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Built with Science is a fitness/training company started by Jeremy Ethier that makes multiple 7 figures per year selling workout programs and supplements.

Their twist is that their content is based on scientific studies.

built with science home page

How Do They Apply the 4C System

Built with science has a bit of a unique twist on applying the system but it still works very well for them.


Jeremy first started as a YouTuber in 2017. He was then a personal trainer and uploaded simple videos giving advice on getting more out of your workout.

Since then, he has leveled up his production level and has some very popular fitness videos on YouTube despite not being a huge bodybuilder.

built with science youtube

Jeremy also uses the content of his videos to create blog posts on his site that distill the same information in text format.

built with science blog post

These posts do very well on Google, earning him hundreds of thousands of visitors per month to his website.

built with science ahrefs

He also repurposes his long-form videos into short-form videos and generates tons of views and followers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

built with science instagram
built with science tiktok


He builds connection with people by having them subscribe then watch his next Youtube videos. You just need to read his comment section to see he has a lot of raving fans.

built with science youtube comments

This means that when people enter the next phase, they’re already “warm” and have probably been consuming his content for months or years already.


Jeremy sends all his traffic to a free quiz that collects all sorts of information and goals in order to put together a “training plan”.

free quiz builtwithscience

And of course they collect your email to send you more marketing material in the future.

built with science email collection


Once you are done with the Quiz, they send you directly to the convert phase with a personalized sales page that recaps some of your issues and how the program will solve it.

built with science sales page

Because they captured your email address, they’ll also regularly email you with special offers, discounts and success case studies to push you to convert.

built with science offers

What You Can Take From This

There’s a few things that stand out from Jeremy’s 4C funnel to me:

  1. Repurpose your content: Jeremy is a master at this. He picked a main channel with his Youtube channel and cleverly repurposes the same content to shorts and SEO articles to increase his reach with no effort on his end as it seems to be mostly outsourced.
  2. Use a quiz funnel if your audience goals are diverse: Because we all have different starting points and goals in fitness, it can be tricky to put the right person in front of the right product as a content creator. Jeremy cleverly uses his quiz to direct people to the right place so he has 1 funnel entry point he can promote everywhere and you will end up in front of the right offer for you by the end of the quiz.
  3. Email is for selling: Jeremy’s email list is almost exclusively focused on selling and rightfully so. He already provides all the “value” part of the relationship on his socials and banks on that built trust with his email list.
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