11 Best Keto Affiliate Programs in 2022

Spending 5 minutes online is enough to understand that a new fad diet appears almost every single day.

But very few of them actually have any foundation in science.

Unlike the keto diet.

This is why it continues to be a popular choice with everyone from those who just want to lose a few pounds all the way through to Olympic athletes.

And more importantly – from an affiliate’s perspective – it’s part of the weight loss niche.

Potentially one of the most lucrative niches out there.

You see, we know what it looks like when you tap into these types of niches:

Affiliate Earnings

With all that said, weight loss can be a very competitive niche.

So you’ll need to pitch the very best keto affiliate programs you can find if you want to succeed.

And as luck would have it, we just happen to have researched 10 of the very best of these affiliate programs for your reading pleasure.

Let’s get started!

Keto Affiliate Programs

  1. KetoGeek
  2. Green Chef Keto Meals
  3. The Keto Box
  4. Real Ketones
  5. Perfect Keto
  6. Custom Keto Diet
  7. Lumen Metabolism Tracker
  8. Kiss My Keto
  9. Keto Resource
  10. Key Eats
  11. Keto Breads


Ketogeek Homepage

KetoGeek sells something called “energy pods”, which it describes as the “meal of the future”. So what the heck are they?

Well, they’re essentially snack pots made from premium cacao, coffee, nuts, lab-tested protein, and fatty acids. Mmmmm, delicious! But they actually come in some pretty tasty-sounding flavors, including chocolate fudge, pecan coconut, and white chocolate strawberry.

According to KetoGeek, energy pods are perfect for athletes who want to improve performance and tap into a source of clean energy without compromising on taste.

A one-time purchase of a single energy pod costs $9.95, or alternatively, customers can save 10% by subscribing to 30, 60, or 90-day deliveries.

KetoGeek’s affiliate program pays a standard commission of 10% on all sales made within the 60-day referral window. Sign up via a simple online form on the KetoGeek website.

URL: KetoGeek affiliate program

Commission: 10%

Cookie duration: 60 days

Green Chef Keto Meals

Green Chef Keto Meals Homepage Screenshot

Following the keto diet sounds like a great idea.

You get to lose weight and eat lots of delicious, fatty foods. 

Until you realize that involves preparing all of your own meals…from ingredients you buy in a store.

Or you could just pay Green Chef to do all the hard work of sourcing ingredients and preparing keto meal plans for you.

While they don’t only specialize in keto-friendly meals their menu is diverse enough to keep even the fussiest eater satisfied. 

Plus, your keto meal ingredients and recipes are delivered to your front door.

So you can’t forget to follow your eating plan.

These meals also don’t cost the earth – each one costs around $7 per serving.

And now we get to the important stuff – how much you can expect to earn promoting this affiliate marketing offer?

Well, that’s a flat $15 for each new customer you send their way.

But there does not appear to be an option for recurring income here, although we did find some keto affiliate programs that do – keep reading to find out what they are.

URL: Green Chef affiliate program

Commission:  US$15

Cookie duration: 7 days

The Keto Box 

The Keto Box Homepage Screenshot

Subscription boxes are all the rage, so it makes sense for there to be at least one for keto dieters.

In the case of The Keto Box, your visitors get at least 10 low carb/keto products in each package.

You get cookies, nuts, dried meats, and sweets – all of them keto-friendly.

But you also get actual cookie and brownie mixes, so you can make an entire batch of the products to eat at your leisure.

They even include a 28-day keto meal plan, so you’re not stuck for ideas for your next meal.

A really nice touch is you also receive a free 20-minute coaching call after your 2nd month – just to make sure you’re still on track.

In terms of pricing, their basic monthly subscription box costs $40.

But you can get them for as little as $36 if you buy a 6-month subscription upfront.

You’ll earn a healthy 15% commission rate for all products sold for this ketogenic affiliate program.

So, based on the average order value for this program, you can expect to make around $12 per transaction. 

The 1-day cookie is a pain in the ass though – it’s the only real downside to their affiliate marketing program.

URL: The Keto Box affiliate program

Commission: 15%

Cookie duration: 1 day

Real Ketones 

Reveal Ketones Homepage Screenshot

The keto diet has been around for a long time and has gone under many names e.g. the low-carb or high-fat diet.

But the health benefits are obvious, especially when it comes to weight loss and energy levels.

The tough part is ensuring that you’re getting keto-friendly foods that are also of the highest quality.

And that’s exactly what Real Ketones is all about.

The founders of this company have invested millions of dollars to ensure their products contain only the highest quality ketones.

These products include chips, powders, shots, protein powders, coffee creamer, and even multivitamin products.

So your visitors get to enjoy not only the keto supplements they’re craving but a wide variety of tasty snacks too.

Each of which is designed to help keep your body in ketosis.

Their base affiliate commission rate is 15%, which is about average for many of the keto affiliate programs we found.

But that goes up to 20% if you can sell more than $10,000 worth of their products per month. 

And 25% if you can refer more than $20,000 of affiliate sales in a given calendar month. 

URL: Real Ketones affiliate program

Commission: Up to 25%

Cookie duration: 60 days

Perfect Keto 

Perfect Keto Homepage Screenshot

It can be difficult sometimes to choose which products to promote in the keto niche.

So it’s nice to know that Perfect Keto was started by Dr. Anthony Gustin – an actual doctor and not just a social media “expert”.

Their products include all kinds of good stuff like snack bars, nut butter, cookies, and even keto coffee.

I had no idea keto coffee was a thing until about five minutes ago.

Anyways, their store also sells protein powders, MCT oil powder, and exogenous ketone base products.

The latter of those simply being a ketone rich powder that you can take to keep your body in a state of ketosis.

Or basically, everything you need to enjoy a ketogenic lifestyle.

But an important distinction with their keto products is that they’re all completely natural.

There are no fillers or chemicals used to add volume, they don’t use grain, soy, or any added sugars.

Can you say that about the other keto diet affiliate programs you were thinking of promoting?

So how does this offer measure up against the other affiliate programs in this roundup?

It would appear that their affiliates are making a lot of money promoting their products. 

They pay 15% commission for every sale made through your affiliate links, and they the largest EPC of any of the affiliate programs featured. 

URL: Perfect Keto affiliate program

Commission: 15%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Custom Keto Diet 

Custom Keto Diet Homepage Screenshot

The Western world might be in the midst of an obesity pandemic.

But the truth of the matter is that nobody really wants to be fat.

It’s just that food is delicious – especially the types of food you shouldn’t consume in large quantities.

But what if there was a diet where you eat most of your favorite foods…and still lose weight?

The Custom Keto Diet claims to offer your visitors that exact outcome.

Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all keto diet plan, each of their programs is tailored to your exact body type, your personal circumstances, your weight loss goals, and most importantly, what you actually enjoy eating.

Because that’s where most people fall off the wagon with their diet – they’re forced to eat foods they basically hate. 

This keto diet plan fixes that particular problem by helping you create meals you’ll actually enjoy eating.

You’ll earn an average of $26.08 in affiliate commission for each sale you make for this keto affiliate program.

But there’s also an upsell, where you’ll earn 75% of any backend products your visitors purchase, bringing your average commission per sale up to $41.28.

That’s the second-highest upfront payout of any of the keto affiliate programs listed. 

URL: Custom Keto diet affiliate program

Commission: 65%

Cookie duration: 60 days

Lumen Metabolism Tracker

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Homepage Screenshot

The basics of a ketogenic diet are that you cut down on the number of carbs you eat, forcing your body to use stored fat as energy instead.

This process is known as ketosis.

The problem with ketosis is that you’re kinda left guessing whether or not you’re still in that metabolic state.

Unless you’re using something like the Lumen Metabolism tracker.

This neat little device will tell you whether or not your body is burning fat or carbs to provide you with energy.

All you have to do is breathe into it and it provides you with an almost-instant result.

There’s a lot of social proof behind this product too – several Olympic athletes use it.

This is a definite ketogenic lifestyle accessory for those who take their health seriously.

Lumen is one of those tangential affiliate programs we love finding.

Especially because it can be worth a lot of money to any affiliate who puts effort into promoting it.

Basically, you earn $50 for each sale.

That’s the biggest upfront payout of any of the keto affiliate programs in our roundup.

URL: Lumen affiliate program

Commission: $50 per sale

Cookie duration: Thirty days

Kiss My Keto 

Kiss My Keto Homepage Screenshot

Kiss My Keto came to be because the co-founders couldn’t find the keto-friendly products they wanted locally.

Or what food products they did find failed their macronutrient testing i.e. they weren’t suitable for a keto dieter.

So they set up their own business instead. 

Their online store stocks the usual selection of keto snacks, supplements, and exogenous ketone capsules.

But they also have their own range of keto breads.

And that fact alone makes them worth promoting.

Because keto dieters miss eating bread in a way that can’t be expressed without using interpretive dance.

This is also a relatively new brand so the usual affiliate marketing benefits of being an early adopter apply here. 

So how well does this affiliate offer compare to the other keto affiliate programs in this roundup?

Well, they pay an average 10% commission rate on all sales, but up to 15% depending on volume.

They also currently have a 9% conversion rate, so around 1-in-10 of your affiliate referrals will result in a sale being credited to your account.

URL: Kiss My Keto affiliate program

Commission: Up to 15%

Cookie duration: 90 days

Keto Resource 

Keto Resource Homepage Screenshot

It takes 30 days to break a habit like eating crappy food.

Well, it really takes more like 90 days, but we’d have to go off on a tangent about neuroplasticity…so let’s not go there.

But what does remain true is that the first 30 days of changing your eating habits are the critical ones.

It’s when your visitors are most likely to fall off the keto wagon.

So the Keto Resource gives you a 28-day plan to follow, detailing exactly what types of meals you should eat for that first month.

You get a menu guide with ten keto breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes to follow as well as recipes for 36 tasty desserts.

These are then backed up with great support materials like “Mastering Macronutrients”, “Intermittent Fasting”, and “Staying in Ketosis”.

This affiliate marketing program pays a whopping 97% commission rate.

Which means you’ll earn an average of $21.89 per sale for promoting their products.

They also have an upsell buried in the backend, but you only get 1% affiliate commission on that.

URL: Keto Resource affiliate program

Commission:  97%

Cookie duration: 60 days

Key Eats 

Key Facts Homepage Screenshot

One of the biggest complaints about the ketogenic diet is that it’s perceived as being unhealthy because of the high-fat content of the foods consumed.

So Key Eats looks to challenge that assumption with a “heart-healthy” approach to keto.

And they do this as holistically as is possible for a single company.

They provide you with all the tools you need, from ready-made keto-friendly snacks and bars to their ‘Keybreath Sensor’ which allows you to check your ketosis level wherever you are.

But without using weird strips or pin-prick blood tests.

You can also go with ‘Key Eats Premium’ which gives you access to their keto dieting app and all other products but at a discount.

So what has this ketogenic diet affiliate program got to offer the average marketer?

You have a 10% affiliate commission rate to work with, and their average order value is almost $90 per transaction.

So all of that combined with a better than 5% conversion rate means this one should make your shortlist of affiliate programs to promote.

URL: Key Eats affiliate program

Commission: 10% 

Cookie duration: 90 days

Keto Breads 

Keto Breads Homepage Screenshot

Bread is one of those foods you take for granted.

Until you can’t have it – which is exactly what happens when you’re on a keto.

Bread is full of carbs, you’re on a low carb diet, so therefore bread = the enemy. 

Keto Breads has a solution though – bread and dessert recipes that are both Keto and Paleo-friendly.

Don’t think you can make your own bread, biscuits, crackers or pizza base?

The recipes are super-simple – they’re designed for the rank amateur because very few people actually make their own bread at home, right?

So all your visitors have to do is follow a step-by-step process and voilá- homemade keto bread. 

This keto affiliate program pays a 74% commission rate on each sale you make.

So you can expect to earn around $19 for each affiliate referral.

But there’s no backend product, so you’re out of luck if you’re looking for recurring commissions. 

URL: Keto Breads affiliate program

Commission: 74%

Cookie duration: 60 days

Over to You

Some affiliate niches surprise me more than others and the keto niche definitely makes that list.

Basically, the available keto affiliate programs were far more varied than I’d assumed they might be.

Plus, there are tangential products to promote like food delivery services and metabolism trackers.

And there are lots of other affiliate programs to work with besides the ones we listed.

So there’s a lot of scope here to make a pretty respectable income from your affiliate marketing efforts.

But you’ll enjoy more success if you have a solid foundation to work from.

Which involves knowing how to dig into your niche and build a great affiliate website.

If you find yourself with more questions than answers in this regard, then why not sign up for our free training?

By the time you’re done, you’ll have a firm grasp of what it takes to make money with your affiliate marketing business.

And you’ll even understand the basics of putting an affiliate website together.

You literally have nothing to lose…except maybe watching two episodes of some TV show that won’t do anything to improve your financial status.

So just tell us what email address to send your invite to and we’ll take care of everything else.