12 Best Education Affiliate Programs in 2021 – Earn While Your Visitors Learn

The global online learning is projected to grow $370 Billion by 2026.

There are new education affiliate programs coming online all the time.

But which programs should you work with?

Let’s find out.

Education Affiliate Programs

  1. Udacity Affiliate Program 
  2. The Princeton Review Affiliate Program 
  3. Kranse Institute Affiliate Program 
  4. Rosetta Stone Affiliate Program 
  5. Bionic Turtle Affiliate Program 
  6. Babbel Affiliate Program 
  7. Brain Sensei Affiliate Program 
  8. Discount School Supply Affiliate Program 
  9. The Linux Foundation Affiliate Program 
  10. Seat Sack Affiliate Program 
  11. Thinkific Affiliate Program 
  12. Hooked On Phonics Affiliate Program 


Udacity Homepage Screenshot

There’s nothing worse for a tech graduate than to take their first step into the big wide world of the workforce…only to realize their skills aren’t in demand.

Udacity ensures that each of its students acquires the types of skills and capabilities that many leading tech companies are in dire need of.

Something they achieve by offering what they call “Nanodegrees”.

Students can enroll in some seriously interesting courses, ranging from cloud computing and data science all the way through to artificial intelligence.

You get $100 for every person you refer to Udacity via your affiliate website.

That’s on par with the type of affiliate commissions you’ll find with some financial affiliate offers.

Programs like this are pretty rare in the world of affiliate marketing.

URL: Udacity affiliate program

Commission: $100

Cookie duration: 30 days

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review Homepage Screenshot

Attending a great college or university isn’t the only deciding factor in having a career that’s both personally and financially rewarding.

But it doesn’t do any harm.

The Princeton Review has been tutoring and preparing students from all walks of life to get into their desired school, including medical and law schools, for the past 35 years.

Students can choose between e-learning options or one-on-one guidance from a dedicated and experienced instructor.

Test prep is a huge industry, so you can most definitely make money here.

And as you can see from their $911 EPC, their affiliates are making a small fortune every month.

That 8% cut might not seem like much but it converts to an average affiliate payout of $108 per transaction.

Which makes it the best education affiliate program in this roundup for sheer payout power.

URL: Princeton Review affiliate program

Commission: 8%

Cookie duration: 45 days

Kranse Institute

Kranse Institute Homepage Screenshot

First things first, Shaan Pratel, the guy behind the Kranse Institute achieved a perfect SAT score, so he knows a thing or two about test prep.

He also convinced Mark Cuban to back his business when he appeared on Shark Tank.

As of right now, students can take video-based test prep courses for the SAT, PSAT, NMSQT, ACT, and GMAT exams with Kranse Institute.

But what’s most impressive about this company is their results – bringing the average student from the 50th to 90th percentile, which basically puts them in the top 10% of SAT scores nationwide.

And now to the level of affiliate commissions, you can earn.

They offer a commission rate of 30% per referral promoting this offer, plus it has a massive EPC of $402.26

If you’re in the test prep niche, this is one affiliate program you should pay attention to.

URL: Kranse Institute affiliate program

Commission:  30%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Homepage Screenshot

Quick history lesson – the Rosetta Stone is a stone tablet uncovered in 1799 by French troops during Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt. It contained the linguistic key that allowed archeologists to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. 

The Rosetta Stone language training products actually work on a similar principle.

Instead of forcing you to learn a foreign language by rote (repetition) you’re shown an image of something, and then the word associated with that image.

It’s a remarkably effective way of teaching people a new language, and one that’s been copied by any of the “learn a language” apps I’ve come across so far.

This is one of the most well-known language training products on the market, so you won’t need to do much pre-selling.

Plus, your visitors can get a free trial, so that’s useful leverage. 

In terms of affiliate commission, you’ll earn 7% for each sale you make for this education affiliate program.

URL: Rosetta Stone affiliate program

Commission: 7%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Bionic Turtle

Bionic Turtle Homepage Stats

Pretty much any industry you can think of has some level of requiring certification, be that manual handling, or Financial Risk Management for those working in related industries. 

The Financial Risk Management certification is the gold standard for those working in the financial services industry, and it’s a qualification that has growing demand because of the benefits it offers an employer.

Bionic Turtle has been offering test prep for the FRM exam since 2003, and with dozens of pages of testimonials, their product obviously hits the mark.

And that’s the kind of social proof that is absolute gold for affiliate marketers.

Affiliates promoting Bionic Turtle will earn 20% of each sale, which means your typical affiliate payout will be $70 per referral.

And their network metrics tell us that their affiliates are doing quite well for themselves in terms of affiliate commissions. 

URL: Bionic Turtle affiliate program

Commission: 20%

Cookie duration: 60 days


Babbel Homepage Screenshot

Babbel is a clever play on words based on the story of the Tower of Babel – a postdiluvian tale of how humanity came to speak so many different languages.

Man, I really sound like a history/theology teacher today, don’t I?

Babbel offers a range of language training courses, but with a twist.

Instead of being presented with the full vocabulary of a foreign language, you can choose which aspects of it you need e.g. business, travel, etc. 

So you’ll only have to learn the words and phrases you’re most likely to use.

Which means you’ll never be taught to “craunch a marmoset”, for example. 

And that can only be a good thing.

Now, to clear up the affiliate commissions listed above.

You’ll earn a flat $4 per sale for purchases made by new or existing customers, so that’s a nice touch.

Earning a $32 commission per sale means “selling” a 24-month subscription – there’s a sliding scale of affiliate commissions based on the type of subscription a lead signs up for.

URL: Babble affiliate program

Commission: Up to $32

Cookie duration: 45 days

Brain Sensei

Brain Sensei Homepage Screenshot

The founders of Brain Sensei – John Estrella and Chris Stafford – came up with the idea for their business after taking the PMP (Project Management Professional) exam.

Basically, they found that the vast majority of PMP training material was very dry.

And by dry, we mean boring as hell.

Usually just pre-recorded PowerPoint presentations.

So they set about creating a training program that injected more fun into preparing candidates for the exam.

But while still ensuring that they stand the best possible chance of passing their exam, and increasing their earning and employment potential.

Affiliates can earn commissions of 10%-15% on each referred sale, with an average sale price of $475 could mean $50-70 in your pocket each time.

And again, we have a training prep program with a massive EPC, so there’s long-term cash here.

Brain Sensei offers a course preview and a free trial, so do your best to focus on those in your pre-selling.

URL: Brain Sense affiliate program

Commission: 10%-15%

Cookie duration: 60 days

Discount School Supply

Discount School Supply Homepage Screenshot

Now it’s time to feature a program that deals with the actual physical elements of the education process – school supplies.

And more specifically, educational, art and craft supplies for kids toddlers and young kids, but they do also supply STEM and faith-based products.

Discount School Supply has been around since 1985, starting out as a small retail business, but growing to become a market leader.

Their catalog features everything an elementary school could need for arts and crafts, and at prices you’ll find hard to beat.

This program has a 1-day cookie, so make absolutely sure that you only send very warm traffic to their site.

But despite the incredibly short cookie duration, their EPC of $85.22 tells us that they convert traffic better than any similar affiliate program we could find.

URL: Discount School Supply affiliate program

Commission: 4%

Cookie duration: 1 day

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation Homepage Screenshot

The Linux Foundation sounds like a company that just delivers Linux courses, right?

Well, not quite.

While they do offer a number of courses on the Linux kernel, they’re more focused on providing students with the opportunity to receive an education that embraces the emerging market for Open Source technology specialists. 

Getting a degree revolving around C++ and a smattering of JavaScript just isn’t going to cut it in the not-too-distant future.

So their course offerings cover everything from Linux to Node.js, Kubernetes, and Blockchain – this is where the industry is going, and developers need to go along for the ride.

This education affiliate program offers a 20% commission rate on courses that cost anywhere from $299 to more than $3,000.

It’s also something of a niche market…but only for now. The demand for this type of training will grow in time.

URL: The Linux Foundation affiliate program

Commission: 20%

Cookie duration: 120 days

Seat Sack

Seat Sack Homepage Screenshot

You know those nifty little bags you see on the back of chairs in elementary/primary schools?

They’re known as seat sacks and were created by the nice people at Seat Sack…obviously, way back in 1999.

But they also manufacture locker organizers, a tablet holder called the ‘Tablet Taker’, and even seat sacks for executive office chairs.

So there are a few audiences to pitch their products to.

Once they get over the absolutely hideous website – it’s even hosted by Network Solutions.

I genuinely thought they’d gone out of business because they stopped sending me the “Register your domain for just $99 today” letters.

Yes, actual letters in the post.

But what does their affiliate program look like underneath the sheer awfulness of their website design?

Actually, really healthy – their affiliate program is going gangbusters according to their $137.06 EPC.

Affiliates get a 10% commission rate, which averages out to around $28 per transaction.

That’s pretty respectable as far as education affiliate programs go.

URL: Seat Stack affiliate program

Commission:  10%

Cookie duration: 60 days


Thinkific Homepage Screenshot

But what if your audience is looking for a way to educate people, and not just purchase training courses?

What if they want to monetize their knowledge?

That’s where Thinkific steps into the picture – helping you to publish, price and promote your very own courses.

The promotion functions of Thinkific include a website builder, but also a whole suite of marketing tools, including a built-in payment processing function. 

So, you won’t even need to hire a separate web designer or marketer, unless you really want to.

Affiliates promoting this offer will earn commissions of 20% on every referred sale.

Also worth mentioning is that this affiliate program is in the top 50 of all ShareASale offers, making it currently the best education offer on their network.

And their $121.03 EPC reflects that.

URL: Thinkific affiliate program

Commission: 20%

Cookie duration: 90 days

Hooked On Phonics

Hooked On Phonics Homepage Screenshot

And finally, we come to Hooked on Phonics, the last in our roundup of education affiliate programs.

If you’ve read our roundup of book affiliate programs, you’d understand how important and valuable the reader market is, both to me and the world.

Hooked On Phonics was created by a father who was concerned with his son’s struggle with reading.

So he created a system that used phonetics to overcome this, an approach which has now resulted in 5 million other children learning to read using the same method. 

It’s even used in a growing number of schools.

You’ll receive a 10% cut of every sale you refer via your affiliate website, which typically results in an affiliate payment of $18 per “customer”.

And an additional perk is that the Hooked On Phonics brand will be familiar to most parents, making this a relatively easily affiliate program to promote. 

URL: Hooked On Phonics affiliate program

Commission: 20%

Cookie duration: 90 days

Over to You

You now have 12 profitable education affiliate programs to work with – a slightly higher number than usual.

And to be honest, I could easily have added another 12 because there was plenty to choose from.

The goal in the end though is to not just overwhelm you but to give you the best education affiliate programs we could find.

Speaking of feeling overwhelmed, are you feeling that way about affiliate marketing in general?

Don’t worry – it happens to everybody.

But an easy way to deal with your current case of paralysis-by-analysis is to attend our free affiliate marketing training seminar.

You get to spend two hours with us learning how to get started with your first affiliate website.

Tell us where to send your invite, and we’ll email you about how to get access.

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