20 High Ticket Affiliate Programs For 2021 (Up to $1,000 Per Sale)

How would it feel to make $1,250 in affiliate commissions per referral…instead of the $1.25 you’re making right now?

Pretty amazing, right?

Now while that probably sounds a bit hyperbolic, it’s actually possible.

You can earn anywhere from $100 to $1,000+ in affiliate commissions per sale with the right programs.

And without promoting anything that would leave you with a guilty conscience.

Which is why super affiliates actively operate in these spaces- they just never talk about it.

There are tons of 100% legit high-ticket affiliate programs out there, spread across multiple affiliate networks.

You just have to know where to find them.

In this roundup, we’re going to share 20 of the best high-ticket affiliate programs we could find.

Let’s get started.

20 High Ticket Affiliate Programs

  1. Verizon Wireless Affiliate Program
  2. Luxury Card Affiliate Program
  3. Embroker Affiliate Program
  4. Villiers Jets Affiliate Program
  5. Organifi Affiliate Program
  6. Click Funnels Affiliate Program
  7. STD Check Affiliate Program
  8. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  9. Kinsta Affiliate Program
  10. Dream Cloud Affiliate Program
  11. Frontpoint Home Security Affiliate Program
  12. Oceanscape Yachts Affiliate Program
  13. Keen Affiliate Program
  14. Sucuri Affiliate Program
  15. Lifelock Affiliate Program
  16. Better Legal Solutions Affiliate Program
  17. CIT Bank Affiliate Program
  18. SpotOn Affiliate Program
  19. Harrods Affiliate Program
  20. Yoga Burn Affiliate Program

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Homepage Screenshot

If you live in the United States you already know who Verizon is.

For those of you who don’t, they’re the biggest cell phone provider (by subscribers) in North America.

But they also sell home and business broadband products, tablets, smartwatches, and other wireless smart home accessories.

So this could be a great program to promote if you have a tech-related blog.

Or any kind of audience that regularly changes their smartphone or other devices.

Verizon Wireless Affiliate Program Stats

So how do the commission rates work for the first of our high ticket affiliate programs?

The biggest payout of $75/sale is for people signing up to Verizon for the first time.

You can still earn $30 on pre-pay plans, but the bigger commissions are for new “bill pay” customers.

Upgrades, however, are worth zero in affiliate commissions, so don’t bother.

URL: Verizon Wireless affiliate program

Commission: Up to $75 

EPC:  $78.75

Cookie: 60 days

Luxury Card

Luxury Card Homepage Screenshot

We could have featured any of a number of credit card affiliate programs in a roundup of high ticket affiliate products.

But they look and sound pretty much the same, so it’s hard to make their offers stand out in all the noise you find online.

This isn’t a problem you’ll have with Luxury Card, though. 

Because it’s an exclusive credit card.

The “standard” version is made from stainless steel, but you can also upgrade to a 24-karat gold version.

This card offers air miles, airport lounge access, a 24/7 concierge service, and lots of other travel perks.

So this is a card aimed squarely at people who travel (in luxury) a lot.

Luxury Card Affiliate Program Stats

Big deal – there are lots of luxury credit cards on the market.

But how many of them pay an affiliate $405 per sign up?

This is one of the best affiliate programs in this niche.

URL: Luxury Card affiliate program

Commission: $405

EPC: $5.33

Cookie: 30 days


Embroker Homepage Screenshot

Business insurance has been part of our society long before personal insurance became a thing.

What with trade routes, piracy, and all that stuff.

Long story short, good business insurance can prevent business owners from being financially ruined.

But how can you find the best business insurance for your needs?

You use Embroker

Founded in 2015, this company has helped over 20,000 businesses find their perfect policy.

And their technological approach to an age-old problem is revolutionizing how business insurance is sourced, priced, and sold.

Embroker Affiliate Program Stats

So why should affiliates promote this instead of other high ticket affiliate programs?

Well, they pay a flat $250 commission for every new customer you refer through an affiliate link.

This is one of those programs that could generate job replacement income for an affiliate with the right mindset and audience. 

URL: Embroker affiliate program

Commission:  $250 per lead

EPC:  $142.42

Cookie: 90 days

Villiers Jets

Villiers Homepage Screenshot

When we imagine what the lifestyles of the rich and famous are like, it usually involves a private jet.

And that’s entirely understandable if you’ve ever been stuck on a long-haul flight in the seat next to a narcoleptic that kicked you in the legs every 20 minutes.

I was that soldier.

Anyways, Villiers is one of the world’s premier private jet leasing companies.

You can choose from over 10,000 jets across tens of thousands of international locations.

Including plenty of “empty leg” flights – so there are bargains to be had, relatively speaking.

Villiers Affiliate Program Stats

Private jets are obviously high ticket items, so how much can affiliate marketers earn here?

You receive a 30% non-recurring commission on each sale, so it’s not just a one-time deal.

And if we look at one of their cheapest empty leg flights, that comes to $1,805.

Which means you’d pocket $541.50 for that sale.

URL: Villiers Jet affiliate program

Commission rate: 30%, monthly recurring


Cookie:  365 days


Organifi Homepage Screenshot


Modern life is pretty punishing.

I mean, there’s the breakneck pace and the stress that comes with that.

And then there’s the “food” you eat – which is basically a highly-processed stew of borderline-mysterious ingredients. 

So wouldn’t it be handy if there was a juice mix you could create at home?

One that would tackle everything from brain fog to detoxifying your body, or for making your skin look healthier?

That’s what Organifi offers.

And it’s made from all-natural ingredients, most of which I can’t even pronounce.

But apparently, they’re all very good for you.

Organifi Affiliate Program Stats

Yes, this is a ClickBank offer- they promote physical products now too.

And in typical ClickBank fashion, you can make a lot of money here – up to $103 per referral, based on a 75% commission rate.

This isn’t your typical high ticket affiliate product, but cash all looks the same when added to your bank balance.  

URL: Organifi affiliate program

Commission:  $103 + recurring monthly income

Gravity: 68.96

Cookie: 60 days

Click Funnels

Clickfunnels Homepage Screenshot

Anyone who has ever considered building an affiliate marketing funnel will recognize the Click Funnels brand.

It’s the brainchild of Russell Brunson, a guy with a lot of years in the trenches of Internet marketing. 

Basically, this product allows you to create a sales funnel.

This then converts more leads into paying customers as part of your web and email marketing efforts.

We don’t typically feature these types of affiliate programs because they’ve already been done to death elsewhere.

But some of you are going to start a site in the IM niche, regardless of what we say.

So at least now you have a high ticket affiliate product that converts well and is also used by many email marketing experts.

Click Funnels Affiliate Program Stats

Affiliates earn a 40% monthly recurring commission on a product that costs between $97 and $297 per month.

But you can also earn $100 per lead on two of their other products.  

So this affiliate program offers two ways for you to get paid.

URL: Clickfunnels affiliate programs

Commission:  $100 


Cookie: 30 days

STD Check

Std Check Homepage Screenshot

Thousands of women become infertile each year simply because they didn’t get themselves tested for STDs.

Guys are even worse – if we can’t see the illness, then it can’t be real, right?

Both of the above are really good reasons for having an STD test…if you can just get over the psychological hurdle of making an appointment.

Most people simply don’t want to deal with the stigma of the process. 

So they can use STD Check instead – you get 100% confidential testing in a local testing center.

And you get your results back in as little as two days.

Std Check Affiliate Program Stats

STD infection rates are spiking in most developed countries, with several million cases in the US alone.

So this, unfortunately, is a growth market.

As a blogger/website owner you’ll average $102 for each referral sent to them via your affiliate links.

URL: STD Check affiliate program

Commission rate: 40% 

EPC: $299.40

Cookie: 45 days


Fiverr Homepage Screenshot

Some very prescient folks predicted that the jobs market would change dramatically before 2025 rolled around.

Basically, that more people would choose to work remotely than ever before.

Which is exactly what happened, but not for the reasons they specified.

But this also means that services like Fiverr are going to be more in demand than ever.

New business start-ups will appear, all requiring the services of talented creators, marketers, and designers.

All of which can be found on this platform.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Stats

No, you normally wouldn’t associate Fiverr with being a high ticket affiliate program.

But affiliate marketers can earn $150 in affiliate commissions for everyone who purchases a Fiverr ‘Pro Services’ package. 

There’s a sliding scale in their commission structure from there down to $25 per sale, so make sure to check the program details on Commission Junction before you plan your affiliate promotion. 

URL: Fiverr affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $150 

EPC:  $7.09

Cookie:  30 day


Kinsta Hosting Screenshot

If you’re lucky – and work really hard- your blog will eventually outgrow the shared web hosting you use right now.

And then it’ll be time to look for the next best hosting option.

For a growing number of businesses, Kinsta is that option when it comes to managed WordPress hosting.

But that’s about far more than just paying lip service to the idea of being a managed hosting solution.

Kinsta actually delivers the goods, with blistering load times and excellent support.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not they can scale along with your business.

Is this type of web hosting cheap?


Kinsta Affiliate Program

But that’s a bonus.

Because the Kinsta affiliate program pays up to $500 per sale – making it one of the biggest payouts of any of the high-ticket affiliate programs in this roundup.

And then you get 10% recurring commissions every month for the lifetime of the customer, and not just the “first 12 months” offered by most other hosting affiliate programs.

These are all reasons why this is one of our favorite high paying affiliate programs.

URL: Kinsta affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $500 + recurring monthly income


Cookie duration: 60 days

Dream Cloud

Dreamcloud Homepage Screenshot

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “In life, you only really need two things – a good pair of shoes and a good mattress, because if you’re not standing up in one you’ll be laying down in the other”.

And oddly enough selling mattresses online is now big business.

It’s an industry worth at least US$15 billion per year.

The problem is that suppliers of the most luxurious mattresses aren’t shy about charging almost $2,000 for one.

Which places them firmly in the high ticket category of consumer products. 

DreamCloud, on the other hand, believes that a good night’s sleep shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

This is why their mattresses cost a fraction of those sold by their competitors.

And you even get a 365-day trial run with your new mattress to see if you like it.

Dreamcloud Affiliate Program Stats

The average order value here is almost $1,200.

But unlike some other affiliate offers here you won’t earn a percentage of that on each sale.

Instead, you get a flat $150 in affiliate commissions instead. 

And this is just one of the many high paying affiliate programs in this niche.

URL: Dream Cloud affiliate program

Commission:  $150.00

EPC:  $441.89

Cookie: 365 days

Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint Homepage Screenshot

In an ideal world, you could leave your front door unlocked each night. 

But you don’t live in an ideal world – you live in the real world.

One where crime is on the increase and criminals get away with all but the most serious of crimes.

Which is why promoting a program like Frontpoint Security is such an easy pitch to make.

People want to feel secure in their homes.

And they’re willing to pay for it, every month of the year.

This program can work well in a number of niches, from personal security to smart home technology.

Frontpoint Security Affiliate Program Stst

But how much can website owners earn helping people feel safe in their homes?

$125 per referral.

Which is more than many affiliate marketers earn with credit card affiliate programs.

This is one of those affiliate programs you could easily overlook but should be high on your list of potentials. 

URL: Frontpoint Security affiliate program

Commission:  $125 per lead


Cookie: 20-day cookie

Oceanscape Yachts

Oceanscape Yachts Homepage Screenshot

Owning a luxury superyacht is beyond the financial means of all but the wealthiest people on Earth.

They can cost billions.

But you can still have the “experience” of owning one thanks to companies like Oceanscape Yachts

Sure, you could book a family holiday on a luxury cruise ship – you and 3,000 other people.

That pales in comparison though to having a superyacht all to yourself, in pretty much any location you can think of.

From the Arctic Circle to any of a number of Pacific or Mediterranean islands. 

Oceanscape Yachts Affiliate Program

There’s the potential to make serious money with this affiliate marketing program.

The average commission paid per sale is $1,250.

Which makes it one of the most lucrative high-paying affiliate programs we’ve ever come across.

Obviously, the audience for this type of offer is very specific – this is where super affiliates sail.

URL: Oceanscape Yachts affiliate program

Commission:  10%


Cookie: Permanent


Keen Homepage Screenshot

It’s funny how a subtle change in terminology can shift public opinion.

Not everyone would be willing to admit that they paid for a psychic reading.

But telling your friends that you had a counseling session with your “spiritual advisor” doesn’t have the same stigma attached to it.

That’s where Keen operates – the (other)world of the spiritual advisor.

And, as of last count, they provide well over 3,000 readings/sessions every single day.

Your visitors get their first 3 minutes free, which is a nice pre-sell to use.

Keen Affiliate Program

Psychic affiliate products/offers are some of the highest paying affiliate programs online. 

The typical commission paid per lead is $100.

Which makes them an ideal revenue stream if you have the right audience.

URL: Keen affiliate program

Commission:  US$100 per lead


Cookie: 30 days


Sucuri Homepage Screenshot

Security breaches are always something that, “…happens to other people”.

That’s exactly how I felt about things until a team of Russian hackers took down my money site. 

A simple file permission problem was all it took to give them a backdoor to my site.

That’s why having a service like Sucuri available to you is almost invaluable. 

Not only can they prevent your website or blog from being compromised in the first place, but they can also fix a hacked site after the fact.

They even offer an “emergency hotline” if you need help like yesterday.

Sucuri Affiliate Program Stats

This program has one of those confusing affiliate marketing commission structures that irritate me.

So we’ll keep it simple. 

You will get paid $100 per sale for an “Agency” package and $209 per sale for anyone investing in a “Business firewall” solution.

URL: Sucuri affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $209 

EPC:  $23.90

Cookie duration: 30 day


Lifelock Homepage Screenshot

How would you feel if you received a bill for $4,800 tomorrow morning?

You genuinely have no idea what it’s for…but you’re still legally obliged to pay it.

That’s what being the victim of identity theft feels like.

It’s also why companies like LifeLock matter so much – they ensure that your personal information is protected.

But also monitored in case any financial “crimes” have been committed in your name.

Plus, you’re covered for financial losses of up to $1 million thanks to your LifeLock membership and insurance.

Lifelock Affiliate Program Stats

This affiliate marketing program pays up to $110 per sale in commission.

But that’s only for referrals who sign up for LifeLock “Ultimate Plus” plan.

As an affiliate marketer, you should always pay careful attention to the commission structure around affiliate offers.

All of their plans pay at least $50 per sale though, with the exception of their “Junior Monthly”, “Junior Annual” and “Standard Monthly” packages. 

URL: LifeLock affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $110 

EPC:  $365.63

Cookie: 30 day

Better Legal Homepage Screenshot

Starting your own business can be one of the most exciting things you do with your life.

But it’s important to build that enterprise on a strong foundation.

Like knowing where to set your business up, what type of company formation to use, and how to actually go about doing that.

This is where Better Legal Solutions steps into the picture.

They charge a flat fee for handling all the paperwork required to set up your very own LLC or Corporation. 

And surprisingly enough, this is one of the best high ticket affiliate programs in this roundup.

Better Legal Affiliate Program Stats

This is a very niche offer because not every audience has an interest in setting up their own business.

But promoting high paying affiliate programs such as this are definitely worth the effort – they pay $200 per lead. 

As you can see, high ticket commissions aren’t always in the most obvious of niches.

URL: Better Legal Solutions affiliate program

Commission:  $200 

EPC:  $192.31

Cookie duration: 30 days

CIT Bank

Cit Bank Hompage Screenshot

It wouldn’t be a comprehensive roundup of high-ticket affiliate programs without mentioning a bank at least once.

CIT Bank is our affiliate program of choice in that regard. 

They’ve been around since 1908, so this isn’t some fly-by-night startup that might disappear into a cloud of ninja smoke next month.

They offer all the usual banking services, but with a focus on providing online services such as checking and savings accounts, CD (Certificate of Deposit) options, and even home loans.

Which means no standing around in queues – your visitors can simply bank online instead.

Cit Bank Affiliate Program

You can earn a flat $100 commission rate per lead for any new customer who:

  • Opens a “Savings Builder” account
  • Opens a “Money Market” account
  • Is approved for a Certificate of Deposit

Which is why we included this program in our list of high paying affiliate programs.

URL: CIT Bank affiliate program

Commission:  $100 

EPC:  $142.03

Cookie: 30 days


Spoton Homepage Screenshot

And now for something completely different- a high-ticket affiliate program in the pet niche.

That’s why you love us, right?

We find the programs every other blog overlooks because they’re all busily plagiarising each other.

Anyways, SpotOn is an electronic fence product for dogs.

But it’s completely wireless so there’s no need to bury wires or set up fencing.

Instead, it uses 3 different GPS networks to track your canine buddy across areas ranging from ½ acres to 1000 acres in size.

Spoton Affiliate Program Stats

The SpotOn system costs almost $1,500, so these are definitely high ticket products. 

This is also why this company can afford to pay its affiliates $100 for each referral. 

That makes it one of the best affiliate marketing programs in the pet niche.

URL: Spot On affiliate program

Commission:  $100 

EPC:  $56.71

Cookie: 30 day cookie


Harrods Homepage Screenshot

When I was a kid (centuries ago) Harrods was up there with Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory on the list of places I wanted to visit.

Except Harrods is real.

And this brand has been synonymous with luxury goods since they first opened for business 170 years ago.

What level of luxury are we talking about? 

How about a table clock that costs $5,000?

Or a set of De Beers earrings for the knock-down price of $2,500?

Basically, their high ticket products are ideal for the same audience that shows interest in private jets, and who enjoy vacationing on superyachts. 

Harrods Affiliate Program

So how does their affiliate program shape up versus the other high ticket affiliate programs in our roundup?

Well, it’s been online since 2011, so they’re not new to the affiliate marketing scene.

And in terms of commission, that comes in at a 6% paid on their range of high ticket products.

That isn’t a high commission rate, but it’s more than balanced out by the prices Harrods charges.

URL: Harrods affiliate program

Commission:  6%


Cookie: 30 days

Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn Homepage Screenshot

Deciding to do yoga is the easy part.

Actually showing up for classes on a regular basis is where most people stumble and fall – metaphorically, not literally. 

Yoga Burn is for women who want all the benefits of doing yoga, including a trimmer healthier body.

But from the comfort of their own home.

This is a fully downloadable program delivered by internationally- recognized yoga trainer Zoe-Bray Cotton. 

And its 3-phase system makes it suitable for beginner, intermediate and experienced yogis alike.

Not the bear – the other type.

Yoga Burn Affiliate Program Stats

This high ticket affiliate program is only available via ClickBank, but that’s actually good news.


Because affiliates promoting it can earn up to $120 per conversion.

An added bonus is that ClickBank doesn’t really restrict using email marketing to promote their affiliate offers. 

And there’s even the option to earn monthly recurring commissions.

URL: Yoga Burn affiliate program

Commission:  75%

Gravity: 40.21

Cookie: 60 days

Over to You

You’re probably feeling just a tiny bit inspired and a whole lot of motivated after reading through the 20 high-ticket affiliate programs in this roundup.

That’s understandable.

Because most people think you have to nickel-and-dime it with affiliate marketing, chasing $10 commissions all day long.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is true, however, is that most affiliates avoid high ticket affiliate programs because they think there’s too much competition.

Earning a $100 commission though takes roughly the same amount of effort as earning a $10 payout.

So you can literally 10x your income by choosing better affiliate programs.

You’re still not sure what an affiliate program is?

Or how anyone can make money online?

No biggie – you can get answers to questions like that in our free 2-hour web class on affiliate marketing.

And once you’re done you’ll know exactly what it takes to get your first affiliate site online.

Sound good?

Just tell us the best email address to send your invitation to.

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