Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which Is Better?

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Jasper AI and Copy AI are both amazing AI writing assistants. Both of them can help you kickstart your writing process, and even output first-draft-worthy content.

But which one is better overall?

Which one should you pick for long-form content? What about short-form?

Which one is more affordable?

These are just some of the questions I want to answer in this article. If you’re curious about them, keep reading our Jasper AI vs Copy AI comparison.

⏰ TL;DR: Jasper AI vs Copy AI
Jasper AI has a better long-form assistant, more integrations, and extra features like SEO mode and plagiarism checker.
Copy AI is cheaper than Jasper AI and has more templates for short-form content. It can sometimes generate better copy for social media posts or emails.
Jasper AI is the best choice for long-form content and advanced features.  Copy AI is a good option for short-form content and bootstrapping budgets.

Copy AI vs Jasper AI: A Quick Overview

If you’re looking for a quick answer, and money isn’t a problem, pick Jasper AI.

It’s just overall better — better output, better (or even) UX, and more integrations. Basically, anything you might need out of an AI tool, Jasper has it.

So why would anyone pick Copy AI?

The main reason is pricing: Copy AI is cheaper than Jasper. Not to mention, it has more templates, and it can sometimes output better short-form content.

Copy AI Pricing

So if you’re bootstrapping…

If you’re only focused on short marketing copy…

Or if you like working with templates more than you do with a writing assistant…

Copy AI can be a smart investment.

But as always, the devil’s in the details. Let’s dig deeper for a fair comparison of Jasper AI vs Copy AI.

How Jasper AI and Copy AI work

AI writing assistants use the power of artificial intelligence to create content “out of thin air”.

Well, technically, out of some form of input from the user — that’s you.

Here’s how it works in most cases (Jasper and Copy AI included):

Step 1: You pick a content template:

Jasper AI Template List

Most AI writing tools have dozens of these, focused on commonly needed copy like Facebook Ads, blog article introductions, or video descriptions.

Step 2: You input some details about your desired content output. In most cases, this’ll be a keyword, or a short product description:

Jasper Requesting Information

Step 3:You wait for a little while.

Step 4: And then you get some variations of the output you requested:

Jasper Example Output

That’s the basics of how AI writing works. 

But it’s not al encompassing.

Well, not for Jasper AI at least. Because in this tool, you can also use a long-form assistant to create content:

Jasper's Long Form Assistant

(as long as you get the Boss Mode plan)

And this long-form assistant makes your life 10 times easier.

 Because in it, you can just give commands to Jasper, like you would talk to another human:

Jasper Commands

And based on these commands, Jasper will output qualitative content. Well, to be fair, it’s not high-quality all the time, but we’ll get to that as well

As you can guess, this is so much easier than using a different template every time.

And that’s a wrap. That’s more or less the front of Jasper AI and Copy AI.

So What’s Under the Hood

While there are slight differences between Copy AI and Jasper AI’s technology (most notably the long-form assistant we just talked about), they’re two peas from the same pod.

That’s because both of them are based on the same API: OpenAI’s GPT-3.

Open AI Website Min

GPT-3 is a language model that uses deep learning to output human-like text.

I won’t go too much into detail about how it works — mainly because I’m not an expert on AI technology, so I couldn’t even explain it properly in-depth.

But I will mention a few things important to our comparison:

  1. Since most AI writing tools use GPT-3, the differences in content output will usually be minor. However, our tests show that Jasper usually outperforms other apps based on GPT-3. At least as far as content quality is concerned.
  1. When it was launched a few years ago, it indexed 10% of the internet. And it hasn’t been updated since. This means that you can’t write topical content with apps based on GPT-3. It also means that content you output with GPT-3 needs to be heavily fact-checker.

Getting Started With Jasper AI vs Copy AI

AI writing assistants are complex. They’re built on very complicated technology, and the things they can do honestly still astound me sometimes.

But that doesn’t mean they’re hard to use.

By and large, most AI writing assistants are actually very easy to use. Jasper and Copy AI are no exception. 

When you sign-up for either of the tools, you’ll get a short guide telling you what’s where:

Copy AI Starting Guide

From that point, both dashboards are pretty intuitive:

Copy AI Dashboard

And it’s straightforward to pick a template, fill some stuff in, and get decent content in return.

I personally like Jasper AI’s design a bit better. But I’ve seen other reviewers say the same thing about Copy AI, so this one’s purely subjective.

Jasper AI Interface

And that’s how you get started with both tools.

What do you get for it? How good is their output?

Jasper vs Copy AI: Which One Outputs Better Content

If you want our quick take, here it is: Jasper AI’s content output is much better. If you want consistent high-quality content, get Jasper.

But Copy AI’s content isn’t bad.

It can generate excellent copy, especially for things like social media posts or emails.

I think to properly illustrate this comparison, it’s helpful to discuss each type of content in part.

Long-form content

Copy AI has some templates to help you with long-form content.

For example, it can generate a blog post intro for you:

Copy AI Blog Template

These templates will come in handy, and they can streamline your workflow, or writing process.

However, they pale in comparison to Jasper AI’s writing assistant.

Copy AI is limited to writing snippets from a larger content piece.

With Jasper AI, you can write the whole thing. You just have to explain Jasper what your post is about, and it’ll take over:

Jasper AI Helping Editorial Process

At any point, you can edit its output, make it write more/less, and even give it new information to take into account while it’s writing:

It’s not as fast as a “blog post template”, like some AI writing tools have.

But it’s more effective.

And the output can be really good. Especially if you spend the time to teach Jasper AI how to write better. If that piqued your interest, don’t forget to read our Jasper review.

With a trained Jasper AI, I could output thousands of words in a matter of minutes.

Sure, they weren’t publish-ready. Still needed a solid edit. 

Jasper AI Bad Output

But they were akin to a first draft you’d get from a low to medium freelancer.

Now I gave blog posts as an example.

But everything I’ve mentioned applies to all types of long-form content: sales pages, video scripts, you name it, you can probably write it faster in Jasper’s long-form assistant.

But while Copy AI had an answer for blog post writing — read our Copy AI review to find out more — there’s no such thing for other types of long-form content.

And that’s why Jasper is 110% the better choice for when a few hundred words won’t cut it.

Short-form Content

The situation’s a bit different for short-form content. That doesn’t mean Jasper can’t do short-form though.

Quite the opposite.

It has a lot of templates for short-form content, some of which are really good.

The social media posts are very nice, for example:

Jasper AI Pinterest Description

However, Copy AI can compete here.

Its short-form templates aren’t always flawless. But some of them do output almost publish-ready drafts. For example, the email template is good:

Copy AI Email Template

Whether you want to outreach, answer support queries, or just send a lot of internal emails, Copy AI can help.

Putting These Tools To The Test

If you want a detailed breakdown of each tools’ output, you can check out their reviews. Both the Jasper AI review, and the Copy AI review feature performance tests, as well as detailed breakdowns of all/most of their templates.

Copy AI Templates

If you don’t want to read through the reviews, here’s a breakdown of our findings:

  • Jasper AI is much better at producing short blog posts (although not nearly as good as a human writer yet)
  • Some of Copy AI’s template outputs, especially the email and marketing ones, are really good
  • Both Jasper And Copy AI’s content need to be heavily fact-checked
  • Copy AI can often end up repeating itself, or just repeating your input

Bottom line is this: none of the tools are foolproof, and Copy AI can drop the ball more often than Jasper AI.

But they can also excel, especially with good input.

If you want a deeper dive into their different supported content types, keep reading. It’s time to talk templates.

Jasper vs Copy AI: Which One Has Better Templates

In short, Jasper AI has more templates that output good content. If you want the widest possible variety with the best content output, pick Jasper AI.

But Copy AI isn’t short behind.

In fact, Copy AI has way more templates than Jasper – over 90 of them. Even if some of them are called “tools”.

Copy AI Dashboard Explained

Meanwhile, Jasper’s template count sits at around 50.

The comparison here is pretty similar to content output.

Jasper has better templates for long-form.

Copy AI has more (and sometimes better) templates for short-form content.

Both tools also let you create custom templates.

Which is a really helpful feature. If you often need a specific type of content, you can create a custom template to improve your workflow creating that piece of copy.

It can even be something that either tools have a template for.

Let’s say you often write video descriptions for YouTube. You can use a built-in template for it:

Jasper AI YouTube Content

But you will get mixed results.

With a custom video description template, you can get higher quality copy. When you submit a template input, and an example output, the AI can generate a video description that’s specific to your needs.

It might not be publish-ready yet.

But if your example output has easy-to-identify characteristics, the AI will replicate them. For example, you can add a keyword in the example input, then use that as a CTA at the end of your example output.

You can sometimes communicate with an AI like you would with another human being. That’s what Jasper’s Boss Mode is for.

But still, AI can’t understand language and nuance like humans do.

You need to structure information if you want the machine to get it.

And that’s why Jasper comes ahead in the custom template race as well.

On top of the ability to create your own custom templates.

Jasper AI Boss Mode users also get the long-form assistant.

Technically, this can’t help you create templates. It’s just a document editor with a fancy AI command on top of it:

 Jasper AI Compose Button

But if you’re smart about it, you can turn the long-form assistant into an overpowered custom template tool.

Advanced Templates In Jasper AI

Think about it: custom templates take one input and one output as an example. 

That’s a tiny sample size.

So if you want to teach your AI to do more, you can structure information in a way the AI gets it, giving several inputs/outputs.

For example, we have a tool that we use to create article intros for dog food blog posts.

When we started it, we structured information in a way that was flexible and easily comprehensible:

Jasper AI Template Info

Just a few details about the breed, keyword, and the like.

We gave the assistant some guidance, and a few examples of inputs and outputs.

The AI writing assistant analyzes these sections. Whenever you press “Compose”, the content Jasper outputs will consider these templates.

Jasper AI Custom Template Result

So there you have it.

Advanced custom templates.

And you can only create them in Jasper. Copy AI (and all other Ai tools for that matter) don’t have any tool to compete with Jasper’s long-form assistant.

Supported Languages: Is There a Difference Here

No, not really.

These are the languages Jasper AI supports:

Jasper AI Lanugages

And these are the languages Copy AI supports:

Copy AI Supported Languages

As you can see, there’s no real difference between the tools. English, Spanish, and other often spoken languages are covered in both. Not to mention, you get a decent amount of languages you don’t see supported often in content tools.

It’s very likely that supported languages won’t be the most important factor when choosing between Jasper AI and Copy AI.

However, if you need more languages than what these two offer, you might want to give Rytr a try.

It’s one of the only AI writing assistants that support Hindi, for example.

If you need more languages, give it a try.

It’s more or less on par with Copy AI. It just has fewer templates and an outdated (but compact) interface.

Other Features and Quirks

Copy AI is straigthforward.

You need help overcoming writer’s block? You want a simple and fast AI content generator?

Copy AI has you covered.

There aren’t too many special extra features or fancy tricks.

Jasper’s the exact opposite.

It has a lot of extra features that can help you output content faster.

For starters, Jasper AI has an SEO mode, which enables SEO Surfer in Jasper’s document editor:

Jasper AI SEO Mode

It would be MUCH more helpful if Google allowed AI-generated content. Which it doesn’t, at the moment.

But if you want to risk upsetting the algorithm, this set-up is really helpful.

On top of the SEO mode, Jasper AI also features add-ons like a plagiarism checker, a grammar checker, an integration with Grammarly, and more.

Needless to say, if you want a good AI writing tool, that’s also a comprehensive document editor, Jasper AI is your best bet.

Pricing: The Big Reason To Choose Copy AI

Reading this article, you may get the impression that Jasper AI is the all-around better choice.

That’s because it is.

However, Jasper AI is also pretty expensive. You might not get that when first checking the price for these tools.

Here’s how much you’ll pay on Jasper AI:

Jasper AI Pricing

And here’s how much Copy AI costs:

Copy AI Pricing

They’re pretty similar, right? At least for the cheapest plan.

Well, somewhat. 

The thing is, Jasper is a shell of itself for the cheapest plan. If you really want to make the most of the tool and get access to all the cool features we highlighted in this article, you’ll need the Boss Mode.

Which costs a lot of money.

A fraction of what you’d pay on content, yes.

But a lot of money nonetheless. Especially when compared to what you get for Copy AI’s cheapest plan.

Conclusion: Jasper AI or Copy AI

Copy AI can be a great pick if you’re a bootstrapping marketing agency. It’s cheap, and it has tons of templates for short-form copy. If you do any copy or content writing and want to dip your toes into the AI market without breaking the bank, Copy AI is probably the best option.

However, get Jasper AI’s Boss Mode if you want the real deal — advanced long-form assistant, high-quality output, and tons of extra tools.

If you don’t like either, don’t forget to check out our roundups on the best AI writing software and Jasper AI alternatives.

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