What Are The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs of 2021?

And now for something a little bit different.

Our other roundups focused on the best affiliate programs in a given niche.

But in this one we’re focused solely on high paying affiliate programs i.e. they pay you a lot of money per sale.

What was interesting was finding a handful of offers where we thought, “Oh…never thought of that one before.”

And if those same niches aren’t front-of-mind for us then most other affiliates won’t have considered them either.

Something else to bear in mind is that it takes roughly the same amount of effort to promote a product that pays a $100 commission as it does to promote a product that pays you $10 per sale.

This is something most affiliates will never understand, so this gives you yet another competitive advantage.

Aren’t we just the nicest people ever?

Let’s get to the highest paying affiliate programs.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

  1. STD Check Affiliate Program
  2. Verizon Wireless Affiliate Program
  3. Doggy Dan Training Affiliate Program
  4. Cosmic Energy Profile Affiliate Program
  5. Puffy Mattress Affiliate Program
  6. Tribunk Affiliate Program
  7. LifeLock Affiliate Program
  8. WP Engine Affiliate Program
  9. Kuvings Affiliate Program
  10. Medical Alert Affiliate Program
  11. Founders Card Affiliate Program
  12. Zen Business Affiliate Program
  13. BBVA Bank Affiliate Program
  14. Princeton Review Affiliate Program
  15. Udacity Nano Degrees Affiliate Program

STD Check

Std Check Homepage

Look, let’s be honest, STDCheck was an unexpected find.

The subject matter is also a little bit of a sensitive subject, so not every site owner will want to promote it – we totally get that.

But for those of you who do, the tests are FDA approved, and people can book their STD test online before attending one of the 4,500 test centers dotted around the United States.

The results of the test are available no more than 48 hours later, and nobody has to visit a doctor’s office once during the process.

Std Check Affiliate Program Stats

There are roughly 376 million new STD infections globally each year, with roughly 2 million of those in the United States.

So you have an evergreen market that needs an immediate solution to their problem, which equals a lot of income potential.

And STDCheck.com will pay you an average of US$102 for referring customers to them.

URL: STD Check affiliate program

Commission rate: 40%

Average commission: $102 per sale

EPC: $206.64

Cookie duration: 45 days

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless Homepage

Verizon Wireless is the largest provider of wireless services in the United States right now, with roughly 35% of the total market.

They’ve also become a household name because they’ve been around in one form or another since the 1800s, although back then they were known as Bell Atlantic.

The point we’re making is that Verizon Wireless is a huge and established cell phone service and product provider.

Now the question you might have is, “Yeah…but doesn’t everyone have a cell phone at this stage – how can I make money here?”

The answer is that mobile customers are always looking for the best deals on phones and the best coverage to go with that.

Basically, wireless providers fall in and out of favor with their customers all the time.

Verizon Wireless Affiliate Program Stats

And that’s exactly why you can earn $75 for every new customer you refer to Verizon Wireless.

This rate is for “Bill pay” plans, but you still get paid $30 for referring customers who sign up for a prepaid plan.

Your pre-sell here is that pre-pay customers tend to spend far more than bill pay customers in an average month, which is 100% true.

That approach works in real life, so it should work just as well online.

URL: Verizon Wireless affiliate program

Commission rate: $75 per sale

Average commission: $75 per sale

EPC: $59.39

Cookie duration: 60 days

Doggy Dan Training

Doggy Dan Training Homepage

The Online Dog Trainer, by Doggy Dan, is the most popular dog training product on ClickBank right now.

If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing niche for any length of time at all, you’ll know that you can make serious money with dog training programs.

Everyone wants their dog to be a model of awesome doggy behavior, but maybe 10% of them understand what it takes to actually train a dog.

The homepage for this product has an absolute tear-jerker of a video on how Dan got involved in dog training.

You are dead inside if this doesn’t provoke an emotional reaction in you…

…and in every single person visiting the site.

This is the smartest marketing I’ve seen in a while because it removes all emotional resistance to the sales message.

Doggy Dans Dog Training Affiliate Stats

It might also explain why they’re able to pay affiliates $105.69 per sale.

They do their best to get people into the sales funnel by offering a $1 trial for 3 days, and a 6-month package for $147 instead of the usual $37 per month.

Affiliates stand to make a lot more money by selling 6-months of membership to each dog owner, based on the premise that it takes time to teach an old dog new tricks.

With that being said they have a gravity score of 46.95 so there are repeat sales being made by affiliates over a period of several months.

URL: Online Dog Trainer affiliate program

Commission rate: 64% per sale

Average commission: $105.69

EPC: Gravity 46.95

Cookie duration: 60 days

Note: You can find more pet and dog affiliate programs in our roundup of the best affiliate programs for bloggers and our post with dog affiliate programs.

Cosmic Energy Profile

Cosmic Energy Profile Homepage

Are we fans of astrology and numerology?

No, because they’re not scientific.

We’re presenting the Cosmic Energy Profile affiliate program as is – you can either choose to promote it or not.

It will suit some of you, depending on your audience, and others will probably scoff at the fact a program like this exists.

One very interesting statistic is that Italians alone spend £5 billion each year on astrology and fortune tellers, so that gives you some idea of what this market is worth on a global basis.

Cosmic Energy Profile Clickbank Stats

A lot of people are heavily invested in the esoteric and the spiritual – it’s a huge industry and one that can afford to pay you $200 per sale.

Earning that much commission doesn’t come from a single upfront sale, but rather from a mixture of backend product sales (up-sells) tied to the original offer.

They do pay 75% commission on average, which is at the top end of rates for products in the ClickBank Marketplace.

URL: Cosmic Energy Profile affiliate program

Commission rate: 75% per sale

Average commission: $228.49

EPC: Gravity 25.25

Cookie duration: 60 days

Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress Homepage

There’s an old saying that goes something like this, “You need two things in life – a good pair of boots and a good bed, because if you’re not in one then you’ll be in the other”.

Puffy Mattress took this idea and ran with it, creating what is apparently, “America’s most comfortable mattresses”.

Back sleeper or side sleeper? Puffy has a mattress for you.

In fact, their mattresses are apparently perfect for you regardless of what your sleeping “style” is.

What also makes their products special is they use a self-cooling memory foam material.

So you can say goodbye to playing games of “duvet-off-duvet-on” in the middle of the night.

Puffy Mattress Affiliate ProgramStats

Surely such a product doesn’t come cheap?

Well no, their mattresses cost between $500 and $1,200, which isn’t as extreme as it sounds – a good mattress costs way more than a bed frame.

But it does also allow them the margins to pay affiliates at least $300 per sale.

And they have an enormous EPC of $442.02.

Even credit card affiliate programs don’t pay out like this.

URL: Puffy Mattress affiliate program

Commission rate: $300 per sale

Average commission: $350.37

EPC: $442.02

Cookie duration: 180 days

Note: Puffy Mattress is just one example of how profitable this niche can be, so we’ve listed a number of other home decor affiliate programs here.


Tribunk Homepage

Tribunk is an interesting business with an interesting product – triple bunk beds.

And not just single mattress triple bunk beds because they also supply them in a king-size configuration.

Yup, just like that scene in Step Brothers, but without all the collapsing and screaming.

Bunk Bed Collapsing

These bunk beds are built from heavy-duty steel, and with a maximum load capacity of 800 pounds per bunk.

The target market for these bunks is vacation and rental properties, but we can see how these could be sold into the residential property market too.

After all, with property prices in some areas absolutely skyrocketing, after all, doesn’t being able to comfortably fit more people into each room just make sense?

Tribunk Affiliate Program Stats

Helping people fall asleep is a profitable business – you can make $300 for selling a Tribunk and then another $900 selling mattresses for it.

Maybe that’s a potential angle for you here – tiny homes with luxury bedroom layouts? Just a thought.

Tribunks aren’t a mass-market product, but with $300 commissions you kinda owe it to yourself to find a way to promote them.

Watch out for the 1-day cookie though – it’s something you might want to consider negotiating with them.

This particular program would be a good match for some of the other home goods affiliate programs we tracked down for you.

URL: Tribunk affiliate program

Commission rate: $300 per sale

Average commission: $300 per sale

EPC: $70.75

Cookie duration: 1 day


Lifelock Homepage

LifeLock protects you against identity theft, and not just on the public Internet but also on the dark web.

We’ve become data hoarders over the last two decades – cramming every personal moment and thought in our life into smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

We assume that our personal data is safe…until it’s not.

And when that happens you not only stand to lose access to your email account but your bank account too.

What we’re saying is that identity theft and cybercrime are a very real threat that you can’t afford to ignore.

And the really scary thing is that some of your personal data has probably already been exposed…but nobody bothered telling you.

Lifelock Affiliate Program Stats

LifeLock is one of the leading names in identity theft protection, and they pay commission rates to match.

They offer a flat $40 payout for new customers, but if your referral signs up for a “premium” package that’s when the $110 commission rate kicks in.

So you can either accept the relatively easy-to-get $40 commissions or do a bit more work and net almost 3x as much in commission.

We know which route we’d take.

URL: LifeLock affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $110

Average commission: $40

EPC: $307.95

Cookie duration: 30 days

WP Engine

Wp Engine Homepage

WP Engine is a web hosting business that’s part of an industry worth a lot of money.

Actually, it’s worth in the region of US$76 billion per year.

But they carved out a very specific slice of that pie – hosting for WordPress, the dominant blogging platform on Earth.

What also makes WP Engine stand out from other web hosting affiliate programs is their reputation – people love them.

And this is despite the fact that their entry-level hosting package costs over $30 per month, and their “best value” package comes in at almost $300 per month.

And they have no visible issue finding new customers.

Wp Engine Affiliate Program Stats

They’re also not afraid to handsomely reward affiliates for sending new customers their way, to the tune of $147 per sign-up.

$50 – $80 commissions for web hosting affiliate programs are pretty normal, but $150 per signup is way above the norm.

How many $150 signups would it take you to replace your day job?
Go for it.

P.S. We did a deep dive into the web hosting niche if you’re interested.

URL: WP Engine affiliate program

Commission rate: 35% – 200%

Average commission: $147.08

EPC: $129.30

Cookie duration: 180 days


Kuvings Homepage

Kuvings has been making juicers and blenders for four decades now.

And not just any old juicers and blenders, but a range of premium, award-winning kitchen appliances that are the result of over 1,400 different technology patents being filed.

Is juicing still popular?

As of last count, the juicing industry was worth around US$3 billion per year.

In fact, juicing has become so popular that it’s driven up the demand for celery to the point where that vegetable has quadrupled in price.

Obviously, high-quality juicers aren’t cheap to own, so you can expect to pay in the region of US$600 for a Kuvings.

Kuvings Affiliate Affiliate Stats

Which leads us nicely to the bit you care about most – show me the money!

And in the case of this affiliate program that amounts to an average payout to affiliates of $152.50 per sale.

That’s a lot of money for promoting a juicer, which would be just part of your affiliate portfolio on a healthy/fitness/weight loss authority site.

URL: Kuvings affiliate program

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Average commission: $152.50

EPC: $508.33

Cookie duration: 30 days

Note: Considering building a health or fitness authority site? Here’s our analysis of the health niche.

Medical Alert

Medical Alert Homepage

Medical alert systems have affiliate programs?

Yes, they do, and MedicalAlert.com is one of the more popular (and profitable) of them.

Almost 20% of the population of the United States can now be classed as senior citizens i.e. they’re at least 65 years of age.

The Baby Boomer generation is now well into retirement age, and that means an increased demand for healthcare providers and medical services for the elderly.

You see, most senior citizens want to live independently but have no way of calling for help if they slip or fall at home.

A medical alert system allows them to contact emergency services from wherever they are, and their family is then notified in turn.

Medical Alert Affiliate Program Stats

MedicalAlert.com pays its affiliates $150 per sale, and their strong EPC makes this program one seriously worth considering.

This is a very niche program, but if you have the right audience it can most definitely be a profitable one.

URL: Medical Alert affiliate program

Commission rate: $150 per sale

Average commission: $150 per sale

EPC: $247.59

Cookie duration: 30 days

Founders Card

Founders Card is another one of those products/services you’d probably never turn up when doing niche research.


Well because it’s not something that’s used by the regular Joe or Josephine on the street.

It’s a mixture of unique and exclusive – not everyone can have one of these cards.

So what is the Founders Card?

You become a member of a community of 30,000 entrepreneurs who can access a range of benefits spread across airlines, hotels, business services, shopping, and signature Founders Card events.

So you might be able to get priority check-in for your flight, and then get a discounted rate in a luxury hotel when you land, for example.

Then when you go shopping you’ll enjoy pricing privileges on a range of luxury products from leading brand names.

Founders Card Affiliate Program Stats

Founders Card pays affiliates $100 for every member that signs up with them, and you have a 90-day cookie to play with too.

Any site that covers the topics of business, entrepreneurship or luxury goods shouldn’t have any problem monetizing this offer.

These guys have 30,000 members, so somebody is sending traffic their way, so why got get your slice of the action?

URL: Founders Card affiliate program

Commission rate: $100 per sale

Average commission: $100 per sale

EPC: $399.36

Cookie duration: 90 days

Zen Business

Zen Business Homepage

Zen Business makes forming your very own business as easy as possible.

If most people were honest they’d love to ditch their day job and strike out on their own…but the seemingly insurmountable mountain of red tape and bureaucratic nonsense puts them off.

Zen Business helps you overcome those hurdles by offering a fast, low-cost service, using expert advice to get your business set up and running as quickly as possible.

And then once your business is off the ground they can also help with things like accounting, getting business insurance and even setting up a business bank account for you.

Zen Business Affiliate Program Stats

Although the default commission rate for referring a new customer is $60, their average payout to affiliates is over $200 per sale.

That’s no doubt due to customers being upsold on additional services, which is fine because they’ll probably need them.

Oh and their EPC is enormous at $2,481 – we’d love to see how many digits are on some of those affiliate checks!

URL: Zen Business affiliate program

Commission rate: $60 per sale

Average commission: $209.43

EPC: $2,81.51

Cookie duration: 30 days


BBVA Bank Homepage

BBVA started in business as the Central Bank & Trust Company of Birmingham, Alabama way back in 1964.

This makes them relatively young for a major bank, but they’ve experienced a huge amount of growth in that time.

BBVA US is no different from other banks in that they offer a range of services for the average person, small businesses, commercial ventures, and corporate entities.

So that means they do all the usual stuff from credit cards and checking accounts, to funding start-ups and providing working capital for growing businesses.

Bbva Affiliate Program Stats

Promoting banking offers isn’t exactly exciting, but the beauty of them is that pretty much everyone you can think of will need to have a bank account at some stage in their life.

And you can get paid $85 for every single person that opens an account with BBVA US.

So although it might seem like this program is limited to people with financial services-related blogs, it has pretty much universal appeal.

URL: BBVA US affiliate program

Commission rate: $85 per sale

Average commission: $85 per sale

EPC: $377.97

Cookie duration: TBC

Note: This is just one of many programs serving this niche. If you’d like a list of similar programs, check out our roundup of the best financial affiliate programs we could find i.e. they have EPCs you’ll fall in love with.

Princeton Review

Princeton Review Homepage

Somebody famous once said, “If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”.

They’re right, especially when it comes to education. That would have saved some of us (hint: me) from having recurring nightmares about their final exams.

So what The Princeton Review offers is a whole range of exam prep products and tutoring for everything from your ACT, to your SAT, MCAT or USMLE.

They even offer a practice test so you can get a feel for exactly how much help you need from them.

Princeton Review Affiliate Program Stats

This is an evergreen program because although education might change, exams aren’t going away anytime soon.

Which means you can look forward to banking those $89 commissions over and over again.

And you don’t need to have a site in the education niche because pretty much every student has to take the SAT exam at some stage in their life, so your potential audience is everyone in the United States.

URL: The Princeton Review affiliate program

Commission rate: 8% per sale

Average commission: $89.6

EPC: $309.93

Cookie duration: 45 days

Udacity Nano Degrees

Udacity Nano Degrees Homepage

Udacity is an online university, but with a twist – it’s aimed at students who want to study technical subjects.

And by technical we mean they have 5 different “schools” you can sign up for – Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Autonomous Systems, and Cloud Computing.

These aren’t fluffy, ethereal subjects that offer no real hope of employment once you graduate. Instead, these are courses taught, led and mentored by industry experts.

So this means your assignments are potentially more real-world that anything you’d ever find in a physical university.

Oh, they call them Nano Degrees, which not only sounds cool but will stand out from the crowd when you’re promoting them.

Udacity Nano Degrees Affiliate Program Stats

With college fees and student debt in the United States on the rise with every passing minute, now is as good a time as any to promote a form of decentralized education.

The proliferation of high-speed broadband networks is making this more viable than ever.

And you’ll get paid $100 for every single student you introduce to Udacity.

URL: Udacity affiliate program

Commission rate: $100 per sale

Average commission: $100 per sale

EPC: $53.18

Cookie duration: 30 days

Bonus High Paying Affiliate Program: Authority Hacker

And in the most shameless plug possible, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that we run our very own affiliate program.

Authority Hacker Affiliate Program

Yes, there are dozens of other IM-type products out there, but we actually do what we teach – it’s not just theory.

In fact, we’ll overhaul entire courses if we find a better or more efficient way to do something.

That’s while everyone else is rolling out the same old rehashed nonsense they have been since about 2006.

Everything in this course is based on proven techniques and strategies that can help you build a profitable authority site, and without pissing Google off.

What do we pay? Up to $1,000 per sale.

You can learn more about the Authority Hacker affiliate program by clicking here.


So, there you have it – 15 high paying affiliate programs that you can sign up for.

We did our best to include a wide variety of programs, but our focus was on how much affiliates (you) get paid.

And in some cases, that’s up to $300 per sale, which is absolutely nuts when you think about it.
10 referrals like that each month is job replacement income for the majority of people.

You like the idea of replacing your day job?

Well, why not step this way, and sign up for our free training program on how to start an authority site?

You get over 2 hours of free guidance and advice on this “making money with a website” stuff from two guys who do it for a living.

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