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14 Best Skincare Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

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The skincare and beauty products market is projected to become the most valuable sector of the cosmetics industry, making skincare affiliate programs very valuable for affiliate marketers.

Its total value will be more than US$180 billion within the next 3 – 5 years. According to our affiliate marketing statistics, beauty and skincare are among the top 3 most profitable affiliate niches.

People like to look good. And they’re willing to pay for it. When you tap into a niche where you match people’s desires with a solution, you can make money like this:

affiliate commissions
affiliate commissions

That’s exactly what we want for you, but you can only achieve those types of results when you work with the right products and programs.

So, we put together a list of the best skincare affiliate programs for you to promote.

Let’s take a look at what we found.

Skincare Affiliate Programs

  1. Elizabeth Arden
  2. Sephora
  3. Paula’s Choice
  4. SkinStore
  5. Circcell Skincare
  6. Juice Beauty
  7. Atolla Skincare
  8. Apoterra Skincare
  9. Manuka Doctor
  10. DermStore
  11. Exposed Skincare
  12. ESPA Skincare
  13. Murad Skincare
  14. Jenette Skincare
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1 Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Homepage Screenshot

If there’s a name synonymous with the beauty industry in the United States, it has to be Elizabeth Arden. Florence Nightingale Graham opened her first ‘Red Door’ salon in New York in 1910, introducing the general public to a new form of makeup. Her idea wasn’t just to layer the skin with creams and powders but to create beauty products that worked with the skin to care for and nourish it.

This revolutionized the makeup industry, placing Elizabeth Arden well ahead of many of its competitors. Since then, this brand has continually innovated within its industry, winning multiple awards along the way.

Elizabeth Arden is the top performer of all the skincare affiliate programs on CJ. And you also have the perk of promoting an established range of beauty products. 

You’ll earn an 8% commission on every sale made through your affiliate links, and their EPC shows us their affiliates are making consistent cash.

2 Sephora

sephora homepage

Sephora is a luxury skincare brand based in France.

As well as its private label ranges, the retailer stocks products from almost 340 different brands, covering almost every health and beauty category you can imagine — cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, beauty tools, body lotions, and much more.

The company operates stores in 34 countries and has concessions at several JCPenney and Kohl’s branches, giving it incredible brand awareness.

There’s no such thing as the “Sephora affiliate program” because Sephora actually has multiple skincare affiliate programs, each focused on a different territory. Some are on the Impact affiliate network, some are on Rakuten, and some are on Sovrn. Commission rates vary from 2.5% to 10% per sale.

3 Paula’s Choice

paulas choice homepage

Paula’s Choice was founded on the belief that providing smart skincare products means more than making you look good; it’s also about what’s good for your skin. It sells high-quality skincare products based on safe, effective formulas backed by scientific research.

Its award-winning lotions, moisturizers, and masks are fragrance- and cruelty-free, so they’re not just kind to your skin but also good for the planet.

The brand’s skincare affiliate program is powered by CJ Affiliate, one of our favorite affiliate networks.

It pays a 7% commission on all sales and offers regular incentives for top performers.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll also have access to exclusive newsletters, new product launches, and a team of dedicated affiliate managers. Free shipping is available on orders of $49+, a great way to drive a higher shopping cart value.

4 SkinStore

skinstore homepage

SkinStore might not be the world’s largest beauty retailer, but it’s still pretty huge, attracting more than half a million unique visitors every month.

It stocks over 350 brands and over 16,000 luxury spa and clinical skincare products, covering everything from moisturizers and masks to hair and nails.

Those products are carefully curated from the world’s most prestigious spas, salons, and cosmetics houses, so customers can be safe knowing that SkinStore has tried (and loved) everything first.

Join the SkinStore skincare affiliate program, and you’ll earn an 8% commission on every sale you drive.

That’s a pretty generous rate, especially given the sky-high conversion rate of 5%, coupled with a high average order value of ~$130.

Affiliate marketers can also offer monthly newsletters packed with promotional offers.

5 Circcell Skincare

circcell homepage

Circcell is one of a growing number of boutique brands in the luxury skincare space. In case you’re interested, its name is an amalgamation of circle (apparently representing wholeness and balance) and cellular (which indicates real change).

Founded with healthy skin in mind, the company carries a wide range of cruelty-free products, including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and oils.

Its smart skincare products are free from all the usual bad stuff like fragrances, parabens, surfactants, and artificial colors. Instead, they’re made from natural ingredients that improve your skin — think botanicals, clays, herbal extracts, and essential oils.

One of the best skincare affiliate programs we’ve seen, Circcell offers a high commission rate of 15% per sale.

And with an average order value of $270, it’s no surprise this affiliate program delivers an EPC of over $23. It’s also powered by the ShareASale affiliate network, which makes it easy for affiliate marketers to access things like banners, text links, and reporting tools.

6 Juice Beauty

juice beauty homepage

Based in Northern California, Juice Beauty strives to lead the cosmetics industry regarding the quality and efficacy of its organic beauty products. Flicking through its list of ingredients is more like reading a recipe book than a product page on a skincare website.

One of its most popular ranges, the Green Apple collection, contains malic acid from organic apple juice, while other products contain resveratrol from organic grape juice. The Stem Cellular collection, which blends vitamin C and fruit stem cells to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, is also available.

Juice Beauty’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made from organic ingredients using sustainable practices.

That’s all good, but will its commission rates sustain you in affiliate marketing? Its skincare affiliate program pays a flat 6% on all sales that convert within the 30-day cookie window. That might not sound like much, but those commissions can add up fast when a day-and-night moisturizer duo sells for $115.

7 Atolla Skincare

Atolla Homepage Screenshot

Most cosmetic products offer a one-size-fits-all approach to skin care. You can typically choose from a handful of skin types they cater to, but they tend to be quite generic in how they approach skin issues.

Atolla offers your visitors something very different – a personalized skin serum. They use data from an app that tracks your behaviors (including hormone levels), reconfiguring your skin serum based on the information you share with them.

Your beauty products work with your lifestyle, not vice versa. Each product is plant-based, so you don’t have to worry about applying harsh chemicals to your already troubled skin.

Most of the different skincare affiliate programs we found pay percentage-based commission rates. But with Atolla, you get $25 for every sale you generate through your links. The only real downside is that they currently only ship to the United States, so international affiliates are out of luck.

  • URL: Atolla Skincare
  • Commission:  $25 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 10 days

8 Apoterra Skincare

Apoterra Skincare Homepage

Dominique Caron, the founder of Apoterra, struggled with skin problems for years. Ultimately, she formulated her range of cosmetic products instead. As a result, a new business was born, one with a mission to heal their customers’ skin holistically. 

What makes this program different from many others is that it doesn’t just sell liquid skincare products but physical ones. Its “Gua Sha Tool” is designed to complement its topical skincare range by promoting blood flow and removing dead skin cells.

So, what do they have for your audience?

A skincare product for every skin type – all your visitors have to do is answer a few simple questions to find their perfect skincare treatment regimen.

The main selling points of their affiliate marketing program (besides the products) are offering free shipping on orders over $75 and planting one tree for every purchase. In terms of actual dollars and cents, you’ll earn 10% per sale. An Apoterra kit retails for around $150, so you’d make $15 per transaction or around $11 for every Gua Sha Tool sold.

9 Manuka Doctor

Manuka Doctor Homepage Screenshot

Manuka honey was first popular in the 1980s as a treatment for…well…pretty much everything. It’s now enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and with good reason: its alleged medicinal properties. 

Manuka Doctor sells a range of skincare products made using this particularly expensive honey, designed to help your visitors with everything from acne to simply keeping their skin hydrated. 

They even have an anti-aging product. Plus, because honey is a naturally occurring substance, you don’t have to worry about where the ingredients in your skincare products come from. There’s a huge demand for organic and natural beauty products and very little competition.

So, how does Manuka Doctor compare to the other skincare affiliate programs in our roundup?

You get a pretty standard 8% on all sales referred through your affiliate links. What is interesting, though, is their conversion rate, which stands at just over 12%. When considering what affiliate programs to promote, always look for CR data if it’s available. 

10 DermStore

Dermstore Homepage Screenshot

Dermstore was founded in 1999 by a board-certified dermatologist who recognized the amount of inaccurate information and ineffective products available online regarding skincare. Their first goal was to make professional skincare products available to the general public.

These products were already proven to work in clinical settings, but now, anyone with skin problems can get them online at a reduced cost. Dermstore now stocks over 20,000 skin, hair care, and cosmetics products from 500 of the leading brands in the world. So, no matter what type of skin care requirement your visitors have—from stretch marks to severe acne—they’ll find a solution here.

Dermstore has been active on Commission Junction since 2009 – very few affiliate programs have that kind of longevity. Regarding what you can earn, they pay a 5% commission on purchases made through your links by both new and existing customers. This is a real plus because products like these obviously have a lot of potential for repeat sales. The $5 commission rate is a flat rate payment for any sales of their BeautyFix products. 

11 Exposed Skincare

Exposed Skincare Homepage Screenshot

For most of you, acne was just an annoying part of adolescence that you grew out of. But for millions of others, acne is a chronic skin condition that lingers well into adulthood.

Exposed Skincare offers a range of acne treatment kits that it claims will help clear up acne in 30 days or less. While that’s a fairly ostentatious claim, the company does have a ton of social proof on its website.

How do their products work? In their own words, they combine “…the best ingredients of science and nature working together to transform your skin”. 

So, what does the program offer a beauty affiliate or influencer?

Their program is very active on ShareASale, almost breaking into the top 100 out of the thousands of affiliate programs on their network. And when you look at their 25% conversion rate, you begin to understand why. Focusing on programs that are better at converting your traffic into sales can make your affiliate marketing life a lot easier.

12 ESPA Skincare

Espa Skincare Homepage Screenshot

Everyone enjoys a relaxing day at the spa. But what if your visitors could get spa-quality skincare treatments to use in the comfort of their own homes? That’s exactly what ESPA Skincare has on offer—a range of natural, holistic treatments to leave your skin glowing. Each of their products is made from a combination of plant and marine actives and the therapeutic power of essential oils.

They have serums and creams to suit every skin type and a range of anti-aging and home fragrance products—everything you need to recreate the experience of being in a luxury spa without cost. ESPA Skincare is a UK-based company that offers overseas shipping, so you can add them to your list of international affiliate programs.

Reading the fine print when promoting affiliate programs is always a good idea.

For example, this program pays a 6% commission on referred sales, except if your referral uses a coupon, in which case your commission rate drops to 2%. That said, they do appear to offer higher commission rates to affiliates or influencers who can drive more sales. 

13 Murad Skincare

Espa Skincare Homepage Screenshot

It can be difficult for consumers to know which skincare claims to believe. After all, doesn’t every online store or salon claim to have the best skincare products available?

On the other hand, Murad Skincare products were formulated by a board-certified dermatologist and a trained pharmacist who happens to be a professor of dermatology at UCLA. Or, to keep things simple – Dr. Howard Murad knows what he’s talking about. Over the last 30 years, he’s helped 50,000 patients and clients deal with every skin problem imaginable.

These products treat your skin at a cellular level, ensuring your cells stay hydrated. After all, if you’re not healthy on the inside, you can’t look healthy on the outside.

So, what has this program got in store for affiliates?

Well, you get an 8% commission on everything your visitors buy, which is fairly typical of what you’ll find with most of the affiliate programs in this niche.

However, considering an average Murad serum bottle costs around $80, those commission payments can add up very quickly. Making a lot of money with affiliate marketing is very rarely about earning huge commissions once every few months but multiple small payments every day. 

14 Jenette Skincare

Janette Skincare Homepage

Several years of suffering from severe hormonal imbalances left Jenette Serrins desperate for a solution that didn’t involve pumping her body full of chemicals. Her two decades of studying Eastern and Western natural healing arts led her to a holistic answer that worked for her.

The woman was inspired by the positive effects of natural treatments on her body, which led her to develop her skills in this area and eventually launch her own line of skincare products in 2012.

So, what sets her plant-based treatments apart from others?

They’re handmade (poured) in small batches, so you’re not getting mass-produced chemical goop with an “organic” label stuck to the outside. Each of her ingredients is sourced from ethical and sustainable sources, so your visitors are effectively doing their bit to save the planet by using these products.

This program pays a 10% cut of every sale they refer through affiliate links, which is slightly above average for the affiliate programs in this roundup.

With an average order size of $186.58, that means you’ll pocket $18 in commission for each transaction. The good news doesn’t stop there, though. This program also has a 10% conversion rate, so one in ten of your affiliate clicks is worth around $18 to you.

Over to You

Now, I know what some of you think: “…but niches like this are always saturated”.

There’s plenty of scope for an interested beauty affiliate or influencer to make good money in this niche.

The skincare affiliate programs we found are also just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of similar affiliate programs out there looking for affiliates like you.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Most of you are probably still asking yourself, “Does any of this affiliate marketing stuff actually work?” Yes, it does, and we’re willing to prove that you can make money online.

And without having to pitch MLM products to your grandmother. 

That’s why we’re making our free training available to you.

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