11 Arts and Crafts Affiliate Programs in 2023

Not everyone is destined to be the next Van Gogh or Monet.

But there’s a teeny streak of artist in all of us.

And that reveals itself in our fascination with arts and crafts.

You might knit, sew, crochet, or embroider. 

Or maybe you get your kicks building and painting model airplanes.

That’s all part of the same industry that’s projected to be worth at least US$50.9 billion within the next handful of years.

Which places it roughly on par with the VPN niche

These are the types of industries where you can generate serious passive affiliate marketing income.

Like this.

Affiliate Earnings

So, all that’s left is for you to sign up for a handful of arts and crafts affiliate programs.

But which affiliate programs are actually worth your time and effort?

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.


Arts and Crafts Affiliate Programs

  1. Paper Mart (Up to 5% Commission)
  2. Annie’s Hook and Needle Club (15% Commission)
  3. A Cherry On Top (4% Commission)
  4. Fabricville (1% Commission)
  5. Monotype (10% Commission)
  6. Joggles (10% Commission)
  7. Embroidery Online (10% Commission)
  8. Hobby Lobby (2% Commission)
  9. Spellbinders (15% Commission)
  10. Blick Art Materials (3% Commission)
  11. ATSM Crafts (10% Commission)
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Paper Mart

Paper Mart Homepage Screenshot

Paper Mart is a family-owned packaging operation that’s been in business now for almost 100 years.

And although they specialize in wholesale packaging, they also carry a complete line of craft supplies. 

That includes mesh, jute, lame, and tulle fabrics, as well as dozens of different types of colored paper and shrink wrap.

But your visitors will also find tape, ribbon, glitter, trays, floral wraps and bows there.

They even have cute little wooden display boxes for those who want to show off their handiwork.

Something worth mentioning is that your audience can save up to 20% off retail prices if they buy in bulk.

This offer is rare among the arts and crafts affiliate programs listed here.


Because it has a two-tier payment system.

You get paid 5% commission on all sales to new customers.

But you also get a 3% cut of all sales to existing customers.

Annie’s Hook and Needle Club

Annies Hook Homepage Screenshot

Annie’s Hook and Needle Kit Club offers crafty people a really straightforward proposition.

You pay for a subscription box and each month you’ll receive all the yarns and patterns you’ll need to crochet or knit a new item each month.

And the really neat thing is that they’re suitable for both beginners and experienced stitchers alike.

Being able to make something as simple as a scarf or a blanket might seem trivial.

But what would you do if all the stores were suddenly closed and winter was coming?

Or you had a new baby on the way and wanted to knit the “perfect” baby blanket?

So the potential market for these subscription boxes spans everyone from expectant mothers to preppers.

Oh, and don’t forget the hipsters – they love knitting stuff.

Affiliates promoting this offer will earn $15 commission per sale – there are only two other programs in this roundup offering the same. 

But what’s equally important is that this business converts almost 10% of its traffic into product sales.

Which makes it one of the most potentially lucrative crafting or art affiliate programs we uncovered. 

A Cherry On Top

A Cherry On Top Homepage Screenshot

A Cherry On Top might remind you of delicious baked goods.

But they’re actually an arts and crafts company.

The inspiration for their name came from the hope that their products would become the final touch to each piece of art – the proverbial “cherry on top”.

This company started out two decades ago selling rolls of stickers from the owner’s basement.

They’ve grown a lot since then – into a warehouse stocking 50,000 products for crafting hobbyists.

So, if your visitors purchase everything from beads to a glue gun, yarn, paper, canvas, paints, crayons, or charcoal they’ll find it here.

There’s no way for us to do justice to every arts and crafts product they stock.

But if you have an audience even remotely interested in this subject they’ll fall in love with this company.

This program pays affiliates 4% per sale – that’s across the board.

Cookie length is a very standard 30 days, but that’s still almost 10x what some of the affiliate programs here offer.

So you’ll be working with small payouts, but a high volume of them if you can send warm traffic to their landing pages. 


Fabricville Homepage Screenshot

Fabricville claims to have the largest selection of fabrics of any company in Canada, eh?

If you know what I’m talking aboot.

Relax Canada, I love you.

Fabricville started out as Fabricland and is something of a household name in Canada, thanks to being in business for over 50 years now.

And they’re about more than just their incredible range of fabrics, although they’re of value to the crafting community.

They also stock just about everything a committed crafter will need for quilting, needlework, sewing, and patterns.

Plus an entire range of actual craft supplies, including felt, ribbons, feathers, and even specialty tools.

While there’s a lot to like about this program that does not include their commission rate.

You’ll earn a paltry 1% commission rate on each referred product sale.

Obviously, this is up for negotiation if you’re a top-performing affiliate. 


Monotype Homepage Screenshot

As a hobby, arts and crafts would normally elicit images of yarn, thread, patterns, buttons, etc.

But probably never computer fonts.

Even though they’re obviously important in many types of printed arts and crafts.

From banners and bunting to mugs and posters – anywhere lettering is required. 

What My Fonts offer is access to over 130,000 fonts covering every kind of stylistic requirement.

These fonts aren’t free, but they’re also of far higher quality than the free stuff you’ll find online.

But in the same breath, they’re also quite affordable, with font collections starting at just a few dollars each.

What this program offers affiliates is access to five separate e-commerce sites.

And you’ll receive a 10% commission rate on each transaction.

So you’ll typically make anywhere from 30c to $3 per product sale.

But people tend to buy multiple fonts at once, so that should make up for the smaller payouts. 


Joggles Homepage Screenshot

The Joggles site might not be pretty.

But that doesn’t really matter.

What does though is that they have over 9,000 arts and crafts products in stock at any one time.

Long story short, they have a mixed media product for any project you can think of.

So that covers paints and inks, rubbers stamps and stencils.

But your visitors will also find clay, fabrics, needlework supplies, threads, and all the crafting tools they could need.

They even sell doll hair and eyes…just in case you wanted to make a possessed doll from the comfort of your own home.

And they sell each of these products for up to 15% less than you’d pay elsewhere for the same items.

So how do Joggles compare to the other art affiliate programs in our roundup?

You’ll earn a 10% commission rate per sale.

But what’s even better is that this offer converts at around 18%.

This means almost 1-in-5 of your visitors can result in a credited sale for your site.

Embroidery Online

Embroidery Online Homepage Screenshot

Embroidery has been part of the fabric of our societies for at least 2,500 years.

Pun unashamedly intended.

Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design (Embroidery Online) has served fans of that same craft for three decades.

They specialize in selling embroidery designs and patterns for their customers to follow.

Each of which is the result of over 120 hours of artistic input.

You can even choose to have your chosen designed delivered on a USB drive, which can then be plugged directly into an embroidery machine.

But they also sell a full range of supplies such as scissors, needles, embroidery thread, stabilizers, and lots of accessories to accentuate each piece.

Basically, they’re a one-stop-shop for embroidery enthusiasts.

As you’ve probably noticed, affiliate commission rates vary wildly within the arts and crafts niche.

Fortunately, this program pays a hefty 10% on any sale referred through your affiliate links.

Based on the cost of a typical design, you’ll make at least $3.50 per sale.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby Homepage Screenshot

Hobby Lobby doesn’t need an introduction if you’re one of our many (and valued) North American readers.

And that’s because they operate over 800 stores across the United States and are also active on social media. 

Each of those stores has a singular focus – being the best in the area for hobby supplies across a number of arts and craft disciplines.

So your visitors can find the more typical hobbyist stuff like Revell kits, and the glues and paints to go along with them.

But they’ll also discover a mosaic and candle-making kits, as well as glass crafting kits. 

Or all the needles, yarn, beads, and glitter they need for their crafting.

And we’re only scratching the surface here – they have over 80,000 hobby and craft products in stock at any one time.

And now for the “Meh” – you get paid 2% per sale and they only offer a 3-day cookie.

The commission rate is understandable, but the 3-day cookie duration is the shortest of any of the affiliate programs we looked at. 

Basically, you can expect to earn lots of small commissions here, so focus on volume traffic.


Spellbinders Homepage Screenshot

Spellbinders is for crafters who love working with paper in every way possible.

But this isn’t the same as printing out some random design with your inkjet or laser printer.

These supplies are for paper crafters who want to take their cards and other designs to the next level with “3D” designs, or who need to cut their own dies.

So that’s why Spellbinders supply everything from basic paper and card products to adhesives, inks, hot foils, and stamps.

And even the machines needed for embossing or creating your own dies.

They also cover indecision, so instead of dithering about what you (or a loved one) might want to buy here, you can sign up for one of their monthly kits.

This is another of the featured affiliate programs that pay 15% per sale.

Which should result in an average payout to you of around $8.80.

They also have a solid conversion rate, and a 30-day cookie length to work with. 

Blick Art Materials

Blick Art Homepage Screenshot

While Blick’s is probably best known for selling art supplies, they do also have a ‘Crafts’ section on their website.

Because those communities tend to overlap in many places.

Of all the trained artists I know many of them are crafters- this is also why we covered art affiliate programs separately.

So what types of art and crafts supplies will your visitors find here?

Well for the more pragmatic crafter they have soap and candle making supplies.

But they do also stock paper, glues, yarn, beads, wood-crafting supplies, mosaic tiles, and all the other basic accessories they’d need.

Plus dozens of books covering most of the popular niches within arts and crafts.

Blicks have been around for a long time, so they compare pretty well to the other art and craft affiliate programs here.

Affiliates earn 3% per sale on everything except gift cards.

That commission rate is on the low side of things but it’s also pretty typical for this niche.

ATSM Crafts

Atsm Crafts Homepage Screenshot

There’s something very rewarding about creating something with your own hands.

My first “business” as a kid was casting and painting lead soldiers – it was crazy watching people pay money for something I literally made with my own hands.

Anyways, ATSM Craft actually made vinyl signs for the traffic industry for over 20 years.

But that stuff is kinda boring so they started a side business that works with crafters instead.

And more specifically, they sell a huge range of vinyl products including transfers and sheets of craft vinyl.

So if your audience has specialized vinyl requirements, you know where to send them.

Atsm Crafts Affiliate Program Stats

So let’s start with the interesting stuff in relation to art affiliate programs – commission.

In the case of this company, you’ll earn 10% per sale. 

At the other end of the scale, we have boring stuff like cookie length, which is 90 days for ATSM Craft. 

Over to You

And there you have it — 11 of the best arts and crafts affiliate programs that we could find.

This was a really interesting niche to research, which surprised the hell out of me.

For starters, conversion rates are pretty high across all the programs we looked at.

So you kinda know in advance that your traffic has a better-than-average chance of converting to affiliate cash.

And although the commission rate per sale is quite low for some of the programs, it’s 10% – 15% for many others.

So… I smell money.

Which is probably the same reason you’re here – to earn at least some level of f**k you cash.

Affiliate marketing is one of the smartest ways to do that.

And you can learn how to actually get started on that path in our FREE training.

Relax, this isn’t one of those icky pitchfests – we actually teach you how to do stuff. 

So you’ll walk away from the experience understanding the basics of building a niche affiliate site.

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