#06 Top 5 Reasons For Not Getting Started & Our Answer To Them

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What You Will Learn

  • The top 5 reasons for not having a business our readers give us
  • Our straight reply to each of them
  • How we would handle common obstacles preventing you from starting a business.

Here are the top 5 reasons for not having a business yet our readers gave us and how we reply to it:

1 – I Don’t Know What Niche to Pick

Many of our readers are drowning in opportunity. They literally don’t know how to pick a market and by the time they actually pick one, another pass by and they run after that new opportunity.

This happens again and again and eventually they end up exactly where they started: nowhere.​

There are a few ways to know a niche is right for you:

  1. You are interested in it or would be interested to learn more. If you are not sure, pick up the best selling kindle book on the topic on Amazon, read it and if you’re left wanting to know more at the end, it’s a good niche. If you can’t take it anymore, drop it.
  2. It is a niche where others already make money. Competition is good and if you see no competition : run away.​

2 – I Am Not an Authority in Anything

Let’s look at us on Authority Hacker, we are not nearly as big as Pat Flynn, yet we do alright with this site.

And you can do well too even as a smaller authority than the big shots. The truth is, nobody starts being a big shot. You become a big shot by contributing value to your industry.

So start small and be honest with your audience about where you are at. People like Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness was not a coach when he started and still earned a followership because his content was helpful.​

Same for John Lee Dumas and entrepreneur on fire. He interviewed experts to be considered an expert himself. That’s a nifty trick ;).​

3 – I Don’t Know Where to Start!

A lot of people are blinded by the marketing bells & whistles of the authority site business. Their goal is to build a popular blog. That is wrong.

You are building a business, the goal of every business is to create value & make money.

Sit down and think of how you could make money, what would people be willing to trade cash for in a niche you know a bit about.

From there just mentally walk back to the point where people find your website and that is where the marketing part of the business makes sense.​

4 -I Am Not Good With Website Tech

Like anything that is worth it, you are going to have to learn some basics. Luckily for you, we share a lot of tech challenge answers here on Authority Hacker.

The other good news is that tech has gotten really easy in the last few years. Most website creation tasks can be done with an easy drag & drop tool. Thrive Content Builder is a prime example of that and even if you are blocked, services like WPCurve or even Upwork make fixing tech glitches easy and inexpensive.​

5 – What if I Fail?​

​Yep, there are chances you will fail. And most successful entrepreneurs embrace failure. It’s very much of a mindset. Elon Musk failed a lot yet he is seen as a great entrepreneur, sames goes for Steve Jobs.

If you fail you will have learned something great that will help you with the next thing.

And most of the time, you will end up at the exact same spot at which you are today. So the worse thing that can happen is exactly the same as what happens if you do nothing. Think about it.​

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