach that you only mention GMass and Emailhunter. Which I find weird since in this post you *really* say Buzzstream speeds up the process (by reviewing the sites, having the custom fields, creating email templates….)

    So, what about Buzzstream? Would you really go for just GMass (which seems pretty more basic compared to Buzzstream) or still go for Buzzstream?


    1. Hey Nicolas,

      We use both Buzzstream and Gmass. Gmass for large scale outreach, Buzzstream for more refined promo campaigns. They both have their uses :).

      1. Gael,
        what do you mean ‘gmass for large scale’? What is exact use and advantage of Gmass vs Buzzstream? (you could ad a paragraf/table of comparrison) to the end of this article

        1. Mostly you need to press send for each email in Buzzstream while you can send in Bulk with Gmass which speeds up the process immensely.

  8. Awesome review. Was looking for something which would help me to get rid of all those spreadsheets and looks like this is it.

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  15. 1: my previous statement was not entirely accurate, my articles are not 100% unique in that nobody has written about the subject before, many have… Except not in the detail that I have.

    The thing about those articles already written though is that by far most of them DON’T have a history of attracting many links.
    My outreach target are those that have written about it before in less detail. My guide complements to articles perfectly.

    1: here’s my email script…

    Hi [First Name],

    I was poking around today and came across your article: “[Partner Content Title]” ([Partner Content URL]).

    I noticed that you mentioned “[Partner Topic Quote]” on the page. That’s actually one of the things I love about MARKET_DEFINING_WORD, I mean there are so many options…

    In fact, that inspired me to create a thorough and actionable guide for MARKET_DEFINING_WORD’S TOPIC: PAGE_URL.

    I’d be tickled pink if you’d consider adding it to your page.

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  16. Hey Gael :)

    When you’re looking for skyscraper targets (articles it recreate), how many links do you like to see going to that page? Is there a minimum?

    For example, say I find an article on blue widgets I think I can recreate and improve, but it only has 20 links. Is it worth it? Should you spend more time finding targets with higher link counts?

    Thanks again for this post. Keep coming back to it!

    1. here’s the deal: you can find more than 1 piece on the same topic so you can stack up links toward several pages you can outreach to.

      I personally like having at least 100 targets total. If you get 7-10% response rate that’s 7-10 links which is not bad.

    2. Hey Perrin, I’m doing the Skyscraper technique with 100% unique content that has never been created before and I’m seeing astronomic success with a conversion rate of about 33% now.

      So that’s just an example of that the content doesn’t necessarily has to be modeled on something that already exists, it just has to be great and speak to your target audience.

      1. Awesome!

        If you don’t mind me asking a few questions:

        1. Who are your outreach targets then? Typically, with the skyscraper technique, you’d be reaching out to folks who had already linked to similar content.

        2. What’s your email script look like?

        Awesome job, Paul!

  17. Yeah this is great, it’s actually fun building links this way with all the positive reactions I get and the relations I build in a market that I love.

    Just out of curiosity Gael, do you do anything with reverse engineering using AHrefs or similar a tool? I dedicated a day to this and it was hard finding any good links to pursue. I did not enjoy it at all also, it felt like trying to find a needle in a dirty haystack.

    Also, what’s your thought about broken link building effectiveness vs. guest posting and skyscraping? I had a quick trail run at this as well and found that most link opportunities are either outdated with sites from the 80’s or websites that will obviously ask for a reciprocal link, or both.

    That was my first impression so far, I haven’t fully pursued this yet but if I do I will automate it with this tool: Cause finding these resource pages manually is really a big pain in the butt IMO after having done it for 2 hours or so.

    1. Hey Paul,

      It depends on how you do it with ahrefs. Usually I find what works for the competition and copy it rather than look for opportunities for content that I already created. If you use it that way it’s fast and easy.

      I personally don’t do broken link building anymore, the skyscraper technique has replaced it and works better in my opinion. Together with strategic guest posting that’s all I do (plus promote my content in many ways so it gets natural links as well).

      1. “plus promote my content in many ways so it gets natural links as well”

        Could you elaborate on that? I’m very curious. I will also heavily focus on FB promotion in the future, but I’m curious what other channels you use for this, I know you use Pinterest also.

        1. Yep, Pinterest is huge, it really depends on the content itself, I’m also experimenting with a “reserved army of sharers” concept atm, I’ll probably write about it in the future.

          1. “I’m also experimenting with a “reserved army of sharers” concept atm”

            Can you explain in short how that concept works in practice?

            I’m curious and it peaks my interest because sharing is big in my market (the more successful articles get tens of thousands of shares).

            P.S. just thought I’d let you know, you blog doesn’t remember my comment name, and I also don’t receive comment notifications.

  18. Ok, I’ve been doing the Skyscraper method at scale now a bit and the results are amazing! So far I have a 25% conversion rate and it’s only been 2 days, so I haven’t followed up with people that didn’t respond yet.

    I also found the perfect solution for people asking for reciprocal links…

    My solution is:

    Instead of offering them a link on my site, I offer to link to their page in one of the guest posts that I will make in the feature.

    This has a double sided benefit for both me and the person that I link to…

    For me: this indirectly sends some link juice to my site via their page that links to my page.

    For them: the main benefit and selling point is that this it is a powerful one-way link instead of a weaker reciprocal one (which is what a link coming from my site to theirs would be).

    BuzzStream took some time to set up optimally, but once set up it saves a lot of time and really allows you to streamline your workflow. Thanks for the review and some workflow examples of that Gael! :D

    Oh P.S. just a disclaimer, my website is travel guide for a popular holiday destination, and there aren’t any other guides that even come close to the detail I’m providing. So that might have something to do with my high conversion rate. At the level of detail I’m writing, there just isn’t any competition. All of my competition basically focuses on selling hotels bookings etc. or if they write content then it lacks in depth detail.

    P.P.S. that 25% conversion rate is without offering them a link in one of my future guest posts. I only had that idea recently so haven’t communicated that to my link prospects/partners yet.

    1. Hey Paul,

      Congrats on taking action! 25% is really a great number, its super powerful if you’re alone doing it in your industry. we get around 10% on HA at the moment and build several links/day with this.

      When people ask for links I generally counter offer social shares and only offer guest posts for the best guys.

  19. Question Gael, I’m doing the skyscraper method now and although it works well I get a lot of request for reciprocal links, or more like reciprocal link requirements…

    I don’t mind reciprocal linking when it makes sense contextually and then I do this naturally also, but I can’t do that for every link I get of course…

    Do you also see a large number of reciprocal link requests when doing skyscraper outreach? And if so, have you found a way to still get you link placed without granting their reciprocal link request?

    I’m just thinking now like “what can I offer them other then a link?” Like a small one time money payment, maybe a site review, something else… I don’t know. Maybe you’ve found something that works effectively?

    1. Yeah i get a lot of these, usually i try to offer a guest post if the site is good enough or a share. If they absolutely want a link i tend to drop the opportunity.

  20. Yeah I know, it’s kinda a big commitment a forum … easy to get lost in the woods, would be nice to have liked minded people share though… But I’m also not yet considering a forum on my own site atm because of the same reason, distraction

  21. Here’s a modified template for the skyscraper method… It’s for when you want to do outreach to websites that have related content but are NOT linking out to a related resources… YET:

    Hey [First Name],

    I was poking around today and came across your article: [Mentioned Content Title] ([Mentioned Content URL]).

    I noticed that you mentioned [Topic Quote] on the page. That’s actually one of the things I love about TOPIC, I mean there are so many options…

    In fact, that inspired me to create a thorough and actionable guide for TOPIC: PAGE_URL.

    I’d be tickled pink if you’d consider adding it to your page.

    Cheers, Name

    @ Gael, have you ever considered starting a forum on AH?

    1. Hey Paul,

      Thanks for sharing! I’m not considering a forum ATM because of the maintenance it requires, but I’m considering a Facebook group maybe.

  22. Hi Gael
    This is really fantastic post with very actionable content. Can you please let me how you made these little colourful diagrams in this post. I’m taking about the one in the Pre-outreach activities and The Outreach Process section of this post. The circles and arrows with captions inside of them look amazing and I would love to know how they are made.

  23. Hi Gael, found this writeup after researching BuzzStream, I just signed up for their trial. After signing up, I realized there is quite a bit to learn. Stumbled on to your guide/review here and I feel like I understand their tool much better.

    This is more or less a “Thank You” for taking the time to break BuzzStream down for someone just hopping in and trying to determine the best way to approach it’s use from the start.


  24. haha another question… ( just because this was so fricken awesome) in your skyscraper video you had this sweet automation of finding and assigning content to make better.

    Do you have more info on the platform and how you go about that? Let me know!!


    1. Yep, that’s the point of the custom fields and merge fields in templates, Buzzstream does the personalisation on the go provided you captured the data during the prospecting.

  25. Hey Gael, nice guide to a great tool (I’m a big buzzstream fan myself) and thanks for the mention.

    Oh, and while I’m here, I recently listened to your podcast interview on nichepursuits – great stuff.

  26. Very cool.

    However, I can’t figure out how to add those custom fields (e.g. “GP Title,” “GP URL”) to BuzzMarker and the connect them to my templates. How do you do that???


  27. Hi, Gael!
    Thank you for great guide. In this broken link method it seems people don’t familiar with Broken Links plugin:).

  28. Hey Gael,

    What a great article! In depth pieces like this have inspired me to create my own authority site. Thanks for all you do.

  29. Hey Gael,

    This is probably the text book example of high-quality content, thanks for sharing it with us. Of course there are many prerequisites to doing this with a high success rate (as you mentioned), but for somehow who already has high quality content and is looking for a way to share it with the world, I think this is probably the best way to go about it (that is also scalable).


  30. Gael, you rocked my world! Always pleasure to read your in-depth guides, even this was meant as review, i’d call it ‘Extended Review Value’.

    Amazing content marketing in practice here as well, for the sharp eye!

    Keep bringing up the good stuff. Cheers :-)

    1. Glad you liked it Filip,

      Yeah, I’m not just going to sell you something, I wanted to make sure this adds a ton of value to anyone that reads it :).

  31. Oh dear…

    I had plans for the rest of the week Gael, you know! :-) I have been playing around with buzzstream a bit, but still learning. I had some initial issues connecting my email to the service, but thanks to swift support, everything seems to be running good now. I look forward to go through this post, but its clearly going to take a while!

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