Reverse Engineering’s 6 Figures Marketing Funnel

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Easlo is a solopreneur who creates and sells Notion Templates and courses to help people with their productivity.

easlo homepage

It’s a great example of Authority Marketing and shows that you dont need a big team to make it happen.


Easlo mostly gets discovered through social media. He creates Videos (Short and Long) and social posts. Hes active mostly on Youtube (shorts & long), TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

easlo instagram
easlo social media
easlo youtube
easlo social media

By creating aesthetic videos that teach productivity tips on Notion, he reaches a large audience for free and prompts them to get free templates through the link in his bio.

easlo tiktok videos


For Notion users, Easlos content is straight, to the point and has a certain minimalist aesthetic that is very appealing. This explains his huge subscriber and view numbers.

His content also gets lots of comments and praise. By getting such great engagement, every new video he puts up gets a huge amount of reach right off the bat, allowing him to reach more potential customers.

easlo tiktok comments


When you click on the link in the bio, you are offered multiple free downloads to chose from to turboboost your Notion environment.

easlo templates

Upon clicking on one of them, you get a Gumroad pop up thats you download it or free in exchange for your email but you can also name your price if you want to reward the creator.

easlo template

Once you go through this step, youve entered his email list.

As you join the email list, Easlo will start to send you regular updates that provide value to you. For example, this email where he shares his favorite content creation tools.

Through repeat contact with him, you grow a relationship and learn to trust his advice.


When you join his email list and enter the convert phase, Easlo still makes you receive value in your inbox to keep you opening and engaging with the content he sends. For example, this email where he shares his favorite content creation tools.

easlo email

As part of being on his email list, Easlo also sends promo emails with flash sales for his paid Notion Templates.

easlo email

They lead you to very well designed sales pages where you can buy the templates for $49-$99.

easlo second brain template

This solopreneur makes mid 7 figures per year with his authority marketing funnel.

What You Can Take Away From This

  1. You dont need SEO to make sales: Easlo doesnt use SEO at all and social media does all the heavy lifting for him.
  2. Create a high quality link in profile page: Easlo wins at social not only because of his great reach, but because of the experience he gives when clicking on his bio links. It gives you multiple options to pick your path and join his email list (see it here)
  3. Giving something high-quality for free, then upsell the upgrade: Easlo has free versions of his main templates downloadable for free, this allows him to identify who is interested in the topic and because the experience of free is great, his upsale rate is high.
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