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Who they are: Guitartricks is a membership site that teaches you how to play the guitar through interactive video lessons.

guitar tricks homepage

How Do They Apply the 4C System

Guitartricks walks the talk when it comes to putting together an awesome funnel that utilises the 4C system. Let’s dive in!


Guitar tricks focuses on 2 main channels for their free content.


They post regular tutorials and free lessons that can get quite popular and get a lot of views and attract potential customers looking to get better at guitar.

guitar tricks youtube

They do a good job at using famous musicians in their titles and thumbnails to attract a large number of views and increase their reach.

Their second channel is their blog. They do a good job at repurposing the content of their videos into blog posts that translate into search traffic to their site.

guitar trics blog post
guitar tricks ahrefs


To capture their traffic, Guitartricks has a cool “trick” up their sleeves. Instead of offering a traditional lead magnet.

They offer a free version of their membership with the option to take the paid one right away.

guitar tricks membership

It’s a really smart way to combine the capture and convert step into one.

They also run Facebook ads to free lead magnets or the free membership level to beef up their email list and sell you after.

guitar tricks courses


While they do connect with their free content, Guitar tricks also connects after you’ve opted in to make sure you’re really warm for conversion.

Once you’ve signed up for the membership assuming you didn’t upsell and stuck to the free version, you get access to some free courses that allow you to see exactly what the paid membership feels like.

guitar tricks course content

It’s a great way to give a taste of the paid product.

Of course because they have your email, they also use this channel to try to upsell


To convert you, Guitar tricks uses 3 channels:

1 Their member area

Because they deliver many of their freebies inside their member area, they use the fact that the navigation to the paid sections is “open” to pop an upsale page when you reach them. It’s a smart and smooth process for those who want more right now.

guitar tricks premium lesson access

2 Their ads

Once you have entered their ecosystem through engaging with content or downloading a freebie, Guitar tricks will retarget you with coupons to push you over the edge and become a paid customer.

guitar trick coupons

3 Their email list

Since you had to give them your email to get your freebie or free membership, they’ll use that to hit you with regular discounts, coupons, flash sales and more to make you a paid customer

guitar trick email

What You Can Take Away

  1. Using celebrities in your free content attracts lots of eyeballs. It’s a great way to broaden your reach and attract more potential customers
  2. Offering a free version of your product can lead to a smoother conversion process – because their main lead magnet is in their member area, they can upsell very smoothly
  3. Retarget your prospects with coupons – It’s an easy way to realise the sales that are lingering

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