#135 – Doubling Down Vs Diversifying: What Should You Do Right Now?

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What You Will Learn

  • Why doubling down is risky, but great for stacking growth
  • Why diversifying is great long-term, but usually requires a lot of resources
  • When we think you should double down and when you should diversify

Once you hit a decent level of success in your business you will start getting a gazillion of opportunities, joint ventures and new ideas trying to distract you away from your core business.

Usually the path of reason is to stick to your core business and just not pay attention to a lot of them. But the people who manage to take the right tangents at the right time are often the most successful people.

So here comes the question: should you double down or add a string to your bow?

Should you keep doing that affiliate marketing + SEO mix that got you where you are or should you learn paid ads, funnels, sales etc?

Should you launch that service idea that buddy on that Skype group told you about? Is fiddling with Facebook messenger bots REALLY what you should be doing right now?

Well, these are the kinds of questions we are going to try and help you answer in this podcast.

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