9 Best Job Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

The jobs market has changed. Recruiters now often ask candidates why they stayed in the same job for a decade.

Even how people search for jobs has changed, with online job boards and career-matching algorithms replacing printed job postings. 

Long story short, job seekers have their work cut out for them. But you can help make things easier for them.

Thanks to the job affiliate programs we dug up for you, you can make a bank while doing that.

But this niche has many awful affiliate offers, so we had to get creative. You’re about to read a lesson on engaging those lateral thinking muscles to make your site more profitable.

Let’s get going.

Job Affiliate Programs

  1. Staples Affiliate Program
  2. Resumes Planet Affiliate Program
  3. 360 Training Affiliate Program
  4. Interview Questions Affiliate Program
  5. Find My Profession Affiliate Program
  6. TEFL Academy Affiliate Program
  7. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  8. JC Penney Affiliate Program
  9. Brooks Brothers Affiliate Program
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1 Staples

Staples Homepage Screenshot

Okay, so your visitors could layout and print their resumes at home. But they would be better off letting Staples do that for them because the paper and print quality will be much higher.

Now, here’s the really clever part. Your job seekers then use Staples to create a range of promotional products, bundling them with their resumes.

This allows them to create a self-branded lumpy mail package, hopefully attracting a recruiter’s attention. Job seekers need every advantage they can get these days.

This affiliate program pays a commission rate of 4% on all printing orders. The real pain in the ass here is the 1-day cookie, so only send fully pre-qualified traffic to their offers.

And remember, this should be a bolt-on affiliate program for your site portfolio, not the only program you promote.

2 Resumes Planet

Resumes Planet Homepage Screenshot

Writing a great resume is part art and part copywriting; most people make a total mess of it.

Job seekers often include too much, too little, or irrelevant information—like the competition they won when they were 12. I kid you not, I’ve been handed an 8-page resume with certificates in Irish dancing attached to it.

That’s why a service like Resumes Planet makes so much sense for the average job seeker. They have an entire team of specialists ready to craft your perfect resume.

Are their services cheap? Nope.

Are they effective? Their affiliate network performance indicates they’re making much money, which would be a “Yes.”

Their entry-level package is $135, but their average order value is $196 – the extra from add-on services.

That means you get paid $49 based on their 25% commission rate. You can make almost $50 for every person you help find a new career or job.

3 360 Training

360 Training Homepage Screenshot

Job seekers who want to improve their employment prospects should consider some additional training. This is especially true for those who want to work in regulated industries, where OSHA training is mandatory, for example. 

360 Training offers a wide range of courses, covering everything from HR to financial services, from food and alcohol handling to realty and other career paths.

There are 6,000 courses for your visitors to choose from. And with several million job openings in the United States, now is a good time to re-skill.

Affiliates get paid 15% for every sale they refer. And considering some of these training programs can cost thousands of dollars, there’s the potential for hefty affiliate payouts.

4 Interview Questions

Interview Questions Homapage Screenshot

Finding a job isn’t always where job seekers struggle the most. Where they usually cost themselves that new role during the interview.

This typically happens because they are nervous, unprepared, or both. So why not show your visitors how they can hack the interview process – figuring out how to answer any question that comes their way in advance?

Imagine how much easier any job interview would be if you could prepare for every question before it was asked. That’s pretty much what your visitors can find on the Interview Questions and Answers website and how I’d pitch the offer to them.

Affiliates promoting this product get paid a flat $20 per sale, which equates to a 61% commission rate.

We would never normally feature ClickBank affiliate programs with a ‘Gravity’ score of 10. But I’m going to make an exception this time.

Because there’s hidden potential here, a good marketer can overcome this product’s “dated” landing page with some solid pre-selling. Plus, they’ve sold 31,000 copies of this product, which has merit.

5 Find My Profession

Find My Profession Homepage Screenshot

At first glance, Find My Profession would appear to be another resume writing service, and it is a good one. However, they also offer a career coaching service, which takes things to the next level for job hunters.

Firstly, they start by polishing/creating your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. They then search job boards for relevant job postings and apply to approved jobs for you! 

An additional step is networking with the right people in “target” employers, and they even help you with interview prep by phone, email, or chat.

Your job-seeking audience can save over 200 hours of personal time by outsourcing their job search to Find My Profession. This is super-clever stuff.

You’ll get paid 10% for every sale as an affiliate, with an average payout of $119 per customer. That’s why there’s a little red box around that figure above.

If you can find a way to promote this program, it can be more than worth your while. 

6 TEFL Academy

Tefl Academy Homepage Screenshot

Job hunting is a chore. Who wants to spend hours looking at job board after job board? Applying, waiting, and then dealing with rejections.

So, maybe some of your visitors would be interested in combining a new job with travel to exotic locations. If that’s the case, then taking a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course might just be the answer to their prayers.

TEFL Academy supplies regulated training courses that teach visitors everything they need about teaching English overseas.

The simple fact is this: There’s a huge demand for TEFL teachers all over the world – the TEFL market in China alone is worth US$4.5 billion. So if your audience can’t find a job at home, they might need to look further afield.

Affiliates promoting this program will get paid a 10% cut of every sale they make, and you have a 90-day cookie to play with. Each sale of a course should be worth at least $33 to you based on their average order value. Which is 2.5x more than pay for similar affiliate programs.

8 Fiverr

Fiverr Homepage Screenshot

The whole employment scene has morphed. Employers encourage employees to work remotely, with many staff members living in different countries.

Some are even predicting a total shift from a “jobs” economy to a gig economy. So, looking at job boards might actually be a complete waste of time.

But let’s say you’re between jobs – you still have bills to pay, right?

Fiverr is an easy way to get started with a side hustle that can help you pay your bills or maybe even replace your day job, That’s what happened to many people who started using this platform to earn utility bill money but now run their gigs full-time.

Promoting the Fiverr affiliate program on your website can net you affiliate payments of up to $150 per transaction. And although that’s the exception rather than the rule, you can typically expect to get $25 for every successful referral.

9 JC Penney

Jc Penny Homepage Screenshot

Now, we come to the business casual clothing section of the competition, which features JC Penney first.

We’ve covered other aspects of monetizing the job-hunting niche, including job boards, resumes, career coaching, interview skills, and job search boards. But your visitors also need to look the part during an interview – and that’s exactly why you can promote the JC Penney site to them.

They sell a huge range of business casual clothing for both men and women, which is also affordable. But more importantly, they also have exceptional ‘Network Earnings’ performance on CJ.

So, although they only offer a 3% share of all affiliate referrals, their sheer affiliate sales volume will more than make up for that.

10 Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Homepage Screenshot

Brooks Brothers is another business clothing affiliate program for a slightly different audience. It’s for job applicants who want to make the best possible impression during an interview, and money is no object.

So, these products are better suited to job seekers looking for executive positions or above. That’s not snobbery – it’s just a fact of life.

Certain job interviews require you to meet specific expectations, like not showing up in a shirt and pants. Plus, there are many “executive” job seekers out there these days—the whole market is very “fluid.” 

So why not provide them with the job search skills they need and some high-quality threads, too?

Affiliate programs like this don’t need to be pre-sold to your visitors. This is a prestigious, recognizable clothing line, so you need to link to them where appropriate.

You’ll earn a 6% share of every sale you make, and when you take their EPC and ‘Network’ earnings score into account, affiliates are making serious money promoting their offers.

Over to You

Now, to the finer details and an important truth or two.

We did want to feature both Recruiter.com and Monster.com, but we’re waiting to hear back from their affiliate manager on some program specifics.

There weren’t enough profitable “job board” affiliate programs to list in this roundup.

But then I thought, “But there’s so much more to monetizing this niche…” You’ve just read the result.

The ”job affiliate programs” you see listed on other sites are pretty worthless – you’d be lucky to make $150 per year promoting them.

Yes, per year. We know you’re reading this because you want or need to make more money than you are right now.

This is entirely possible with an affiliate website.

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