#214 – You Are Wasting Your Time on Broken Link Building: Here’s Why

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What You Will Learn

  • The truth about broken link building
  • Why the concept behind broken link building doesn’t make sense
  • Why quality means more than quantity when deciding on your link building tactics

If you hate link building, there’s a good chance you’re going to hate wasting your time on pointless link building techniques. The problem is, when a new concept comes along, people jump on it and start singing it’s praises – after all, you can’t go wrong with an extra link building technique in your arsenal.

The problem is, we’ve tried it and broken link building actually sucks big time. The concept seems like a good idea, but when you start digging into it, you realize there is no substance to back it up.

So how did broken link building end up getting such praise and how can you avoid falling into similar traps? Mark and Gael discuss.

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Hey I'm Gael, one of the guys behind Authority Hacker. I make a living working from my laptop in various places in the world and I will use this website to teach you how you could do the same.

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