đź’° 10 Best Business Loans Affiliate Programs In 2024 (Top Offers)

Capitalize on the booming corporate lending market with business loans affiliate programs. In 2021, the global industry was valued at $17.6 trillion and is predicted to hit a whopping $47 trillion by 2031. 

After all, starting a business and keeping it afloat is hard work, with half of private-sector businesses in the US failing within the first five years. 

Plus, lack of funds is the #1 reason many entrepreneurs don’t even get started. 

Your business or finance-focused blog can help support up-and-coming entrepreneurs in their journey with the right recommendations.

And you can also make a killing while you’re at it. Our affiliate marketing statistics show that the average affiliate marketer in the finance niche earns more than $9,000 per month.

To offer tailored solutions for your audience — and earn some big commissions — check out our roundup of the best affiliate programs in the business loans niche.

Business Loans Affiliate Programs

  1. National Funding
  2. Biz2Credit
  3. Funding Circle
  4. SmartBiz Loans
  5. Uplyft
  6. Lendio
  7. National Business Capital
  8. Commercial Loan Direct
  9. GoKapital
  10. OnDeck
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1 National Funding

national funding homepage

National Funding is the real deal, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a track record of providing over $4.5 billion in funding to more than 75,000 businesses across the US.  But what really sets National Funding apart is their lightning-fast funding, customizable loan options, and high approval rates. 

The National Funding affiliate program is managed through Impact Radius and pays commissions of 3% per sale, with a 60-day cookie window. Impact cites a 30-day EPC of $3.83, which compares favorably with other B2B lending providers on the network.

It’s looking for affiliate marketing partners with existing audiences of small business owners who’ve been operating for at least six months. And National Funding is happy to work with influencers and open to paying for placements.

  • URL: National Funding affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 3% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Products/Services sold: Business loans & financing
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, ACH transfer
  • Market(s): US only

2 Biz2Credit

biz2credit homepage

Biz2Credit is a lending platform that aims to provide small businesses with quick and easy funding options ranging from $25,000 to $6 million.   

The platform’s speedy loan application process takes just four minutes to complete, with funding decisions made in as little as 24 hours. Some customers receive funding within 72 hours.

Its in-house affiliate program pays a percentage-based commission for referring new loan customers. The registration process is quick and hassle-free, allowing affiliates to earn referral fees right away.

To further assist their affiliates, Biz2Credit provides marketing materials and resources, such as  dedicated landing pages, embeddable financial calculators, and a funding product match form.

  • URL: Biz2Credit affiliate program
  • Commission rate: Unlisted
  • Cookie duration: Unlisted
  • Products/Services sold: Business loans & financing
  • Payment methods: Unlisted
  • Market(s): US only

3 Funding Circle

funding circle homepage

Funding Circle offers speedy funding, with approval in just 48 hours. With one application, businesses can qualify for multiple financing solutions, including SBA loans and business lines of credit.

Plus with an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and $19.4 billion in funding offered to 130,000+ companies in more than 700 industries, your audience can trust Funding Circle.

Although the affiliate program terms are not openly listed, successful applicants can enjoy access to marketing tools like API integration —allowing partners to deliver Funding Circle as a solution.

  • URL: Funding Circle affiliate program
  • Commission rate: Unlisted
  • Cookie duration: Unlisted
  • Products/Services sold: Business loans
  • Payment methods: Unlisted
  • Market(s): Various

4 SmartBiz Loans

smartbiz homepage

SmartBiz Loans streamlines the SBA loan application process by using advanced predictive technology. 

The platform quickly assesses small businesses, recommends financing solutions, and helps customers apply through its partner bank network. It’s pretty well-regarded, with a rating of 4.6 out of five based on 16,382 Trustpilot reviews.

Sign up for the in-house SmartBiz Loans affiliate program to earn a commission on each funded loan application your referrals generate. 

SmartBiz Loans works with a wide range of referral partners, from individual CPAs to Fortune 100 companies.

  • URL: SmartBiz Loans affiliate program
  • Commission rate: Unlisted
  • Cookie duration: Unlisted
  • Products/Services sold: Small business loans
  • Payment methods: Unlisted
  • Market(s): US only

5 Uplyft

upluft capital homepage

Uplyft Capital provides financing solutions for: 

  • Business owners with bad credit
  • High-revenue businesses that have only been operating for a short time
  • Companies willing to pay higher factor rates for fewer fees

The platform offers merchant cash advances, lines of credit, invoice financing, and SBA loans through its lending partners.

Affiliates can earn a flat commission of $200 per lending order by joining Uplyft’s affiliate program on the Impact Radius network, with a 30-day cookie window. 

Uplyft wants to partner with affiliates who refer qualified business owners earning at least $8,000 monthly. The platform is open to working with influencers and permits deep product linking and bidding on trademark terms.

  • URL: Uplyft affiliate program
  • Commission rate: $200 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Products/Services sold: Business loans for low-credit business owners
  • Payment methods: PayPal, ACH, wire transfer
  • Market(s): US only

6 Lendio

lendio homepage

Lendio connects small businesses with 10+ business loan types from over 75 financial institutions through its loan marketplace. 

The company is highly regarded, with 15,000+ five-star reviews on Trustpilot. To date, it has funded 300,000+ loans with a combined value of more than $12 billion.

Lendio keeps the specifics of its affiliate program under wraps, so you’ll need to apply (and be approved) to find out about the commission rate and cookie window. However, the platform runs an affiliate rewards program that offers additional financial perks and unique benefits to high-performing partners.

Lendio aims to streamline the user journey, offering various onsite affiliate resources, including options for API integration, custom landing pages, and embedded loan applications.

Before applying, be aware that Lendio only partners with US-based affiliates.

  • URL: Lendio affiliate program
  • Commission rate: Unlisted
  • Cookie duration: Unlisted
  • Products/Services sold: Business financing options
  • Payment methods: Unlisted
  • Market(s): US only

7 National Business Capital

national business capital homepage

Small business owners can get access to over 75 lenders and various financing solutions such as fixed-term loans, equipment financing, and business lines of credit with National Business Capital.  Since 2007, the platform has helped clients access $2+ billion in funding. 

For every deal it funds, the company donates 10 meals to Feeding America. That’s a powerful USP, with four-fifths of people favoring brands whose values align with their own, and three-quarters “splitting up” with a brand due to a conflict in values.

Like many providers in the business loans niche, National Business Capital is tight-lipped about the terms of its business loan affiliate program, although it promises “large commissions”.

Affiliate partners can leverage co-branded landing pages and other marketing collateral to help turn traffic into clicks and sales.

8 Commercial Loan Direct

commercial loan direct homepage

Commercial Loan Direct provides a wide range of financing solutions from 200+ lenders, including credit unions, banks, and insurance companies.

Its team of experts ensures clients can access the most relevant loans and real estate financing solutions. Commercial Loan Direct is a member of the Georgia Lenders Quality Circle and is rated “A” by the Better Business Bureau; two big trust factors that could help you convert your website visitors.

The Commercial Loan Direct affiliate program offers a massive $1,250 commission per closed transaction and an additional $250 for referrals.

Commercial Loan Direct prefers to partner with affiliates who publish quality content relevant to the financial sector, including reviews and news bulletins.

  • URL: Commercial Loan Direct affiliate program
  • Commission rate: $1,250 per funded loan
  • Cookie duration: Unlisted
  • Products/Services sold: Commercial loans
  • Payment methods: Mailed check, PayPal
  • Market(s): US only

9 GoKapital

gokapital homepage

GoKapital offers commercial real estate financing solutions and other business loan types, from revenue-based loans to merchant cash advances. It also does personal loans.

The platform provides financing in all 50 states. It doesn’t consider credit scores; clients only need to earn $30,000+ in monthly revenue to apply. This is a useful selling point given that one in five US small business loans are denied on business credit grounds.

GoKapital is yet another provider that doesn’t publish the finer details of its affiliate program, although it promises one of the highest payouts in the business loans niche.

The program offers incentives for high-performing affiliates, and pays out commissions via direct deposit or mailed check.

Upon approval, you’ll receive training materials and sales support, with a dedicated affiliate manager to help you optimize your campaigns. The program boasts a quick response time, with reps reaching out within 24 hours of application.

  • URL: GoKapital affiliate program
  • Commission rate: Unlisted
  • Cookie duration: Unlisted
  • Products/Services sold: Commercial real estate loans, business financing
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit
  • Market(s): US only

10 OnDeck

ondeck homepage

OnDeck is a popular small business financing provider that offers funding solutions to 700 industries across the US, excluding Nevada, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the platform has lent more than $14 billion to businesses worldwide.

Sign up for OnDeck’s affiliate program through Impact Radius to access a 60-day cookie window and a 2% commission rate. OnDeck says affiliates can earn up to $10,000 per transaction, making this one of the highest-paying programs we’ve seen in any niche.

Commissions are paid 15 days after the end of the month via check or direct deposit.

Once approved for the affiliate program, you’ll get access to a library of high-quality banner ads and text links, plus 24/7 support from a dedicated affiliate management team.

To apply, you must have a website targeting potential OnDeck clients.

  • URL: OnDeck affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 2% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Products/Services sold: Small business loan options
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit
  • Market(s): US, CA, AU 


As you can see, there’s no shortage of financing options for businesses of all sizes.

In fact, there are so many, our list of top business loan affiliate programs could have been two or three times longer. 

However, we only wanted to recommend the very best. So we looked at which programs are being promoted by 15 of the biggest business and finance-related affiliate sites, including NerdWallet, Bankrate, Fit Small Business, and Fundera.

Those folks are generating a ton of passive income from the programs on our list — and so can you.

The first step is to build a consistent source of traffic and clicks, namely, create your own affiliate website. Don’t worry if you’re unsure where to start, because we can help.

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