Weight Loss Affiliate: Is It Worth It And What Are The Best Programs?

American spend more than $60 billion each year trying to lose weight.

But, people are wary of the weight loss and diet industry.

A recent survey shows that 77% of people think that diets are not as healthy as they used to be. While, in the same survey, 66% of respondents stated that they do not think that diets are actually healthy at all.

So, with all this skepticism, is there still money to be made in weight loss affiliate marketing?

Let’s find out.

The Weight Loss Industry by Numbers

  • 1 in 3: The number of Americans that are obese
  • 2 in 3: The number of Americans classed as overweight
  • 5%: The percentage of Americans with extreme obesity
  • 3770: The daily caloric intake by an average American adult
  • 77%: The percentage of Americans trying to eat healthier
  • 45 million: The number of Americans who diet each year
  • $1.18 billion: Weight Watchers revenue in 2016

What are People Searching For?

Weight Loss Affiliate keyword trend
Keyword Difficulty Volume (desc)
paleo diet 79 259,000
weight loss calculator 34 42,000
adele weight loss 8 39,000
mediterranean diet recipes 24 16,000
how to eat healthy 58 12,000
what is the paleo diet 68 9,600
how to lose body fat 31 8,300
belly fat diet 58 4,400
best weight loss program 41 4,200
eating healthy on a budget 39 4,200
best diet pills for women 24 4,100
loose skin after weight loss 26 3,700
prescription weight loss pills 57 3,400
herbalife weight loss 4 2,600
weight loss camp 41 1,200
weight loss journal 4 1,200
diet tracker 76 1,100

As you can see for the monthly search volumes, there is a great deal of search traffic for weight loss keywords.

People are very interested in “fad diets”. Diets, such as the Paleo, Santa Clarita or Atkins, have very high search volumes. There are opportunities to market info products such as books, ebooks or even courses when targeting these keywords.

However, they are also extremely competitive keywords. Many of these “fad diets” have entire websites that specialize in that specific diet.

For example, thepaleodiet.com has over 8,000 referring domains according to Ahrefs.

PaleoDiet.com Ahrefs overview

It is going to be very difficult to rank in Google against very powerful websites that are also very specialized. It will take a substantial period of time, even with a great link building strategy.

When doing keyword research, I was surprised by the volume of searches related to celebrities. “Adele weight loss” is searched for 39,000 times per month yet the difficulty for that keyword is only 8.

This trend was repeated with a number of celebrities. There seems to be an opportunity to generate significant traffic to a weight loss websites that focuses on celebrities. There are different things that you can do with this traffic. It can be monetized by promoting products that the celebrities used to lose the weight. Or, it is actually enough traffic to monetize through advertisements.

However, what this keyword shows is that there are still niche opportunities in the weight loss market. It is not an area that is completely saturated.

On the other hand, there are attractive looking keywords that you may want to avoid. Something like “herbalife weight loss” looks very attractive on the surface. They are a big company. You may even know someone that works with Herbalife. They have a very visible MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) scheme. This is not the same as an affiliate marketing scheme. I would always recommend you to be wary of anything you have to put your own money into up front.

Weight loss is as industry worth a lot of money. There are definitely industry practices that are ethically questionable. My advice is to be cautious and make sure you completely understand what you are getting into with each program you sign up to.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

In 2015, Dr. Axe made $11.6 million.

Dr. Axe

While Dr. Axe is a wider health website, a large percentage of what he does is based upon healthy eating and nutrition.

It shows that it is possible for weight loss to be a stand alone website or a larger health website.

Whereas, a website like Diary of a Fit Mommy, shows that it is possible to segment the market further and still generate revenue in the weight loss niche.

Diary of a Fit Mommy

Sia Cooper makes over $100,000 per year from her blog targeting women who are or have been pregnant.

What Weight Loss Affiliate Marketing Offers are Out There?

Amazon Associates makes life a lot easier when looking for offers.

In other industries, such as personal finance, you need to scour the web for the best deals. You are forced to sign up for whatever affiliate network the major banks are working with.

In the weight loss field, there is an entire dedicated section on Amazon.

Amazon Weight Loss Supplements

There are pros and cons to the Amazon affiliate program. On top of that, there was also a massive update to the Amazon affiliate program at the beginning of 2017. In this update, commission was slashed across a range of products.

On top of all of the physical products that are available to promote, one of the great things about weight loss is the ability to promote info products. Info products can be anything that teaches your readers something. It could be a recipe book or a course, for example.

An example of such is the Adonis Golden Ratio system.

Weight Loss Affiliate product

This is an exercise and diet training program. There is an affiliate program available through Clickbank.

Weight Loss affiliate product on Clickbank

In the above screenshot from Clickbank, you can see that this offer pays out 75% of the sale. So, with one sale per day of this product, your site can be making close to $1,000 per month.

With many similar products in this market, you can quickly see how you could generate significant revenue in the weight loss niche.

What are the Pros of Weight Loss Affiliate Marketing?

  • A big market: There are big numbers out there. A lot of people are interested in dieting and weight loss.
  • Lots of Niches: The market is still not saturated. There are still opportunities to be exploited in the weight loss niche.
  • People Need Help: Losing weight is not easy. People need help and support to achieve their goals.
  • Lots of Misinformation: This is an opportunity to build trust. There are so many people out there with wrong information. If you can provide clear, true, well-sourced information, there is an opportunity to build trust. Trust leads to repeat customers.
  • Amazon Associates: There are many niches where Amazon Associates can be used. This is one of them. Although commission has been reduced recently, Amazon is so good at converting sales that it is still, generally, the best option.
  • Info Products: There is a massive market for info products in the weight loss niche. Affiliate networks, such as Clickbank, have plenty of relevant offers.

What are the Cons of Weight Loss Affiliate Marketing?

  • Lack of Trust: People are skeptical of “fad diets” and weight loss pills. It may take longer to build trust than in other markets.
  • Disreputable Companies: There are many companies in the sector, especially when you look at supplements and pills, that cannot be trusted. Be careful what you put your name against.
  • Ethical Concerns: There are certain demographics, especially young people, who are vulnerable. Be careful you are not putting yourself in a position where you are taking advantage of these people against their best interests.
  • Spammy: It may be difficult to build links in this sector if you do not position your website correctly. You may have to be less aggressive with your monetization strategy than in other sectors.

Is Weight Loss Affiliate Marketing Worth Your Time?


There are opportunities to make money in weight loss affiliate marketing.

There has been a change in public perception of the weight loss industry. People are cynical.

It is important to position your website correctly if you are going be successful in this market. There has to be a focus on health and gaining health rather losing weight. Even if the end goal is the same, it can make a big difference to various areas.

There are a lot of ways to segment this market. You can target people by sex, age, location, job, sexuality, hobbies. You can also focus on whether people want to exercise to lose weight, change their diet to lose weight or a combination of both.

All of these different ways to segment the market means that there are a lot of keywords in this industry with low competition and high search volume.

There is a reason why weight loss has been a favorite niche for affiliate marketers for a long time.

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