Dating Affiliate: Is It Worth Getting in that Niche And What Are The Best Programs?

The online dating market is huge.

It also happens to fall neatly into the “big three” of affiliate marketing – health, wealth and love.

Then when you look at the numbers behind it you find that the dating industry is worth in the region of US$2.5 billion per year.

And there’s a very human reason for this – around 50% of all young people are single…but don’t want to be.

From an affiliate’s perspective, that means one thing –the opportunity to tap into a lucrative market using content publishing and a range of dating affiliate programs.

This is a very competitive niche, but there are ways around that.

Dating Affiliate Programs

So, there are literally hundreds of dating affiliate programs you could sign up for.

They all make pretty much the same promises for promoting their dating sites – tons of cash, no competition, yadda, yadda.

Most of those programs are as worthless as a political promise though, and likely to last as long.

But here are the ones we’re confident you can make money promoting.

Confident = they’re proven moneymakers.

1. eHarmony

Even those of you who have never used online dating will recognize the eHarmony brand name.

Part of that is because the site has been around since 1997, making it one of the oldest dating sites on the ‘net.

But it’s not just about tenure – the site has a lot going on inside, including a very clever algorithm that has demonstrated a high success rate in matching people.

In fact, eHarmony claims to be responsible for around 2 million people finding love so far, or roughly one new happy couple every 14 minutes.

That’s as good a sales pitch as you’ll ever hear – 14 minutes to love.

So how does their affiliate program work?

Well, you get paid either $10 for every successfully completed relationship questionnaire, or 30% of a completed membership referral.

They’re also the single biggest affiliate program on Commission Junction.

URL:  eHarmony affiliate program

Commission rate: 30% per sale or $10/lead

EPC: $82.81

Cookie duration: 45 days

2. Match

Match is an online dating site I used many, many moons ago.

What made it stand out from other dating sites is the quality of the interface, and the lack of absolute lunatics you tend to find on free dating sites.

Basically, just offered a better selection of…well…matches for me.

And the fact that they have 9 million members shows that other people feel the same way.

The site has been around since 1993, so they’ve spent the last 24 years refining their product and attracting new users along the way.

Now, while their EPC might not be mind-blowing, their ‘Network Earnings’ score is very high. This means their affiliates are making money by promoting their offers.

How much?

Apparently, their biggest affiliates are banking $10k in affiliate commissions per month. If that seems impossible, it’s not – I know affiliates who have done 2x that in this niche.

Their 120-day cookie is excellent because it takes the pressure off you when trying to convert traffic into sales.

URL: affiliate program

Commission rate:  50%

EPC:  $18.67/£50.56

Cookie duration: 120 days

3. Elite Singles

They say that opposites attract, and while that’s true to a certain extent, some people treat it as an absolute.

Which can lead to disastrous results when it comes to any form of dating.

You need to have at least some common ground to build a successful relationship on, something most dating sites simply don’t get.

Elite Singles focuses on that, matching professional people from relatively similar economic and educational backgrounds.

Some people might think this is snobbery, but Elite Single’s business model is successful.

End of debate.

This affiliate program keeps things nice and simple – you get paid $7 for every lead you send their way.

Or you do once your referral completes the site’s personality test and meets their minimum requirements for new members.

Dating sites aimed at professionals is a sub-niche, and typical of most sub-niches, there’s very little competition.

URL:  Elite Singles affiliate program

Commission rate: $7 per lead

EPC:  $46.44

Cookie duration: 45 days

4. Christian Mingle

There are 2.18 billion Christians on planet Earth, and roughly 10 million people each year convert from other religions to Christianity.

Christian Mingle caters specifically to Christian singles in North America and elsewhere in the world.

The thing about the Christian faith is that it’s all about meeting and staying with that one person for the rest of your life.

So singles of this faith are willing to spend money on dating sites that help them reach that goal.

 And it just so happens that Christian Mingle is one of the most profitable Christian dating sites out there, with the exception of CPA offers.

$2 per lead in affiliate marketing is way down at the bottom end of commission rates, but this niche is a numbers game.

And in this case, you have a potential audience of several hundred million singles to market to.

Also, despite the fact that this program pays a small amount per lead, their EPC means they’re paying a large number of affiliates on a regular basis.

URL:  Christian Mingle affiliate program

Commission rate: $2 per lead

EPC: $18.80

Cookie duration: 30 days

5. Single parent Meet

Online dating in the real world (away from Hollywood fantasies) can be hard work for any single person.

But as a single parent, you can multiply the effort required by a factor of 10x.

Which is what makes dating sites like so popular – it’s for single parents looking to meet other single parents.

Remember that “common ground” stuff I mentioned earlier?

The neat thing about niche dating sites like this is that they tend to sell themselves – potential members already know they want to meet other single parents in their area.

You just have to present them with the best site to sign up for.

As of the time of writing, membership for this site costs $14.99 per month, so you can expect to earn around $7 per sale.

But the program’s performance metrics are strong, so they obviously do a good job of converting incoming affiliate traffic into paying customers.

URL:  Single Parent Meet affiliate program

Commission rate:  50%

EPC:  $27.74

Cookie duration: 120 days

6. OurTime

OurTime is a site aimed at a more chronologically mature dating audience.

Or what some people would call “senior” dating.

You see, dating isn’t just for people in their 20s and 30s.

In fact, some people don’t meet their actual soul mate until they become single again in their 40’s and 50’s.

And mainstream dating sites tend not to cater to a slightly older audience.

Even though there’s now a record number of single fiftysomethings looking for love.

So promoting a program like could be extremely profitable with the right audience. is actually part of the group of dating sites, and they’re happy to pay affiliates up to 50% commission on all new referrals.

That should result in a commission-per-sale of $12/£12 for affiliates promoting this offer.

Just bear in mind that the ‘Network Earnings’ score for this program is pretty low, so you’ll need to promote other “senior dating” offers too.

URL:  OurTime affiliate program

Commission rate: 50%

EPC: $27.74

Cookie duration: 120 days

7. The Devotion System

Finding the man of your dreams is only ever stage one of a new relationship, and probably the easier part.

Stage two is convincing the guy to stick around for the long haul, and that’s exactly what The Devotion System is all about.

It teaches women everything they don’t know about what makes a man tick in any relationship.

What will keep him by your side.

And what will make him pull away and start all over again.

That’s pretty compelling stuff.

It also makes this program a no-brainer for this niche, especially for anyone who seems to have lots of short-term relationships, but can’t create anything lasting.

This is one of the top-performing dating products on ClickBank.

So even though it might not pay as much per sale as other programs, it’s paying affiliates more often.

Plus $47 per sale is at least two bus rides and a taxi from shabby.

URL:  The Devotion System affiliate program

Commission rate: $47.05

Gravity: 37.8

Cookie duration: 60 days

8. The Tao of Badass

One of the most important parts of being an affiliate is being able to think outside the box.

Like looking at this market and realizing there’s more stuff to promote than just site memberships.

The Tao of Badass is a perfect example of that style of thinking.

This product is aimed at men who lack the confidence to approach or talk to women outside of social media.

Men who would struggle with even making eye contact with a woman during a real date.

That makes it a great product to include in your affiliate program portfolio.

The first thing you’ll probably notice (or should) in the above screenshot is the payout amount – $123.66 per sale.

You won’t find many other legit product or service in this niche paying that kind of money.

With that being said, the ‘Gravity’ score for this product isn’t amazing, so you won’t be dealing with a high volume of sales.

URL:  Tao of Badass affiliate program

Commission rate:  $123.66

Gravity: 22.95

Cookie duration: 60 days

9. Military Cupid

The armed forces of the United States has 1.3 million active members.

So there’s definite demand for a dating site aimed at this audience.

And when you factor in that the divorce rate for serving soldiers, sailors and pilots stands at 14%, you can see another gap in the market.

Military Cupid is part of the Cupid Network of online dating sites – there are dozens of them.

What this means for you as an affiliate is that they know what they’re doing i.e. they’re very good at turning visitors into cash.

URL:  Military Cupid affiliate program

Commission rate: 75% (first month only)

EPC: n/a

Cookie duration: TBC

10. Jdate

Jdate is from the same people who brought you Christian Mingle – Spark Networks.

The difference here is that this is a site aimed specifically at Jewish dating, another sub-niche in dating sites.

Jews, like Christians, tend to prefer meeting, dating and marrying people of their own faith.

So there’s a real demand for sites like Jdate, especially for Jewish men and women looking for their bashert.

The site also has a very active blog, featuring tons of success stories.

That’s the kind of social proof you can use to your advantage when leveraging sales.

If you’re paying attention you’ll have noticed that their ‘Network Earnings’ score is pretty low.

But there’s also only 15 million Jews left in the entire world.

So this program can’t possibly have as much traffic as a program aimed at gentiles, for example.

URL:  Jdate affiliate program

Commission rate: $2 per lead

EPC: $14.28

Cookie duration: 30 days

Bonus Affiliate Programs

We mentioned earlier in this article that thinking outside the box tends to be very important if you want to make the most of your affiliate efforts.

There’s nothing wrong with just promoting affiliate programs for dating sites

It can be stupidly profitable.

 But let’s think about what other products or services an online dating audience might be interested in.

Like flowers, for example.

Flower delivery

ProFlowers supplies fresh, hand-selected flowers suitable for everything from a birthday to trying to win over the love of your life.

Or apologizing for saying or doing something stupid.

Yes, I’m speaking from experience.

This program is an ideal add-on for any site promoting, discussing, or reviewing dating or relationship products.

After all, everyone loves flowers.

Coincidentally this is also one of the top-performing programs on Commission Junction, and their EPC is also one of the highest you’ll find on the network.

That means one thing – there’s money to be made here.

URL:  ProFlowers affiliate program

Commission rate: 10%

EPC:  $88.19

Cookie duration: 15 days


Wait….what have psychics got to do with dating?

I have professional friends who have started or ended marriages based on the advice of a psychic.

From a site just like Hollywood Psychics.

So, whether you think psychic powers are real or not, people still spend money on them.

They can either find information on telephone psychics via a Google search, or somebody’s social media page…or through a link on your authority site.

It really comes down to what you feel comfortable promoting.

This dating affiliate program pays affiliates a flat $100 for every new customer they send to Hollywood Psychics.

That places it in the top 1% of public affiliate marketing programs.

Mind you, you’d wonder why they’d need to use affiliate links – shouldn’t their psychic powers allow them to know who sent the customer their way?

Just kidding.

URL:  Hollywood Psychics affiliate program

Commission rate: $100

EPC:  $82.10

Cookie duration: 365 days

Online Dating Niche Research

Just to offer you as much information as possible, we decided to dig into this niche a little further, and show you what’s possible.

We’re doing this because we know that the all-too-often heard advice for this niche is “Don’t bother.”

That’s advice based on feelings and not facts.

Listening to certain affiliate marketing “experts” is as valuable as taking dating advice from a person who’s been single their entire life.

Earlier in this article we mentioned that this a competitive niche.

It is.

But that doesn’t mean you should avoid it – you just need to think around the problem.

One of the best ways to do that is by looking for a sub-niche.

You could take your site in any of a number of different directions based on different market segments, such as:

  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion (Christian, Muslim, Jewish)
  • Job (Teachers, emergency services, lawyers, doctors)
  • Usage (Long term relationship, dating, hookups)
  • Age (College, young professionals, elderly, divorcees)

Here are a few examples of what we mean:

Gay dating sites

 “Gay dating sites” is searched for 11,000 times per month but has a KD score of just 31.

Note: A KD score of 31 is usually ‘Medium’, so the ‘Hard’ ranking is obviously Ahrefs having a brain fart of some kind.

Dating sites for nerds

“Dating sites for nerds” is searched for 1,800 times per month and has a KD score of 8. That’s about as easy as things get for a sub-niche.

Now let’s look at a sub-niche based on age.

This time around we get 2,400 monthly search volume, and a KD score of 13.

Or how about a sub-niche based on religion?

“Muslim dating sites” gets 1,900 searches a month and a KD score of just 10.

So, as you can see, these less competitive keywords can still have significant search volume.

These are more realistic categories to build an authority site/affiliate marketing business around.

And the great thing about dating sub-niches is that you’re not restricted to just promoting affiliate links related to dating.

Why not talk about gifts for Valentine’s day, vacations, hotel accommodation, or products offering dating advice, etc? 

There’s cash sitting there – you just have to put your hand out and ask for it.

Over to you

And that brings us to the end of this blog post on dating affiliate programs, and the dating industry itself.

As you can see, in many cases niches are only as difficult as you allow them to be.

Online dating is a pretty good example of that, as we’ve demonstrated above.

But we know that many of you reading this still have a knot of uncertainty your stomach.

So to help you get over those mental hurdles, we’d like to invite you to a free 2-hour web class on affiliate marketing.

There’s zero pressure to attend.

 But if you want to learn the ropes from two seasoned affiliate marketing pros, then fill in this short form.

We’ll send you an invite over pronto.

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