10 Binary Options Affiliate Programs For Top Payouts In 2024

Never heard of binary options before?

Neither had I until I started researching this post.

What it comes down to is this – a binary options trade is when you predict the future price of a given commodity or currency.

If your predicted price outcome is correct (your strike) then you get paid, and if it doesn’t, then you lose your full investment.

So you are effectively gambling, but based on data rather than hope.

And with any money-based niche, there’s the potential for you to earn lots of affiliate commissions.

Which can mean waking up to income reports like this:

Affiliate Earnings

We need to stress, though, that binary options trading is a bit like the Wild West – not every broker or platform is regulated, which means their affiliate programs are also questionable.

But I have found some excellent binary options affiliate programs for you to promote.

Let’s look at what you have to work with.

Binary Options Affiliate Programs

  1. Binary.com
  2. Option Field
  3. IQ Option
  4. Binary Cent
  5. Nadex
  6. High Low
  7. Race Option
  8. Ayrex
  9. Olymp Trade
  10. Binomo
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1 Binary.com

Binary.com Homepage Screenshot

Binary.com is one of the oldest players in the binary options game – they’ve been around since 1999.

This has obviously also led to them being one of the better-known brands in this niche, winning plenty of awards along the way. Your visitors can trade across the usual types of binary options assets, choose your own strike, and work with lots of different contract options such as Rise/Fall, touch/No Touch, and In/Out. They also offer a demo account for you to play around with, funded with $10,000 of virtual cash.

When it comes to payouts and deposits, you can trade entirely in Bitcoin if you wish to. And finally, their customer support is Monday to Friday 24/7, so you can pretty much always get answers to your questions.

Affiliates and partners for this program have been paid a collective total of US$12 million so far. In terms of affiliate offers you can choose between rev share, turnover, and CPA models. Their CPA model pays US$100 for each successful referral, but that’s limited to EU affiliates for now.

URL: Binary.com affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 45%

2 Option Field

Optionfield Homepage Screenshot

Optionfield set up as a brokerage business in 2018 because they felt the binary options industry had gotten out of control.

They wanted to level the playing field for traders, providing a fair and non-aggressive environment to work from. Their entire platform is based on MT4 so it’s familiar territory for the vast majority of people in the world of stocks, options, and contracts.  You can open a ‘Classic’ account with exactly $0, and that allows a maximum of 5 positions to be open at any one time.

In terms of payout, they offer up to 93%, but that’s obviously the upper end of the scale. And you also get to receive payments in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The only real downside is that you can only trade in Forex options, at the time of writing.

This binary options affiliate program operates a sliding scale of commission rates and payments.

First things first, you only get upgraded to a “partner” account once you’ve referred three new traders. After that, it’s basically a case of the more they spend the more you earn. The percentages are small but binary options are short-term trades so you’re talking about volume commissions.

URL: Optionfield affiliate program

Commission:  Varies

3 IQ Option

Iq Option Homepage Screenshot

IQ Option is one of the single biggest binary options platforms out there – they have almost 7 million registered users. And they’re not newcomers to the game either, rapidly approaching their first decade of being in business.

The platform itself is bespoke, so it does look and feel a little different. But with that said, even relatively new binary options traders will find it easy to use.

Traders will receive payouts at up to 91% of their investment, plus IQ Option has a number of innovative features to help you control your trading activities, such as ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Trailing Stop’. They’re also regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission), so your visitors can safely deposit with them.

As an IQ Option affiliate, you can choose between revenue share and CPA offers, with rev share offering 50% and CPA offering up to US$1,200 per lead. They claim to have paid US$3 million to their affiliates in an average 30-day period, with IQ Option affiliate payouts taking place twice each month. 

URL: IQ Option affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $1,200 per lead

4 Binary Cent

Binary Cent Homepage Screenshot

It’s usually a good idea to make sure that your binary options trading broker is regulated.

In the case of Binary Cent, they’re regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Vanuatu, where their offices are located. 99% of binary options platforms and brokerages are off-shored, so there’s nothing weird here. Your visitors get access to a web-based tool that allows them to trade across multiple assets, including the usual stocks and indices, but also cryptos.

Then again, they offer up to 95% payouts, so the risk could be worth the reward.

You’ll receive a commission totaling 60% of your referral’s first deposit, but you also get a 20% commission on all future deposits. Yay for recurring affiliate commissions! And the final touch of icing for affiliates is that you’ll also receive a 5% commission on any sub-affiliate referrals that take place.

URL: Binary Cent affiliate program

Commission:  60% initially, and then recurring 20%

5 Nadex

Nadex Homepage Screenshot

NADEX stands for North American Derivatives Exchange and is a US-based binary options exchange.

That’s a rarity these days. You can speculate on binary contracts across multiple assets including forex, stock indices, and commodities. In fact, there are 10,000 such trades on Nadex every single day.  You can access the exchange using either their desktop app or go mobile with NadexGo.

Nadex is regulated by the CFTC, so your visitors can deposit cash with them with full peace of mind. The additional perk here is that because this is an exchange, there are no brokerage fees.

You will need to deposit $250 to open a fully functional account, but you do get a demo account to play around with.

Actual information about their program is very light on the ground when compared to the other affiliate programs listed here. They do share that they offer a CPL commission model and that payments are made monthly. Apart from that, they remain very tight-lipped about average commission rates, etc. We’ll update this post if we can pry further information from them.

URL: Nadex affiliate program

Commission:  TBC

6 High Low

High Low Homepage Screenshot

High Low is an Australia-based binary options trading platform, regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

The first thing you’ll notice about them is the trader interface is a little different in that it uses a tabbed layout. Apart from that, it’s business as usual in terms of features. You do need to make a minimum deposit of AU$10 to start trading across the usual asset list of stocks, indices, commodities, and forex options. But they do tend to focus on forex options more than anything else.

Something that does make them stand out from the crowd is the turbo trading options – some trades can be set to expire in as little as 30 seconds.  High Low offers $50 cashback on new accounts, which is something you can definitely use in an affiliate pre-sell.

Now we get to the stuff that you really want to talk about when it comes to programs – money.

This binary options affiliate program offers a commission rate of up to $400 per referral. That’s at the upper end of the scale though (VIP accounts), whereas you can expect to earn an average of $150 for a more typical referral. And with a claimed conversion rate of 33%, this could be a very lucrative program for the right affiliate. 

URL: High Low affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $400 per lead

7 Race Option

Race Option Homepage Screenshot

Race Option is one of the newer names on the binary options circuit, but they’ve been making some very positive waves so far.

This UK-based platform offers somewhere in the region of 150 different binary options assets to trade on. You also get to pick and choose from a wide variety of trade types, including High/Low, 60-second, and One-Touch, for example.

In terms of payouts, they max out at 85% which is pretty average for the binary options market. You can get a demo account, but you need to fund it to activate it, which is a tiny bit sneaky.  They offer withdrawals in as little as an hour, and you also get crypto withdrawal options.

So how much can you make promoting them? Well, you get 20% commission on a referral’s deposit. That means if somebody deposits $500, you’d get $100 in commission.

URL: Race Option affiliate program

Commission:  20% on deposits

8 Ayrex

Ayrex Homepage Screenshot

Ayrex is another of the handful of trustworthy binary options trading brokers online, and an award-winning one at that. You can choose from at least 60 different assets, so there’s enough variety there to keep most speculators busy. You can also choose from lots of short-term trades, some with 5-minute expiries.

Granted these aren’t the shortest in the industry, but they’re still a nice feature. Your visitors can get a demo account to tinker with, and without needing to provide any personal information, which is always a plus.

As of right now, Ayrex has 200,000 active traders and also offers payouts of up to 85%. Affiliates receive payment via a revenue share of 55%. There’s also the offer of a $250 bonus which you can withdraw straight away, although we’re sure there’s at least a few strings attached there. This offer claims to have very high conversion rates and is also happy to pay affiliates on a weekly basis. 

URL: Ayrex affiliate program

Commission: 55% revenue share

9 Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade Homepage Screenshot

Olymptrade might not be a huge as other binary options trading platforms in terms of users. But what they lack in sheer mass, they more than make up for with trade volume – roughly 35 million of them each month. You can experiment with a free account to start, but with a minimum deposit of US$10, there’s a very low barrier to entry. 

They also offer payouts of up to 90% on in-money binary options trading, putting their offer – all things being equal – ahead of many of their competitors.

This binary options affiliate program has a number of perks. The first of these is you get a dedicated affiliate portal and an actual affiliate manager to work with. Then you get a generous commission rate, but you also receive a commission for sales/referrals made by sub-affiliates.

URL: Olymptrade affiliate program

Commission:  TBC

10 Binomo

Binomo Homepage Screenshot

Binomo might possibly be one of the lesser-known platforms for binary options trading, but that hasn’t stopped it from winning multiple awards. Users get a lot of assets to work with – over 70 at last count – and successful binary options trades will result in payouts of up to 85%.

Newbies get a demo account with US$1,000 of virtual money to practice with, but you can open a ‘Standard Account’ on this binary options platform with as little as a $10 deposit. 

You can also start trades for as little as $1, minimizing your exposure to risk while you build experience.  That also makes it a potentially solid program to promote to relative newbies.

So how does this offer compare to the other binary options affiliate programs in this roundup?

You get a revenue share of up to 70%, which is above the industry standard. Or you can choose to get a 5% commission rate for CPA referrals. But they do also offer CPL for a select group of affiliates.

URL: Binomo affiliate program

Commission:  Varies depending on model

Over to You

So let’s get down to brass tacks – finding trustworthy binary options affiliate programs isn’t easy.

There are lots and lots of shiny affiliate programs in this niche, but most of their parent companies are constantly under investigation.

Or are just flat-out crooks.

And that’s simply because trading in binary options is viewed by most governments as gambling.

So, being a binary options affiliate will be pretty much the same as operating in the casino industry.

But that also means there’s lots of money to be made with binary options affiliate programs.

You don’t believe you can make money with programs like the ones above?

Well, what if we offer to show you that not only is affiliate marketing a legitimate business model, but it’s actually way easier than people think.

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