8 Best Solar Affiliate Programs To Power Up Your Authority Site in 2023

In this blog post, we’re going to cover a timely and relevant niche – solar energy.

And more importantly, the different solar affiliate programs you can promote.

Did you know that enough solar energy reaches our planet in an hour to meet humanity’s power requirements for a year?

We just lack the means to effectively harness all of it.

But we can still harvest around 25% of this abundant power source through solar panels and solar-powered products.

That’s outside of the drive to be conscious of our energy consumption and waste.

What you might not know is that the “green” economy is worth US$4 trillion per year, and around US$400 billion of that is spent on solar energy production.

This is a massive market to take part in.

And you can as long as you have the right programs to promote on your site.

Solar Affiliate Programs

  1. Solgaard Affiliate Program
  2. SmartPower4All Solar Affiliate Program
  3. Goal Zero Affiliate Program
  4. Soliom Affiliate Program
  5. Tesla Affiliate Program
  6. Inergy Solar Affiliate Program
  7. SunPower Affiliate Program
  8. LuminAID Solar Affiliate Program

Solgaard Affiliate Program

Solgaard Homepage

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was very much why Solgaard came to be.

Backpacks get stolen all the time and then need to be replaced.

But that means using more plastic, so Adrian Solgaard figured there had to be a better way to do things.

His solution was the Lifepack – a backpack made from plastic recovered from the oceans that also features a solar panel.

Now you have a backpack that can be used to power your devices while you’re on the move, or even just sitting enjoying a coffee. 

And each Lifepack means there’s 5-pounds less plastic floating around in our oceans.

Solgaard also manufactures solar slings, a number of other backpacks and laptop bags, watches and solar power banks.

Solgaard Affiliate Program Stats

Being environmentally conscious usually comes with a case of sticker shock, and Solgaard products are no different in that regard.

The Lifepack costs $165, and affiliates get paid 10% of that, for an average commission of $17.14.

These are high-end products, but people with disposable income and the right mindset won’t mind paying for them.

URL: Solgaard affiliate program

Commission rate: 10%

EPC: $25.51

Cookie duration: 90 days

SmartPower4All Affiliate Program

Smartpower4all Homepage

Next up we have the Smart Solar Box from the nice people at SmartPower4All.

It’s been almost a decade since I last saw a numeral in a domain name, but that’s just me nitpicking.

The Smart Solar Box was discovered by accident (like every other product on ClickBank) during an emergency.

What’s under the hood is an array of folding solar panels, hooked up to a charge controller which then charges new or used car batteries.

You can then use this system to power some of your lights or appliances.

The difference here is that instead of handing over $10,000 for a solar power system, you can build a Smart Solar Box for around $200.

Once you have several of these running in tandem you can apparently reduce your energy bills by up to 68%.

Preppers and off-grid hobbyists love this type of material, as will eco-warriors, so you have three pretty big target audiences to work with straight away.

Smartpower4all Affiliate Program Stats

You can make up to $66.65 per sale, but the base product costs around $40. This means your referrals will need to buy backend products to push your commissions up.

With that being said, they have an average rebill rate of 75%, so their customers are happy to buy whatever they’re selling.

This isn’t a product to build an entire niche or authority site around, but as a complementary product instead. 

URL: SmartPower4All affiliate program

Commission rate: 75%

Gravity: 25.04

Cookie duration: 60 days

Goal Zero Affiliate Program

Goal Zero Homepage

Goal Zero’s story goes back to 2007 when Robert Workman was trying to provide Congolese families with a reliable power source.

What was badly needed was a portable solution, ideally one that used solar power.

And that’s how the Escape 150 was invented.

Since then Goal Zero has expanded its range of products.

They now manufacture portable solar generators, solar panel kits, power banks, lanterns, and a full range of accessories.

When your visitors purchase from Goal Zero they’re not just getting the solar solution they need, they’re also contributing to a number of worthy causes.

Even the most centrist of folks are starting to view “prepping” as sensible and not the preserve of tinfoil hat wearers. 

And if the S ever does HTF then your visitors will be glad they have a solar option to keep the lights on.

Goal Zero Affiliate Program Stats

The Goal Zero affiliate program is run by PepperJam, so you’ll need to sign up with them if you want to promote their products.

In terms of potential income, you’re looking at a commission rate of 5%, or approximately $17 per sale, based on their average order value of $350.

URL: Goal Zero affiliate program

Commission rate: 5%

EPC: n/a

Cookie duration: 14 days

Soliom Affiliate Program

Soliom Homepage

Smart doorbells aren’t really anything new, but the Soliom is because it’s powered by a remote nuclear reactor.

And by remote, we mean 93 million miles away.

Basically, Soliom is a smart doorbell that gets its energy from the sun.

This might seem like a gimmick, but it’s far from it. 

For example, using a Soliom means you won’t have to deal with wiring your video doorbell for power.

That means no drilling of holes and/or routing wiring under your floors.

You also don’t have to worry about power outages because this neat little device isn’t connected to the grid.

Soliom also manufactures solar IP security cameras, so you can monitor your home even when you’re not there.

Soliom Affiliate Program Stats

So how does their affiliate program shape up?

You’ll be paid an 8% commission for every referred sale, with the average customer spending a little over $200 per transaction.

The net result is that for every hundred visitors you send their way, you can get paid $35.

URL: Soliom affiliate program

Commission rate: 8%

EPC: $35.95

Cookie duration: 60 days

Tesla Affiliate Program

Tesla Homepage

No roundup of solar-powered products would be complete without mentioning Tesla at least once.

This is also the point where I get to admit that I have a hero worship problem when it comes to Elon Musk.

Part of this is because he’s a futurist, but the bigger part is that he turns his dreams into realities.

Kinda like Tony Stark does in the movies.

And his range of Tesla products is proof of that.

His company sells electric cars, solar roof tiles, and the Powerwall storage battery.

Each product supporting the other.

That’s without mentioning that I had tears in my eyes watching the two booster rockets perform a synchronized landing after the first Falcon Heavy launch.

Anyways, Tesla has a whole range of solar products, but they also have a referral program.

Tesla Solar Glass Vs Traditional Roof Tiles
Source: Tesla.com

There’s no talk of EPC, conversion rates, or percentages.

Instead, their affiliate program is kept remarkably simple.

If your referral purchases a Tesla you get 1,000 miles of free supercharging for your Tesla car, or if somebody purchases a Tesla solar panel array you get paid a flat $100.

URL: Tesla affiliate program

Commission rate: $100 or 1,000 miles


Cookie duration: TBC

Inergy Affiliate Program

Inergy Homepage

Inergy Solar was founded in 2016 with a mission to “…deliver affordable power to the world.”

They’re one of several cleantech companies who have come up with a product idea, run a crowdfunding campaign and gotten their product to market in a matter of months.

What makes Inergy different is that they’re not trying to take over the consumer energy market.

Instead, they want to ensure that people – no matter where they live – have the means to provide power, light, and heat for their families.

That’s a pretty big goal, but their range of portable solar panel arrays and solar generators are designed with it in mind.

Inergy Solar Panels

Inergy runs their affiliate program in-house so there’s very little detail available in the public domain.

But we do know that affiliates make up to 10% commission on every referred sale.

And with their entry-level solar panel costing $1740, that means a $174 commission for you.

Per sale.

URL: Inergy affiliate program

Commission rate: 10%


Cookie duration: 30 days

SunPower Affiliate Program

Sunpower Homepage

Although it might feel otherwise, solar power solutions aren’t anything new.

In fact, Sun Power has been developing and delivering solar power systems for homes and businesses since the 1980s.

The problem was that older solar panels were massively inefficient, and there was also no practical way to store excess power.

That and the costs involved made solar panels prohibitive for 90% of the population.

But times have changed, solar panel efficiency is vastly better, and there are a number of battery storage options available.

What makes them different is that you can forget about trying to cobble together a system made up of parts from multiple companies.

Instead, your visitors can get a complete solar power generation and storage solution directly from Sun Power.

Sunpower Affiliate Program Terms

Sun Power affiliates get paid $75 per confirmed appointment sent via your affiliate links.

You get paid even if the customer doesn’t buy anything.

Booking 14 appointments per month for them would net you just a touch over US$1,000 in commission.

And you have 45-days for your referral to book that appointment, so there’s no need for hard-sell tactics – not that they work anyway.

URL: SunPower affiliate program

Commission rate: $75 per appointment


Cookie duration: 45 days

LuminAID Affiliate Program

Luminaid Homepage

LuminAID’s first product was created in the wake of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Co-founders Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork noticed that while food and medical aid was supplied en masse, a way of providing light was not.

So they set about creating the LuminAID, a lightweight, rechargeable portable light made from sustainable materials.

Now, when the lights go out, those in crisis no longer need to rely on candles or kerosene lamps for illumination. 

LuminAID sells a range of solar-powered products, but their flagship is the PackLite Hero which is a 6-inch x 6-inch x 6-inch cube.

These products feature a solar panel, are inflatable, waterproof, durable and produce 30 hours of light when fully charged.

In terms of product appeal, you could promote them to anyone who’s ever had a power outage.

Which is pretty much everyone on the planet.

Avantlink Affiliate Network

You’ll need to sign up with the AvantLink network to promote these products. 

If your application is approved (and AvantLink are picky) then you’ll get an 8% commission per sale.

Based on their average order size of $70 you can expect to earn around $6 per sale, but that’s for their high-end lanterns and not their more cost-effective products.

URL: LuminAID affiliate program

Commission rate: 8% 


Cookie duration: 30 days


For those of you familiar with the solar power niche, I did want to include Sonnen in this roundup, but they were recently acquired by Shell and also seem to have dumped their affiliate program.

There were a number of other “popular” solar affiliate programs excluded because their affiliates appear to make exactly nothing promoting them.

Or they had stupidly short cookie durations.

Or both.

The good news for affiliates is that there’s plenty of scope to compete in this niche, especially for items like solar power banks or solar power generators. 

*Drops unsubtle hint*

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