9 Best Electronics Affiliate Programs for 2023 (Top Offers)

Electronics are part of your everyday life – from the toaster in your kitchen to the smartwatch on your wrist.

Which is why the US consumer electronics market is projected to be worth $464 billion any day now.

If you expand that to include the global market, it’s more like $838 billion 

This translates to the average person spending $250 per year on electronics alone.

And niches, where people spend money on a regular basis, is how you create income statements like this:

Affiliate Earnings

In fact, our affiliate marketing statistics show that the average affiliate marketer in the tech niche earns $7,418 per month.

But you have to promote the right products.

Which is why this post doesn’t feature a pile of no-name e-commerce websites selling electronic items that look like they were rejected by Wish.

Instead, we have some genuinely great electronics affiliate programs to share with you.

So let’s stop yakking and get to the good stuff.

Electronics Affiliate Programs

  1. Samsung
  2. Padmate
  3. Harman Kardon
  4. Wireless OEM Shop
  5. Canon
  6. BorrowLenses
  7. Tractive
  8. GoPro
  9. Philips Hue
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Samsung Homepage Screenshot

Samsung is a brand name that’s all about consumer electronics products.

They manufacture a little bit of everything – from robot sentries to cargo ships and computers.

But they’re best known for their consumer technology like their high-quality TVs, tablets, and smartphones.

Something you either already own or want to own.

This is exactly how most people feel about Samsung products – they have brand prestige associated with being a product owner.

So as long as you have an audience interested in consumer electronics they’re bound to find something in the Samsung store that they want.

And when they do you’ll earn a 2% – 4% cut of the sale.

On new and returning customers.

This is not something you’ll find many electronics affiliate programs offering.

Just make sure you have an account with Commission Junction to get started. 


Padmate Homepage Screenshot

Promoting in-ear Bluetooth headphones is all the rage now with social influencers.

So I figure it would be a good idea to include a similar range of products here.

Padmate is the company behind the PaMu range of wireless headphones.

And this is all the result of an Indiegogo campaign that launched in 2018.

I’m not going to pretend to know very much about the company.

What interests me is that they have a range of affordable headphones that will appeal to a broad audience.

But what also caught my attention is that they’ve made a lot of affiliate payments while being almost brand new to the Refersion Marketplace.

Which is one of the key things you should pay attention to with affiliate programs – are affiliates getting paid?

Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon Homepage Screenshot

And now we have an affiliate offer for our Australian affiliate friends – Harmon Kardon.

Manufacturers of some of the finest audio products available today.

Never heard of them?

I’m sure your audiophile visitors have, as will most people who use desktop computers.  

That’s because Harmon Kardon makes some of the best speakers in the world.

Something they’ve done since the 1950s.

They’ve now branched into manufacturing smart speaker products too. 

But think premium smart speakers and not a $90 Alexa clone.

Harman Kardon products are never cheap, but that’s part of the attraction.

And you can earn a referral fee on products that cost up to $4,000 a pair.

Now let’s see how their offering compares to the other affiliate programs listed here.

The cheapest Harmon Kardon speaker costs $299, so that’s $20 for each order you send their way.

But 7% of a $4,000 sale is $280.

Roughly the same amount of effort is required in promoting them on your website, but you get 14x the profit.

Wireless OEM Shop

Wirelessoemshop Homepage Screenshot

WirelessOEMShop is a great example of an ugly-ass website that does well.

Not only is it generating enough revenue to stay in business.

But it even has its own affiliate program.

Despite the crappy 2004-inspired website design.

What they do well is offer a range of consumer electronics products from leading brands at heavily discounted prices.

That includes everything from a basic headlamp to a Bluetooth headset to SIM-free cell phones.

It’s like the middle aisle of Aldi, but for electronics products from leading brand names. 

The only product they don’t appear to stock is computer software.

As an affiliate for this advertiser, you’ll receive 8% of everything you sell through your website.

And based on their healthy 7 and 90-day EPC stats this program is definitely paying affiliates who put in the effort.


Canon Homepage Screenshot

Canon has been part of the electronics industry before there really was an industry to speak of.

What I mean by that is they produced their first consumer camera in 1934.

Since then they’ve gone on to not only stake a major claim in the digital camera market but they also manufacture some of the best printer and photocopier products on the market.

So their products appeal to a number of audiences.

Like people who need a new high-quality laser printer.

Or somebody who loves digital photography. 

And their brand name is so well known that you won’t have to “sell” their consumer electronics wares.

You just need to put them in front of the right audience.

So how does Canon compare to the other electronics affiliate programs in our roundup?

They’re happy to pay you a commission rate of up to 2.5% per sale referred through the text links or banners on your site.

You also get a daily product feed from their Commission Junction product catalog.

And you always have the option of reaching out to their affiliate management team for a commission bump if you can prove that you can drive traffic and sales.


Borrowlenses Homepage Screenshot

Do your visitors love photography…but complain that they’d, “….love a new high-quality DSLR for their brother’s wedding…but can’t afford it.”

How would they feel if you could show them where they could rent what they need for up to 90 days?

That’s what BorrowLenses offer – the ability to “own” AV electronics without having to pay full price.

Which is a great way to test a new DSLR before you buy it, for example.

Or a lighting rig.

There’s a lot of opportunities here for affiliates to make money

This is one of the top-performing programs on the ShareASale affiliate network, and one of the most innovative electronics affiliate programs I’ve come across.

The 5% commission rate is about average for this niche and will net you around $4.50 per referral resulting from your website traffic.

But their conversion rate is almost 25%, so the more warm traffic you can send their way the more money you can make. 


Tractive Homepage Screenshot

You love your pets.

So the thought of them going missing or being stolen is the stuff of nightmares.

I totally get that.

But modern electronics has given pet owners the power to find their furry friend if they get lost.

That’s why GPS pet tracking devices by companies like Tractive are so popular.

You can locate your pet literally no matter where they are on Earth.

Each tracker is 100% waterproof and is designed to take a knock for those pets who are more active than others.

This program pays a very hefty 20% commission on all sales referred through the links on your site – the highest commission rate of any of the programs in this roundup.

If we take their ‘Basic’ package this costs $49.99 upfront and then $7.99 per month.

Which should result in affiliates earning an $11.50 commission per sale. 


Gopro Homepage Screenshot

GoPro doesn’t need an introduction.

Since 2002, they’ve been the industry leader in portable HD cameras designed for action sports 

A lot of imitators have tried to mimic their success…and failed badly.

The founder of GoPro recognized that people wanted to capture their most exciting memories.

But without having to Duct tape a camera to their body.

So he solved the problem by creating a ruggedized high-quality camera that used memory cards instead of more volatile storage media.

One that’s also easy to use.

And by doing that he changed the camcorder industry forever.

So what will affiliates get paid for promoting this program?

You’ll earn 5% in affiliate commissions on all sales made through your affiliate text links or banner clicks.

And considering that even the most basic GoPro costs $249, those commissions can add up very quickly. 

Bonus program – Philips Hue

Philips Homepage Screenshot

Companies of the “future” promised us flying cars, jetpacks, and bases on the Moon.

Instead, we – the customers – got Snapchat, selfies, and smartphones.

But not every part of the predicted future is as disappointing.

Like the Philips Hue range of smart lighting products.

This is the type of future I envisioned – homes that could adapt their lighting to whether or not you wanted to sleep, concentrate, or just chill out.

These products can even mimic a natural sunrise, so you can wake up without all the trauma of swearing at your phone and sobbing into your pillow.

The Philips Hue program is managed by Commission Junction, so you’ll need an account on that affiliate marketing network to promote it.

It offers 5% commissions across the board for referrals sent from your website.

So there’s no confusing affiliate structure to figure out.

Over to You

The electronics niche can be as interesting as you choose for it to be.

Which we think you kinda get from the 9 different electronics affiliate programs featured.

There’s some real diversity there and some obvious overlap with the tech niche.

So hopefully it’s given you some food for thought.

Especially because choosing the wrong niche and affiliate offer can be a deal-breaker.

It’s one of those things that can face plant your affiliate marketing business before it even gets started.   

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