#110 – 9 Low Hanging Fruit Tactics to Boost Your Revenue in 2018

What you will learn

  • What is and isn’t low hanging revenue fruit
  • How you can squeeze more out of the content you already have
  • Great ways of combining A/B testing and affiliate tracking
  • Tips to expand your affiliate opportunities
  • How to avoid unnecessary money pits

Getting to make SOME money with your website isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but it’s easy to hit plateaus as you’re making progress.

There are a bunch of things you can do that can help you squeeze more out of your website, and a few of them don’t even require you to leave your comfort zone.

#1 Testing Call to Actions

You can use A/B testing to analyze exactly where your revenue is coming from. A/B testing is definitely the lowest/easiest hanging fruit: potentially 30%+ increase in conversions. Go with drastic changes at first – don’t just change button colors.

#2 Build a Hub out of Successful Content

First you need to be able to identify what content is successful. Look at pages generating the 80/20 of revenue. Do keyword research on this topic and make a sub category.

At Health Ambition, we had an article on How to stop farting that has done incredibly well.

We mention probiotics in there and tried doing more articles with probiotics. Those Amazon articles were a source of considerable revenue.

#3 Expand & Promote Successful Content

Working on pages that make money already is way more productive. It’s smart to spend extra effort once you know the post is a hit

You can then add affiliate links, better products, content upgrades, case studies.

#4 Test Affiliate Offers & Try New Ones

Test an offer for 2 weeks then another for 2 weeks and look at 2 metrics

  • CTR
  • EPC

#5 Ask for a Commission Raise

Get in touch with affiliate manager and straight up ask for a raise, especially if you have the numbers to backup your request. If you make them sales they make money off you, you’re valuable to them

Recently talking to an affiliate manager increased our commissions by 50% with promise for more increases if we can push volume.

#6 Creating an Affiliate Funnel

Build a lead magnet, collect leads then promote an offer via email, retargeting, push etc. It’s a good way to start building returning audience

It’s also good way to promote high commission items and make affiliate money outside of reviews.

#7 Launch a Front End Info Product

You can simply launch your own product, like an ebook or a course if:

  • You did the affiliate funnel and you’re making money.
  • There is no good info offers in your niche.

#8 Reach out to Companies Who Don’t Have an Affiliate Program

Recommended by Matt Diggity. Custom deals are often the best ones. Look for companies spending money on adwords, they’re happy to pay for sales

Make an offer straight away, offer to track with a link tracker like Clickmeter and invoice monthly.

#9 Cut Costs

As you grow you will spend money on things that don’t move the needle. You could be doing something just for the sake of it. Think of staff costs in terms of annual, not monthly. Also, don’t buy every new shiny app that comes out.

Warning: These are not always low hanging fruit:

  • Site speed: reduced from 10 sec to 1-2. No impact.
  • Redesign: rarely moves the needle significantly. Takes ages.
  • Adding new content channels like a Podcast or YouTube. These take time to gain traction.

Tools mentioned in this episode: