19 Best Products for Affiliate Marketing to Promote in 2024

The best products for affiliate marketing have certain characteristics: high demand, evergreen appeal, tons of search volume, and a bunch of quality affiliate programs paying attractive commissions.

We’ve built and sold three profitable, six-figure affiliate sites and guided over 14,000 students to achieve similar success, so we know all about finding affiliate products that sell.

Authority Hacker affiliate commissions
Authority Hacker affiliate commissions

Read on to discover 19 of the top products for affiliate marketing. I’ll also share some expert tips for finding the diamonds in the rough.

Best Products for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Web Hosting
  2. VPNs
  3. Gym Equipment
  4. Gaming Products
  5. Email Services
  6. Accounting Software
  7. Mattresses
  8. Baby Care & Parenting
  9. Home Automation
  10. Pet Care
  11. Online Education
  12. Insurance
  13. Jewelry
  14. Supplements
  15. Travel Products
  16. Fashion Products
  17. Financial Products
  18. Outdoor Products
  19. Photography Products

1 Web Hosting

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

About 10,500 new websites are created every hour, so there’s a constant demand for web hosting, enabling websites and apps to be published online.

Web hosting solutions appeal to a broad audience — businesses, website owners, web developers, agencies, freelancers, and more — making it a good fit for affiliate marketers across a wide range of niches.

Hosting providers can afford to pay high commissions because people rarely switch to a different provider. This makes it worthwhile for the hosting companies to pay big commissions to whoever can give them new customers. These high commissions make web hosting a very appealing product category to promote.

You can promote hosting products for specific platforms, such as WordPress hosting, which is optimized to meet WordPress’s performance and security needs.

Or, if you’re targeting larger brands, you can recommend managed hosting solutions, in which businesses lease an entire server to themselves.

Why Promote Web Hosting Products?

Additional Information

The web hosting niche offers many opportunities for upselling and cross-selling complementary products like business email, website security, and website design.

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2 VPNs

VPN Affiliate Programs

Virtual private networks (VPNs) protect your internet connection and privacy online by hiding your IP address and allowing you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely.

Consumers’ growing concern about (lack of) online privacy has turned VPN services into a $50 billion industry with a massive target audience. Basically, anyone who uses the internet could be interested in a VPN solution. But they’re particularly appealing to gamers, media streamers, and frequent travelers.

Want to learn more about the insane competition in the VPN industry? Check out our breakdown of the niche.

Why Promote VPNs?

  • Global monthly search volume: 4.8 million (per Ahrefs)
  • Top four VPN affiliate programs: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, IPVanish
  • Average commission rate: 40% – 100% per sale

Additional Information

Because the VPN market is so crowded, prices are cheap, which makes the products easier to promote and sell. The big players are locked in an intense battle for market share and survival, so they pay big bucks to affiliates who can generate sales.

At the same time, commissions are comparatively high, so you earn more per sale. Plus, many programs pay recurring commissions, while top-performing affiliate marketers can sometimes negotiate their commission rates. The advertised rates can easily be doubled or tripled for the best affiliates.

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3 Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment Affiliate Programs

Home gyms surged in popularity during the pandemic, but there’s still a ton of demand as ever-more fitness enthusiasts realize the benefits of building their own home gym to work out without leaving the house.

Here’s the great thing about promoting gym equipment: once someone starts building a home gym, they’ll inevitably want to keep expanding it with new equipment and accessories. There’s lots of scope for repeat sales.

Why Promote Gym Equipment?

Additional Information

While gym equipment commission rates are lower than in many niches, you’re promoting high-ticket products, so you can still earn a solid return from each sale. For instance, the suspension weight training equipment brand TRX has an average order value of $200+.

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4 Gaming Products

Gaming Affiliate Programs

Gaming has grown from a niche pursuit to a mainstream hobby in recent years. In 2022, there were an estimated 212 million gamers in the US, spending an average of $23.87 per month on video games.

Of course, games aren’t the only opportunity here.

Gaming products range from consoles to gaming laptops to peripherals to gaming chairs. There are even dedicated clothing brands and dating websites for gamers, so it’s an extremely diverse and lucrative market.

Why Promote Gaming Products?

  • Global monthly search volume: 380,000 (per Ahrefs)
  • Top four gaming affiliate programs: Alienware, Nvidia, Razerware, Logitech
  • Average commission rate: 1% – 5% for hardware, 10%+ for accessories

Additional Information

Gamers are prepared to pay top dollar for quality products, so although commission rates in the gaming industry are pretty low, there’s still solid earning potential. For instance, an Alienware gaming laptop will set you back at least $1,400. What’s more, the wealth of gaming products means there’s limitless cross-sell potential.

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5 Email Services

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Email marketing software like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign allows marketers to reach their audiences and drive sales. It’s one of the most effective marketing channels, delivering an average return of $36 for every $1 spent, helping to fuel constant demand for email services.

Don’t worry if you’re not a B2B affiliate marketer because email products have broad appeal. You can sell email services to content creators, freelancers, and even other affiliates.

Why Promote Email Services?

Additional Information

Most email marketing services offer recurring commissions, meaning you keep earning for as long as your referrals keep paying. You can earn $10+ per sale every single month. Even if an email marketing affiliate program doesn’t offer recurring commissions, it’ll almost certainly offer a substantial bounty payment instead—often as high as three figures.

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6 Accounting Software

Accounting Software Affiliate Programs

Businesses and freelancers spend a ton of time on dull, repetitive, low-value financial tasks like sending invoices and filing tax returns. So it’s no surprise many of them buy accounting software to do some of the legwork.

By 2030, the market for accounting software is expected to exceed $70 billion, so there’s a huge opportunity to make money here.

The industry is dominated by a handful of big brands with excellent brand awareness, which makes life easier for affiliates. It’s not hard to persuade people to buy from a household name like QuickBooks.

Why Promote Accounting Software?

  • Global monthly search volume: 54,000 (per Ahrefs)
  • Top four accounting software affiliate programs: FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho
  • Average commission rate: 10%+ per sale

Additional Information

Some accounting software affiliate programs pay recurring commissions, giving affiliates a share of ongoing subscription revenue. There are also a few pay-per-lead programs in the accounting niche, meaning you get paid even if your referrals don’t buy anything.

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7 Mattresses

Mattress Affiliate Programs

We all enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and are happy to pay for the privilege. That’s why mattresses are such an attractive affiliate product.

Case in point: in the US, queen-size innerspring mattresses sold for an average price of $1,050 in 2021. So, it’s easy to see why the global mattress market is expected to reach $73 billion by 2030.

The only downside is that mattresses have a long lifespan, so don’t expect many repeat purchases.

Why Promote Mattresses?

Additional Information

Mattresses are big-ticket products. A 10% commission rate could easily earn you $70+ from a single sale.

Want to learn more about the sleep industry? Check out our breakdown of this lucrative affiliate niche.

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8 Baby Care & Parenting

Baby Products Affiliate Programs

Kids are expensive. In fact, the average US family spends over $310,000 raising kids to the age of 18.

That helps to illustrate why baby care and parenting is one of our favorite affiliate niches.

Understandably, parents want the best for their little ones and are always looking for advice on products, so there’s a wealth of high-intent keywords to target in this niche. And with 267 babies born every minute, the target audience is huge.

Why Promote Baby Care & Parenting Products?

Additional Information

The baby and parenting niche offers the dream combination for any affiliate marketing business: high-ticket products and lots of repeat purchase potential. Products like cots and strollers are expensive, and parents need a constant supply of essentials like baby food, clothes, diapers, and more.

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9 Home Automation

Home Security Affiliate Programs

From TVs and fridges to washing machines and security and surveillance equipment, an increasing number of household products can be connected to the internet and automated to make our lives easier — so much so that revenue in the smart home market surpassed $117 billion in 2022.

The industry is huge, and it’s only just getting started: by 2028, more than one-quarter of households will incorporate some form of home automation technology.

Why Promote Home Automation Products?

  • Global monthly search volume: 41,000 (per Ahrefs)
  • Top four home automation affiliate programs: Kuna, Lenovo, Logitech, Revo
  • Average commission rate: 5% – 10% per sale

Additional Information

Some home automation products can be bundled with subscriptions, giving you an attractive upsell opportunity. For instance, Kuna charges a monthly fee of $5+ for its premium home security service.

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10 Pet Care

Pet Affiliate Programs

Pet owners are prepared to spend anything on pet care products to keep our animal friends happy — and when they immediately get bored of their latest fancy toy or luxury treat, we’ll buy them a different one.

US pet owners dropped over $100 billion on their furry, feathered, and scaly friends in 2020 alone, including $42 billion on pet food and $22 billion on accessories and medicines.

There’s also a growing demand for pet supplies like food, collars, leashes, bedding, and medicine, not to mention emerging product lines like dog GPS trackers and CBD pet products.

Why Promote Pet Care Products?

Additional Information

Like the baby care and parenting niche, pet products like food and medicine are frequent purchases, representing lots of repeat buying potential. There’s also a growing number of pet subscription services like BarkBox that pay recurring commissions.

Many pet products also have high margins, leaving companies room to pay high commissions to affiliates.

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11 Online Education

Online Education Affiliate Programs

The days when learning a new skill meant sitting in a dusty night school classroom are long behind us. Today, there are online courses for everything from art history to zookeeping, with the global e-learning market expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2027.

One of the best things about the online education niche is that you can target two distinct audiences: people looking to acquire a new skill and teachers who want to sell their online courses. More audiences mean more potential sales.

Why Promote Online Courses?

  • Global monthly search volume: 82,000 (per Ahrefs)
  • Top four online education affiliate programs: Coursera, Teachable, Thinkific, Udemy
  • Average commission rate: 10% – 20% per sale

Additional Information

Some programs in the online education space — including Teachable and Thinkific — pay recurring commissions. For instance, with Thinkific, you can theoretically earn up to $1,700 per year when someone buys via your affiliate link.

That’s why education is the most profitable affiliate niche. The average monthly earnings are more than $15,500, according to our affiliate marketing statistics.

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12 Insurance

Insurance Affiliate Programs

Insurance is a classic evergreen niche. It’s always in demand because it’s essential for many elements of our lives, from driving to health to travel.

By 2025, the global insurance industry will be worth a massive $6.4 trillion — higher than the GDPs of any country bar the US and China. The diversity of products also means there’s a vast target audience for insurance-related affiliate sales.

Why Promote Insurance Products?

  • Global monthly search volume: 653,000 (per Ahrefs)
  • Top four insurance affiliate programs: Lemonade, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Allianz
  • Average commission rate: $10 – $30 per lead

Additional Information

Many insurance providers run pay-per-lead affiliate programs that reward you for actions like form submissions rather than sales, so there’s the potential to earn commissions without having to close the deal yourself.

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13 Jewelry

Jewelry Affiliate Programs

Whether you’re promoting cheap costume jewelry or marquise diamonds, jewelry is very much a luxury purchase.

Yet demand is still exceptionally high. And so are sales, with the global jewelry industry expected to be worth over $480 billion by 2030.

Most jewelry is purchased as a gift for someone else, so while there’s demand throughout the year, you can expect big spikes in sales around events like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Why Promote Jewelry Products?

Additional Information

At the upper end of the market, jewelry products carry big price tags. So, despite the comparatively low commission rates, you could still be raking in $50+ per sale (if your audience has the money).

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14 Supplements

Supplements Affiliate Programs

Supplements are incredibly popular – more than 86% of Americans take them. That’s why there are supplements for everything from health to joint pain to sleep. There are even supplements for dogs, cats, and other pets.

This massive target audience explains why the global dietary supplements industry will reach almost $330 billion by 2030.

Why Promote Supplements?

Additional Information

For most customers, supplements are a recurring purchase — they won’t buy them once and then give up. This allows you to earn multiple commissions from the same customer. Some supplement brands also offer a subscription model, opening the door to higher commission rates and recurring commissions.

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15 Travel Products

Travel Affiliate Programs

Travel is an enormous niche. Global spending on leisure travel is closing in on $3 trillion, and most people travel at least once every year.

That gives you the opportunity to “niche down” by specializing in one tiny corner of the travel industry, such as business travel, family vacations, cheap flights, or luggage.

And you’ll need to find a sub-niche, because the travel industry is highly competitive. From first-time bloggers to massive media brands, it seems like everyone wants to promote travel destinations and their favorite travel and tourism companies.

Why Promote Travel Products?

Additional Information

There are plenty of opportunities for cross-selling in the travel niche. Someone booking a vacation might need flights, accommodation, car hire, luggage, clothes, insurance, and much more. With so many different products to recommend, you can earn substantial revenue by referring just a few people to all of these different vendors.

Travel was also the second-most profitable niche in our affiliate marketing survey, earning more than $13,000 per month.

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16 Fashion Products

Fashion Affiliate Programs

You don’t need to be an avid Vogue reader to care about the fashion industry — after all, everyone needs clothes and shoes.

And because fashion trends come and go in the glimpse of an eye, shoppers are always searching for advice and inspiration on what’s hot. All of this makes the fashion niche a potential high-earner for your affiliate marketing website.

Just be sure you know what you’re talking about — fashionistas can spot a faker a mile off.

Why Promote Fashion Products?

Additional Information

While traditional fashion purchases are a one-and-done transaction, there are also plenty of fashion subscription box brands, offering the potential to earn recurring commissions in the fashion niche.

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17 Financial Products

Financial Affiliate Programs

Financial products are used in many niches, from budget planning to loans and credit cards to stocks, shares, and crypto trading.

Therefore, you don’t need an audience full of Wall Street Journal readers to promote financial affiliate programs — they’re relevant to pretty much anyone. And there’s huge earning potential here, with the consumer finance industry valued at well over $1 trillion in 2022.

Why Promote Financial Products?

  • Global monthly search volume: 1.2 million (per Ahrefs)
  • Top four financial affiliate programs: Robinhood, Wise, Coinbase, Credit Karma, Augusta
  • Average commission rate: $10 – $50 per lead, 5% – 50% per sale

Additional Information

The financial niche offers various payment models, including plenty of pay-per-lead options that offer commissions without forcing you to close the deal. Meanwhile, some trading platforms pay lifetime commissions on qualified trades, meaning a single customer could net you thousands of dollars.

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18 Outdoor Products

Outdoor Affiliate Programs

From occasional campers to hardcore runners, the outdoors industry encompasses a wide range of audiences and sub-niches. So, you don’t need to be a veteran mountaineer to generate affiliate sales in this niche.

Whether your audience is interested in family activities, walking holidays, or any other part of the outdoor niche, there’s big money to be made here, with the global market for outdoor gear and equipment set to reach $72 billion in 2028.

Why Promote Outdoor Products?

  • Global monthly search volume: 28,000 (per Ahrefs)
  • Top four outdoor products affiliate programs: REI, Backcountry, Patagonia, North Face
  • Average commission rate: 5% – 10% per sale

Additional Information

From walking boots to camping gear to mountaineering equipment, there’s no shortage of high-ticket products in the outdoors niche. And once customers have been bitten by the outdoors bug, they invariably spend more and more on products, giving you the chance to earn repeat commissions from your audience.

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19 Photography Products

Photography Affiliate Programs

It’s fair to say photography is one of the more expensive hobbies. A comprehensive photography kit for beginners could easily run $2,000+, while a high-end mirrorless camera costs even more.

With so many products to choose from and technical jargon to decode, amateur enthusiasts are hungry for expert advice — which is fantastic news for any affiliate marketer who knows their aperture from their elbow.

Why Promote Photography Products?

  • Global monthly search volume: 449,000 (per Ahrefs)
  • Top four photography affiliate programs: B&H Photo Video, GoPro, Adobe, Adorama
  • Average commission rate: 2% – 10% for hardware and accessories

Additional Information

Many photography products are big-ticket items. So, while commission rates in the photography niche are pretty low (just like for all consumer electronics products), you can still earn decent money from a single sale.

Photographers also need many other products, from stands and lights to bags and editing software, offering tons of cross-sell potential. And speaking of software, some of those affiliate programs pay recurring commissions.

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How to Find the Best Affiliate Products

Great affiliate products share a few common characteristics:

  • Genuinely good products
  • High commissions
  • Much of your audience is interested in it
  • Excellent sales page

Bonus points if it’s an urgent product that someone needs immediately, making them more likely to buy. For instance, no one’s browsing for the best car insurance deals for fun; they need to purchase a new policy.

Now you know how to qualify the best affiliate marketing products, use these tips to track them down:

Look for In-Demand Products

Promoting products that people already want to buy is easier — there’s less work required to close the deal.

Fortunately, there are lots of tools to help you find top-selling products in lucrative niches. For instance, EverBee shows you the highest sellers on Etsy related to a given keyword:

search products by search terms

Or simply search for any keyword on Amazon and filter the results by “best sellers”:

filter results by Best Sellers

Find Growing Trends

Finding niche products on the cusp of mainstream success is a dream for affiliate marketers.

Getting in on trends early can reward you with more attractive terms, like higher commissions, longer cookie durations, and volume-based bonuses. So, it’s no surprise that marketers who choose products based on market research earn 47.16% more than those relying on commissions or personal experience.

In our experience, the best way to identify growing trends is to look at related topics and queries in Google Trends rising topics, which can be found at the bottom of any Trends page.

Take golf clubs as an example:

filter by rising

New models are typically released in January, so golf affiliates can check out rising trends at the start of the year to steal a march on competitors who rely on keyword tools, which take a few months to update.

Dig Into Forums and Communities

Affiliate marketers are often happy to share their insights on forums and community pages.

There are thousands of threads and discussions dedicated to the best affiliate products in countless niches in common locations like:

  • Facebook groups
  • Subreddits
  • Discord communities
  • YouTube comments sections
ask on forums or communities

Be sure to look out for niche-specific communities, such as DogForum, for pet product recommendations.

recommendations on DogForum

Search By Hashtag

An ever-growing number of shoppers use social media for buying advice and product inspiration, so try searching by hashtags on platforms like Instagram and TikTok to find recommendations in your niche:

search by hashtag

Research Your Competitors

Don’t fancy doing all the legwork yourself? Learn from the affiliate marketing efforts of other sites in your niche.

If they’re all promoting the same product, that’s a good sign that it sells well and offers attractive terms.

Summing Up

There’s no shortage of affiliate products. We’ve rounded up our favorite high-earning opportunities here, but we could have mentioned dozens more.

Still, while we’ve done some of the work for you, we strongly recommend doing your own research before choosing affiliate products to promote. Find something you’re interested in, then niche down.

Niching Down Graphic

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