#138 – [Case Study] How We Sold an 18-Month Old Site for Mid Six Figures

What You Will Learn

  • The story of the site from niche selection to what we did with the money we made
  • How we were able to build links in a competitive niche without paying for them
  • The various steps involved with selling a site
  • Why documenting everything from day 1 is super helpful

About 2 months ago, we sold one of the websites in our portfolio for a bunch of money (it’s mid six figures but I am not allowed legally to say how much).

The most interesting thing about this story is that it was only 18 months old and the growth curve was incredible, especially considering how competitive the industry was.

Unfortunately I can not reveal the niche either but what I CAN tell you are the exact tactics we used to take a brand new $10 domain to a 5 figure/month site in a year and a half. And that’s exactly what we will do in this episode.

Additionally, we are releasing a full case study blog post you can find on: authorityhacker.com/how-to-sell-your-business