10 Best Gun Affiliate Programs in 2024

Want to know why gun affiliate programs are such a fantastic opportunity? 

Because, in the same way, you can never convince a golf enthusiast that they’ve spent enough money on clubs, balls, and kits, gun owners are never satisfied with how much gear they’ve got.

They always need more ammo, more accessories, and bigger, fancier firearms.

This goes some way to explaining why the global market for guns and accessories is expected to reach almost $9.5 billion by 2027.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of that money comes from the US. According to Gallup, 32% of American adults own a gun, while 44% report living in a gun-owning household.

Despite — or perhaps because of — the endless negative press about guns, there’s been no downturn in ownership metrics since Gallup started tracking those figures in 2007.

Want to make some extra money by promoting firearms and accessories? Check out our choice of the 10 best gun affiliate programs.

Gun Affiliate Programs

  1. Guns.com
  2. Rock Your Glock
  3. Primary Arms
  4. Brownells
  5. Gorilla Ammo
  6. Palmetto State Armory
  7. Stag Arms
  8. Faxon Firearms
  9. Smith & Wesson
  10. GritrSports
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Funnily enough, Guns.com sells guns online.

Its website is a treasure trove of information designed to help gun enthusiasts choose the ideal weapon, including insights from its team of “Rangemasters” — gun experts with extensive experience of selling, using, and researching firearms from a variety of manufacturers.

In other words, whether you’re a first-time buyer or have an arsenal to rival Rambo, Guns.com has exactly what you need to find your “dream gun”.

Unlike other companies, Guns.com also does all the boring paperwork for you, meaning you don’t need to contact your local store, get a copy of their Federal Firearms License, and send it in.

The Guns.com affiliate program pays a range of commissions, from 3% on used FFL firearms, new firearms, and logo’ed merchandise sales, to 5% on ammo sales, and 8% on used firearms, optics, and magazines.

Rock Your Glock

Rock Your Glock

Rock Your Glock (RYG) claims to be the industry leader in Glock parts, accessories, tools, ammo, and more.

It certainly has large quantities of stock, with a catalog of more than 2,500 unique Glock products from the world’s best-known brands. 

The company also prides itself on providing excellent customer service, offering an unconditional money-back guarantee to ensure potential customers find exactly the right firearm for their budget and needs.

RYG’s affiliate program pays a flat 5% commission for every sale made within the 30-day cookie window.

Unlike some affiliate programs, you won’t have to wait an age to unlock those commissions, with payments made at every $50 increment.

Primary Arms

Primary Arms

Founded in 2007, Primary Arms says its mission is to bring customers high-quality products, fast shipping, and world-class customer service at the best prices.

Despite those affordable prices, the Primary Arms affiliate program boasts a comparatively generous commission structure.

Commissions start at an unspectacular 3% on transactions containing no item-based commission products.

But they climb higher — typically around 6% — for products per-item commission products, and further still (to 10%) for Primary Arms Optics gear.

All orders containing Primary Arms Optics products qualify for free shipping.



Brownells sells a frankly astonishing array of guns and related gear, with a catalog including more than 45,000 products from the industry’s biggest brands.

Having been a fixture of the firearms world for more than seven decades, Brownells has a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. Just like Rock Your Glock, it offers an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The brand’s affiliate program pays a wide range of commissions, starting at 2.5% on ammo and firearms, and climbing to 7% on gunsmithing tools (whatever they are).

To help you drive sales, it offers a variety of high-quality marketing materials, including product video campaigns with embedded tracking links.

Gorilla Ammo

Gorilla Ammo

Don’t worry: Gorilla Ammunition doesn’t sell ammo to gorillas. This isn’t some kind of Planet of the Apes-style uprising. Instead, it sells high-quality ammo, guns, and components to humans. Or so it claims.

The company manufactures ammunition for a wide range of purposes, from training and target shooting to hunting and self-defense, across various popular calibers.

Its gun affiliate program couldn’t be simpler, with a flat commission rate of 2.5% on all sales. That might not sound too impressive, but the high average order value of $150 means there’s still decent money to be made here.

Helpfully, Gorilla Ammo also employs its own graphic designer — enabling it to create attractive advertising materials to help you monetize your website traffic — and a full-time marketing coordinator to provide up-to-date information and assets.

Palmetto State Armory


Established in 2008, Palmetto State Armory claims to offer the best price and selection on a vast range of shooting gear, including modern sporting rifles, AR build kits, ammunition magazines, handguns, optics, and accessories.

It also claims to be the only manufacturer to build and assemble 100% of its products within the US.

All Palmetto products carry a lifetime warranty, which is always an effective selling tool.

What’s more, its aim to offer the best prices is supported by regular incentives, including exclusive product bundles, national promos, manufacturer rebates, and aggressive daily deals.

The Palmetto State Armory gun affiliate program pays a flat 5% commission on all sales and a 30-day cookie window, which is pretty average for the gun affiliate programs we’ve reviewed.

Stag Arms

Stag Arms

Stag Arms doesn’t actually sell stag arms. Like, arms for stags. That would be stupid. 

Instead, it manufactures and sells AR-15 rifles, parts, and accessories. In fact, it was the first manufacturer to offer a left-handed version of the AR-15, which is an “equality win” of sorts.

Not only that, but Stag Arms claims to be the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime transferable warranty that includes an unlimited shot guarantee.

The website offers comparatively generous terms on its gun affiliate program, too. All retail orders boast a 7% commission rate, with no restrictions on products or categories.

With an average order value of more than $369, there’s some serious earning potential here.

Faxon Firearms

Fire Arms

Faxon Firearms is an original equipment manufacturer of barrels for pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

It’s been doing that for almost four decades, during which time it’s forged a reputation for building precise and highly durable gun parts.

Unsurprisingly, those parts don’t come cheap, so it’s no surprise that the website boasts a high average order value of $200+.

Faxon pays a flat 7% commission on all sales made within 45 days of clicking your banner or text links, with no restrictions on any product.

To help you maximize conversions, Faxon runs weekly deals and exclusive special offers for affiliates. Its dedicated affiliate marketing and management teams are also on hand with helpful advice and resources.

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson

Even if you know absolutely nothing about guns, you’ve likely heard of Smith & Wesson.

Formed as a partnership between Horace Smith and Daniel Baird Wesson way back in 1852, it was originally set up to build a weapon capable of firing a fully self-contained cartridge.

Smith & Wesson’s horizons have expanded somewhat in the ensuing years, and today it sells a range of highly innovative and market-leading products, covering everything from hearing protection and tactical flashlights to gun cases and (obviously) guns.

The brand’s affiliate program pays a standard commission rate of 7% on all sales, with higher rates of 10% or more available to top-performing affiliates. It also promises a high average order value.


Gritr Sports

Gritr Sports says its brand mission is to create the internet’s largest selection of firearm and outdoor brands. 

Whether or not it’s achieved that is anyone’s guess, but new brands are added to the company’s website every week, with the vast majority available for affiliates to promote.

While some of the affiliate programs on this list are a little… basic, Gritr actually offers a pretty modern shopping experience.

Mobile checkouts are quick and easy, and it has a powerful product search function with extensive filtering options to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

All of which has helped the site achieve a high conversion rate and an average order value north of $100.

Sign up for Gritr’s gun affiliate program to access a flat commission rate of 6%, with a cookie window of 60 days — longer than any of the other gun affiliate programs we’ve researched.

Conclusion: Are Gun Affiliate Programs Right For You?

Ready to start promoting guns online? Itching to write your first product reviews? Certain the gun niche is your guaranteed route to earn more money?

Hold your horses for a second! There’s a whole lot of background work to carry out before you can start targeting an audience of gun owners.

For starters, you need to build a high-converting website, optimize it to within an inch of its life, and produce a ton of quality content.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to go it alone. 

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